It’s a “done deal” !!!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. I started putting this post together back when Keon and I were thinking about doing our own blog. So, it’s been several months in the making. I told David and Ben about it – and e-mailed them some of the pics so they’d know what I was gonna post. I was concerned because I know “Jingle” doesn’t like “snippet” posts. David said he’d e-mail a “heads-up” to Jingle… then he said to go ahead with the post. I hope Jingle isn’t offended – and I hope at least some of you like these pics as much as Keon and I like ’em!

I can’t believe how fast this happened. Keon called me at work yesterday morning about 10 o’clock. He said our attorney had just called and wanted to know if he and I and Travon could be at an adoption hearing at 3:00 p.m. We said, “Of course.”
So, we got there a little before 3, and talked with our attorney and the Family Services guy for a few minutes… then went into the judges’ chambers. The judge motioned for us to sit – so we did… while she read through a stack of papers. She finally looked up and said, “I’ve read the “petition to adopt;” the sworn statement of “Mr. D” of the Division of Family Services; and the birth mother’s voluntary termination of parental rights. I have also read the sworn statements of your minister and your day-care provider. In addition, I have reviewed the character references submitted. I am impressed with what I understand to be the remarkable progress Travon has shown since being in your care. Then she looked at Travon and asked “Travon, do you like living in your new home?” He said “Yes.” She said “What’s the best thing about it.” He thought for a few seconds and said “No one hits me or calls me bad names.” The judge seemed stunned and was quiet for a few seconds. Then she said, “Anything else you like about it?” Travon said, “I like that I get to eat when I want… and I like having lots of clothes.” The judge made a few notes and asked, “Is there anything you DON’T like about it?” Travon was quiet for a little while then said, “I like that I Have friends and my Dads read to me and Muff and me have our own room.” The judge said, “Who’s Muff?” Travon grinned and said “He’s my dog. He has big, floppy ears and he sleeps with me.” Keon cleared his throat and said, “Your honor, Muff is a stuffed animal we got for Travon at Toys R Us.” The judge smiled – then looked at Keon and me and said, “Do you men have ANY idea what you’re getting yourself into? Do you understand you’re taking on all the responsibilities of parenthood and sometimes that’s hard. VERY HARD. We’re talking about a real, live human being. And that means regular meals and doctor’s appointments and school and homework and soccer practice and patience and forgiveness and sickness and discipline and more expense than you can possibly imagine.” Keon stood and said, “Your honor. We’ve been Travon’s foster parents for a while and we understand what we’re getting into. We love him and will do everything it takes to make sure he has a safe, happy home – and grows into the man we know he can be.”
The judge said, “I’m approving the adoption, and I’m holding you to that.” The judge signed some papers and we all shook hands and left.
And just like that. It’s a done deal.
When we got home, I asked Travon if he understood what had happened in the judge’s chambers. He said, “I think it means I don’t ever half to leave here now.” I said, “You got that right, dude.” And He and I and Keon all had a big group hug.

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  • Kent

    Rick, Keon, and Travon
    Congratulations on Travon’s adoption. That’s really great news, and I’m happy for each of you.

  • bw

    Dang – I hate it when these posts make me cry – makes it seem like I’ve become a sentimental old fool. But this makes me happy beyond words to express – for all of you, but especially little Travon. Congratulations! I think a big ole party is in order.

  • Sean K

    Congratulations guys.

  • Scott Kriedeman

    Congratulations!I liked the pics too!

  • FredinMotul

    Congratulations Guys! Good Post, but better news. Parenting is the most frightening fun you will ever have. Please feel free to ask any questions you may think of. Somehow, my Husband and I have done OK with my biological son these 34 years. It will be a most amazing journey for you all.

  • Tim from MO

    Rick, and Keon,
    Congratulations on Trevon’s adoption!
    It’s been cool reading your posts about how well he has done since bringing him into your home.

    A home filled with nurturing care.
    A home that is a safe place to grow up in, with no fear of abuse.
    A home to encourage educational growth, to one’s full potential.
    A home where laughter, and real joy can be known.
    A home when ill, or injured, help will be given.
    A home of trust that one can count on.
    A home where Love is the garden for Trevor to grow.

    My sincere best wishes to the three of you, as you embark on this life-long journey together, as a Family!

  • Tim from MO

    Ok, now my humble opinion about the pics in this posting:
    THREE THUMBS UP 👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻
    FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    If you’ve ever perused my Tmanmo Tumblr blog, you’ll see similar posts, that don’t always show an entire person’s body, and face.
    So, you won’t get any negative feedback from me of pictures showing only a specific area of the anatomy, such as these awesome crotch, and ass shots. I’ve been looking over every….single….one of them, again, and again, and I totally love them. Fucking, erotic hot stuff!

    Maybe I’m so drawn to these because I’m constantly checking guys bulges, and asses 😍

    Thank you for putting these together for those of us who do appreciate them.

    Love you guys XO

  • Denny

    The most touching AND the most telling part of this wonderful journey to permanent parenthood is when the judge asked Travon if there was anything he DIDN’T like about living in his new home – and he just goes right on, reciting even MORE things he likes about living with his two Dads!!! Keon and Rick, you have every reason to feel super proud and happy – your son can’t think of anything to dislike about living with you, which now, is going to be forever.

    I used to say it had to be an entire body to turn me on, but since becoming a frequent flyer over on Tmanmo, I have come to appreciate the close ups as well. (Thank you, Tim!)

    That said, my favorite shot here is #18 – with the sexy, feathery treasure trail, leading to the promised land. Ditto for #26 and #42 – so damn sexy!!!

    Other faves are #22, which appears to me, to be a prelude to #48; both have that lush bush, and in #48 we get to see the thick mushroom head as the owner masturbates to thoughts of meeting up with #46

    Just as hot are the high and tight asses on #12, #20 and #29.

    And Larry!! Don’t miss #13. You got breakfast, lunch and dinner all right there!!!

    Tops on my list of crotch shots are #32 and #44 – the kind of bulges that, right after you say “How YOU doin'” – you wanna scratch your fingernail down the denim until #1, #3 and #7 happens. Oh there are more here who deserve some heavy duty denim scratchin’ but I wouldn’t want to appear TOO greedy. 🙂

    Rick, this is one sexy and original post – it has your style all over it, and I LOVE it!!!

    And THANK YOU, Rick, for sharing the GREAT family news!!!


    • bw

      Denny, way back in high school when I still thought this liking boys thing would pass, a treasure trail immediately caught my attention – at that age, most were a little wispy but some of the lads had nice trails like the three you pointed out here. 45 years later I still take notice when a young lad has a short T shirt on and you can see the road leading down to the ‘promised land”.
      I think you are on to something – a treasure trail post – some thin and light colored, others dark and lush, others covering the belly. What do you think?

      • bw

        I meant to mention one more thing – I bet our own Ben was like some of the boys I lusted after in high school, who already had hair on their chest and belly, and a nice furry crack. Back then when a gentle breeze could get me hard, seeing a dude like I just described would cause a persistent, sometime leaky boner.

        • Denny

          bw, your comments are making me horny.😊. Great idea you have for a post- not just trails but furry bubble butts and man tits with a halo of wispy curly sexy hairs. Yeah Baby!

    • Larry

      You think I could suck on #13 all day? How right you are.

  • Alexander

    Dear Keon, Rick, and Travon,

    Dreams really come true. Congratulations on
    your forever family.

    Wow, way to make things happen.


  • ray

    Keon and Rick, I feel happy and very relieved about your fast success! It really couldn’t have gotten any better than that! Congratulations to your little family!!!
    I do not mind snippets at all!

    Hugs and love

  • Bill S

    ****A GREAT LOVE STORY!****

    Although I prefer the whole package (so to speak)
    I also enjoyed this post.

    That said, I admit I too got teary eyed hearing the BEST POSSIBLE NEWS —

    There are three new lives in THE NORTHLAND who, through tragic beginnings, have come to find LOVING HOMES. It’s a great Love story! TIMES THREE! At least.


  • Larry

    I, too, am crying over this news. Congratulations. I love to worry and I was worried when you promised Travon to be his forever dads when there were still factors outside of your control that could have tripped you up. You really moved with great speed on this. We know what Travon wants from previous posts, but the idea that no one hits him and calls him bad names is probably more important than the room, clothes and reading. Parenting is hard work especially when you are starting with someone who came to you so damaged, but you have a great support group and if you ever need advice just ask Dub.

    I usually prefer pics with faces, but this post was interesting. In addition to the great foreskin on # 13 as noted above, I am in awe of the size of the PA on # 31. How the heck did he ever get that thing in there?

  • Jeff

    Congratulations! That’s awesome news. Add me to the list of those whose vision got a little blurry. I’m amazed at the progress Travon has made since you became his foster parents – job well done, guys.

  • mahtinp

    Rick and Keon,
    Congratulations!!!! I too am sitting here bawling my eyes out with both joy for you and sadness, that yesterday as you were so fortunate to give your little dude his forever home, I was taking care of an autistic child abused by a foster family. I was thinking so damn much about you guys the entire time, and that gave me hope. Reading unrulydude with my hubby gives me so much hope and so much desire to become parents. If y’all could please pray for the little dude I took care of yesterday, and that in time, we’d find our forever little dude too.
    Much Love,

    • unrulyadmin

      Phil. Thank you. Be assured we’ll remember your little friend – as well as you and your hubby – in our thoughts and prayers. xoxo David and Ben

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