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  • ray

    Thanks for this delicious black dreams!


  • Jingle

    HOT DAMN!! Times Two… Selfies AND Black Dudes!! WOW!!

    Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, naughty, sexy BIG fun!!

    Special props to FCCO #3 and #33!!
    And kneeling #47 is rockin’ hot!!

    But my absolute favourite is super-cute, super-ripped, amazing #20!! His expression is priceless!! He seems to be thinking, “I can’t believe I’m doing this…”!! His balls are awesome, and it’s soo cute that the last shreds of modesty having prevented him from showing the head of his fine cock!! I’d love to get him all the way out of his pants, and satisfy my chocolate cravings!! 🙂

    Again… WOW!!

  • Jingle

    Oh, and #9 is bangin’ hot!! Love his pierced nipple(s?)!!

    But back to my #20… LOVE his intricate tattoo, his awesome pecs & nips, and the sprinkle of hair on his chest and tummy!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    This post got me thinking about Keon and which of these selfies might look like him….
    Then I clicked on his name in “Tags” and that first story on that Saturday post in 2014 —- W H O A !!!!
    That’s all I’ll say, you guys will just have to check it out!


    • Roberto

      Bill, following the black boys tag, check the post of June 10, 2014, whose title is “Keon and Caleb — sort of”.

      This post also made me think of Ploy — he’ll be delighted with it!


  • bw

    We’ve seen thousands of dicks here on URD, and a lot of them are big, but I believe if we could get an average of these fine men it would set an all time URD size record. There are some whoppers in this post.
    Pretty No 26 caught my attention. And I agree No 20 is cute – he does look like he’s showing his junk and can’t believe he is doing it.

  • Roberto

    While my friends are crazy about #20, I’ll gladly take his neighbor #19 — oh, yeah, that’s my cute boy! 🙂 He’s also inked, bushy… and so delicious!

    #11 and #46 are certainly the next ones in my list! The former’s hairy cock is as beautiful as yummy, and I’m just dreaming of the latter’s!

    Thanks to you guys, we’ll all have Black dreams tonight! 😉

  • Anthony

    There are some big dicks here attached to some cute dudes.

    #23 is my pick today. What a cutie.

  • Denny

    These hung beauties remind me of this big black dude I went thru Army basic training with.

    Everybody in the barracks knew what he was packin’, ‘cuz they saw him in the shower. And even if they didn’t, all you had to do was ask to see his dick and he’d show it to you. Nothing gay about it. It was like visiting a national monument or something. First, he would check to see if any sergeants or officers were around. If it was safe, he would unbutton his fly and proudly pull it out.

    One day, when a bunch of us were drying off in the shower, someone asked him what was the most fun he ever had with it.. Without hesitation, he said, oh, that’s easy – that was the time I fucked this black chick thru a chain link fence.

    I don’t remember his name, but when I remember this story, in my mind I just think of him as Destroyer.

    True story.

  • Brad

    Nothing like some “hot chocolate” on a cold winter’s day, and there’s plenty in this collection… 😉 These guys warm me up: 6, 21, 32, 42, and 47!

    I will start with well-developed abs #6 and then onto 21 and so on, ending my “chocolate” dream team journey with well hung #47. (All of URD friends are invited to join me!)

    Thanks for a fabulous collection, David and Ben!

  • Larry

    So many beauties in this collection. I will go with #6, both long and thick. Please, SIR!

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