Huffin’ sum sneaks!

My sneaks. Your sneaks. Any dude’s sneaks. Don’t get much better than huffin’ sum sneaks!

5 comments to Huffin’ sum sneaks!

  • ray

    Totally agree with you, buff! Awesome post, thanks!

  • Anthony

    Fuck I want to sniff them all.

    Buff if you still want some post ideas how about guys wearing a suit with their dick on display. I saw this guy in a suit on the subway a few days ago and all I could think of was how he would look with his dick hanging out.

  • Jingle

    Hmmm… Not really my thing, but if it works for the other dude… Right on!!

    #1, 4, 23, 41, 44 & 46… You all just keep sniffin’ while I suck your dicks!! Like #15!!

    Rockin’ hot badass #29 can do whatever he wants while he’s sitting balls-deep like that on my cock!!

  • Bill S

    I’m with Jingle on this one. But there’s something about #45 and I think it’s because it’s a FCCO! YES Anthony!

  • A guy from Brasil

    Pic-01. Beautiful feet, great view. I can feel the smell from here.

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