“I’m basically a trashy fucker.”

We’re not doing a “Valentines Day” post this year because there’s so much going on here right now. Having said that, we want to wish each and every one of our wonderful on-line friends a Happy Valentines Day! We hope this special “day for lovers” brings you joy, good health and every happiness! xoxo Ben and David

Raef called yesterday evening wanting to know if it’d be o.k. if he stopped by for a drink. He said Chad was working the evening so he could have Valentines day off – and, of course go to the meeting with DSS. We told him we were just about to do our nightly reading session with Dub and Buzz, but we’d be free in about an hour. He said that sounded great and he’d bring a big batch of hot buttered rum. When he got here we grabbed our drinks (and a pipe) and headed to the hot tub. When we were comfortably settled into the water, Raef said he needed to talk about “a whole bunch of stuff.” I said, “That’s cool. Do it.”
He started by telling us about growing up in a trailer outside of a small town in East Texas. He said his “old man” was a total asshole who stayed drunk most of the time and got off on hitting him and his mother. He said every time his old man heard anything about gay people he’d say things like “What we need is an open rifle season on them fuckin’ queers.” But, he said his father wasn’t the only person he knew who hated gays. Said their preacher and his teachers and football coach all hated them. Raef ran away from home when he was 15 and ended up living with an Aunt and Uncle in Fort Worth and graduated high school there. He said his Aunt and Uncle were “good people” but they also hated “queers” and continually warned him about them.
Anyway, he eventually got a good job and ended up in Missouri. He said “I don’t live in East Texas any more, but I guess I’m basically a trashy fucker.” He said he’d tried dating girls but just never found one who did anything for him. Then, one day over at a boat dock on Smithville lake, he ran into Chad. He said they talked for a while and decided to go out crappie fishing together. He said “Man… I thought I was a good fisherman, but Chad is the best. He can find ’em and catch ’em anywhere, anytime. And we got along really well and got to be friends and started hanging out and doing stuff together. He said Chad talks about Dub all the time. Said he’d helped him with his garden and loves being around him. Says he’s the neatest little dude he’s ever known. Then Chad introduced him to Rick and Keon and he thought they were good people – even if they are gay. Then, over time he met the rest of the Northland gang and “I realized everything I’d been taught about gay guys was wrong. I mean, you’re our friends and I love being with you and doing stuff.”
Then, he said one night he and Chad had gone out to a bar and got pretty wasted and ended up at Chad’s house and somehow they started kissing and “the next thing I knew, I was fucking him and it was the most amazing thing in the whole world. Then, a couple of weeks later, we were watching a football game on t.v. and… I still can’t believe it… but I just looked at him and said “Babe. I want you to fuck me.” And he said “Are you sure?” and I said “Please.” So, he did – and it hurt like Hell at first – then it started feeling o.k. and it ended up being about a thousand times better than the most amazing thing in the whole world.”
We sat there in the hot tub for a while passing the pipe and relaxing and David said “So, what happens now?”
And Raef said “I love Chad and I want to spend my life with him. I know he loves me, too… and we have a house and Bud… and I know he wants a kid like Dub or Tra or Chance or Austin or Bella more than anything. And I want what Chad wants. I’ve been thinking maybe we’d have a better chance of getting to foster Mateo if we were married, so I was wondering what you guys would think about me asking him to marry me.”
I started laughing and Raef frowned and said “What’s so funny?” I said “How could what we think possibly matter? If you love him and want to have a family and spend your life with him – then you and he – and hopefully Mateo – are all that’s important.”
Then, Raef started laughing and David and I were laughing… and he said “I’m gonna go home now. But I’m gonna stop at Hi-Vee and buy Chad a Valentines card, and tomorrow morning I’m gonna ask him to fuck me… and while he’s got his dick shoved way up in my guts I’m gonna say “Happy Valentines Day, babe. Will you marry me, please?”
We all laughed some more – and David said “That sounds like a good plan to me.”
Chad called this morning to tell us he and Chad were headed to the “Recorder of Deeds office” to get a marriage license. He asked us not to tell Dub yet because he wants to ask him to plan the wedding and be his “best man.”
We’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

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  • FredinMotul

    Well, that shoe did indeed drop. Hard!! Excellent news for you all. Welcome to the Family Raef! I love that, for now, this story can be repeated in every state in the union if two guys fall in love and want to be married. I was not even that enthusiastic about marrying my guy at first. We had already been together for 30 years and raised our son. But now, by golly, I pity the person that tries to remove our equal status. (California Marriage, most likely safe for now!) Fantastic post. Wonderful news, and now comes the more difficult bits. We are all hoping for the best for all concerned! Many, Many good thoughts from Mexico. If you guys need a Honeymoon later, talk to me.

  • Alexander

    Raef, David and Ben,
    What a great V-day story! Hope things went as planned this morning. Can’t wait to hear the family service story. Please delete all self identification as “trailer trash.” You are a great man!

  • ray

    And again wedding bells will be chiming…What wonderful news, it confirmed what we were suspecting all along! My best wishes for Chad and Raef and for their plan to be foster parents for Mateo!
    I will do justice to the “trashy fuckers” later because I’m late for the gym , it gets terribly crowded on Saturdays.


  • Jingle

    Ooh… a new post!! And it’s Trash!! Outstanding!! πŸ˜ƒ

    I know how I’ll be spending my Sunday Morning!! πŸ˜‰

    In the meantime, hooks off #1!!

  • bw

    This is great news – and a great love story to celebrate Valentines Day. Congratulations to Chad & Raef, and hopefully maybe little Mateo as well. And Dub the wedding planner will be ecstatic!
    I did laugh about them going to the recorder of deeds to get a marriage license – a young couple I know out west posted pictures of them at the DMV getting their license – That made me laugh too. I guess every state has it’s own peculiarities.
    I got stuff to do before everything starts closing at noon – I’ll be back to study these trashy lads later.

  • Bill S

    I had tears as I read the story, toward the end. How many times I have had tears in my eyes after stopping by URD!? Amazing ! And in my minds eye, I picture the event, with Dub standing by Unca Chad & Unca Raef, all wearing white shirts and black suspenders!!! (-:


  • Denny

    To all the Northland Gang – Hear ye! Hear ye! Dig out your red suspenders – there’s gonna be a WEDDING!!

    I am so happy to hear Raef’s life is soon to be complete with his dream lover, Chad!

    I feel bad that he had to grow up in such bigoted surroundings. In the case of his father, it reminds me of the line in Hamlet, the variation of which is ” Me thinks the asshole protests too much.”

    Myself, along with all URD fans will be anxiously awaiting the outcome of the meeting with DSS.


    This post looks like a Chapter two of yesterday’s post!! My favorites are –

    #11 – what a blue eyed cutie!!

    #22 – even if I can’t see all of his face, that’s not what I would be going for!!

    #36 – this guy is just BEYL!! And that includes the beautiful bedroom eyes.

    I would like to extend a warm Unruly Dude welcome to JohnGG, who left us a very kind comment on the previous post. This is a pretty fabulous blog, isn’t it, John!!

    Thanks to David and Ben for this sexy hot post.

    And Raef, I especially want to thank YOU for opening your heart to us. Sending you love, and hoping only the very best for you and Chad, as you strengthen your relationship in marriage.


  • Jingle

    Dearheart, given your expressed fondness for cutie #11, I was wondering how you felt about his return visit in #31?!?! πŸ™‚

  • Jingle

    Ya know, we haven’t had a “Trash” post in quite some time!!… I’m more than delighted to tackle this chore this early morning!! πŸ™‚ haha

    Awesome collection!! And you had me from the git; bangin’ hot, uncut, and PA’ed #1 is outstanding!! I even really like what he’s wearing!! (And what he’s exposing for us!!) πŸ™‚
    Cock-ringed, thick-dicked, #3 for Brother Beto, methinks!! WHEW!!!
    After I quick blow #1, right there where he stands, we’ll be heading over to bangin’ hot #5’s shed!! And Big Boys #8, 15, 16, 18, 21, 29, 32, 41, 42, and 44 have an open invitation to join us!! We’ll be gang-banging #29 and #42… They need it, and they’ll love it!! πŸ™‚
    Nice shootin’ #9!! πŸ™‚ And #24 has a good piss stream!!
    Top shelf selfie, gamer #12’s dick is gorgeous!! (His well-worn chair is a disgrace, though!! Shoosh!!)
    Gooning #13; lean, cute, pretty-dicked #20; FCCO #35; and awesome, completely naked #45 are all clearly looking at URD!! πŸ™‚
    #14 and #19 are the same bangin’ hot dude!! LOVE his beautiful, big-knobbed cock!!
    Can you just imagine cumming home from work to find insanely hot, fuzzy furry hunky humpy, exhibitionist #18 waiting on the train platform waiting for you?!?! YOWZA!!!!
    Totally off topic on Denny Dearheart’s fantastic #22: Love his bedding!! But his mis-matched headboard and footboard really ranckle my OCD!! Ya know, I’m quite crafty with the spray paint… I could have those whipped into shape in an afternoon!! πŸ™‚ haha
    As is so often the case, Muddog #23 has a lovely bone to gnaw on!! πŸ™‚ haha Dang!!
    Flexible #25 and #34 needn’t work so hard!! There’s any number of us that would help them out!! πŸ™‚
    Hunky rockin’ hot #27 is B-E-Y-L!! WOW!! I’d go wading (and pissing) with him ANY day!! I have a different pic of him saved to my stupidphone!! I’m gonna e-mail it to Buff!!…
    Lean and sinewy #28 is welcum to squat over my face like that!! Then he can squat on my cock!!
    Big Bruiser #29 just proves the old adage that “you never know what goes on behind closed doors”!! And Holy Hell, how about #42 going after himself in the Great Outdoors?!?! YOWZA!!!!
    Aww… #30 is just a cutie-patootie!! πŸ™‚
    Oh #33… Calm down, sir!! Gorgeous cock!!
    Getting back to #35!!… Amazing rockin’ hot dude!! Super-cute, super-hot!! Beautiful cock and balls!! And how bout them pretty ears?!?! What was it bw said, “BJ handles”?!?! πŸ™‚ haha
    #37, and his neighbour #38 are just nasty!! And I mean that in the best possible way!! πŸ˜‰
    Looks like poor #39 fell victim to his buddies shenanigans while he was passed out!!
    Crazy hot selfie #43 is on a par with #26!! And he sure is proud of the pretty mess he made of his mirror!! haha He gets my nod of approval for his pierced nipples!! (His quaint, charming, rustic bathroom puts me in mind of bw’s cabin!!)
    Pic #44 is totally photo-shopped!! (The shadow-lines don’t match up at all!!) But it’s still fun, funny, and actually kinda hot!! And I’d fuck him!! Is that even a question?!?!
    Who’s gonna look after slut #46?!?!
    Pity that we can’t see #47’s face… But I dig that fine furry rump ass and tush bush!! In my mind’s eye, I’m picturing his face as something akin to #32…
    And regarding #48, my late Mother would have stoically said, “Well, that’s a very clear message!!”!! πŸ™‚

    Soo much Treasure among the Trash!! As for a favourite… #1?? #18?? #35?? Such a delightful dilemma!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this great post!!

    • Roberto

      The thick-dicked dude (#3) for me? Yeah, Jingle, it’s my ass on the line, not yours, right? πŸ˜€ Just kidding, brah, you did get it right yet again (that bushy pit caught my eye as soon as I accessed the page), but I have to say he has two massive rivals: #10 and #17! I guess URD features the hottest smoking guys on the planet, ’cause I always end up picking them… I’d say #10 is the “trashiest” of the three, and he’s not showing his face, but I bet the farm he’s cute… and what I can see… makes me go wild for sure! πŸ˜› And #17 is just my type, fell in lust with him instantly… Ha, I’ve waited so long to pick another Treasure and now I don’t know what to do! πŸ˜› May I make them my Triple Treasure of the Month? It’s Carnival time. πŸ™‚

      Well, on any day I could pick Denny’s #11/31 too. But I also didn’t notice it’s the same guy: such a tender and sweet-looking fella turned into a satyr! The transformation is as amazing as your catch, Jingle – thank you!

      As always, trash posts are packed with Treasures, and I’d mention #13 (sheer fun guaranteed), #20 (delightful fuzzy cutie), hot & hairy neighbors #21 and #22, self-pleasing #25, Jingle’s cutie-patootie-in-plaid #30 (is that an untrimmed bush? YUM!), beautiful bearded FCCO #35 and selfie #36 (we definitely agree on #35, Jingle). And of course that big furry butt on #47 could be devoured by the entire CCC. πŸ˜‰

      Formidable post, Ben! And Love really is in the air in the Northland – congrats and best wishes to Chad and Roef!


  • Kenny

    Yuuuuuuuummmmm.! Glad to see the fellow longhairs on here!

  • Tim from MO

    To Raef, and Chad: ❀️

    I wish the two of you all the Love, Joy, and Contentment life has to offer you guys.
    Thank you for sharing your story Raef.

  • mahtinp

    Congratulations Chad and Raef!
    So excited for y’all and another Dubbed wedding!

    Much Love
    P & K

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