It’s a Friday wetness flashback!

It’s what we do now. No matter who is here… when we go to the hot tub, we just strip down to our undies and get wet. It’s not a big deal. Keon, Rick… Ben, Dub, and me. We just strip to our undies and hop in. In a way, it’s better than being neckid. Sort of – but not really.

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  • Denny

    David – remember back when you first got the hot tub, I suggested a game of seeing if you could keep your undies on for an hour? – and you said you didn’t think you had the fortitude to keep ’em on for that long? Well, see? Now you can! 😉

    I’m just being silly here; hope you don’t mind. 😉

    But, with Dub on the scene, and the possibility that Erik and his parents may “pop in” at any time, unannounced, it’s probably for the best to keep *something* on.

    I’ll be back later for an in depth study of all these hunky brutes – But I think I’m already falling in lust with #7.

    You and Ben can always make up for lost time later. 😉

  • Denny

    Okay, what the hell. tomorrow’s Saturday, I can sleep in, I’m gonna take a good long look right now!!

    #13 is right behind #7 on my lust list with all that sexy hair. Woof, holy shit and hot dayum!!!!

    I wanna help #40 jack off or scratch or whatever he’s got goin’ on. It’ll be more fun with 2 of us gittin’ down with it. 😉

    #42 is a twinkie boy I think Larry will enjoy, so I’ll pass on him – but only for Larry!! haha Go 4 it Larry!!

    I usually like to see the face in any of these pics, just to complete the look – but with that Hormel ham in his pants, I hardly even noticed there was no face with #44. Sometimes I’m just a slut-pig through and through ya know? –but sometimes as with #44, a slut pig is whatcha gotta be. 😉

    #46, Mr. Cowboy in his Super Pack tighty whities is makin’ me crazy. I was so horned up with all that, that I almost didn’t notice that awesome beard. Yeah Baby!

    See you guys later. Hugs all around, and a greased up finger up his ass for my good buddy Jingle – cuz sometimes a hug just ain’t enuff…!!! 😉

    • ray

      Bodily perfection in every picture! I agree with Denny on # 46 – a stereotype come true! And on # 13 as the most sexy one in this collection, his rival being # 17 in my book!

      Enjoy your unvaluable tub in all modesty! 😉 And have a great weekend!

    • Roberto

      Denny, I think Larry will love #5 and 6. Let’s see…

      I share your enthusiasm for #40 and 44!


    • Roberto

      Ah, AND for Ray’s bathing beauty #13!

    • Larry

      You guys are psychic! Guilty as charged. # 5 and # 6 are ok, but # 42 is my fav. Look at those abs!

    • bw

      Denny, no 44 is Bravo Delta, who just went to work for Falcon and has done two scenes so far. His dick is huge, and he is only 5′-4″ so it really looks huge. And he has one of the things I lust after -dark hair, some fur and bright blue eyes.

      • Denny

        Thanks for the info, bw

        In military communications, “Bravo” represents the letter “B”, and Delta represents the letter “D”.

        I guess in our boy’s case here, “B” & “D” could stand for Big Dick. 😉

        I’d love to see a pic that shows his face. I’m a sucker for blue eyes too.

    • Jingle

      Oh dude, you are on a roll… You’re crackin’ me up AND makin’ me horny as hell, all at the same time!!

      I share your enthusiasm for Bathing Beauties #7 and #13!! I’d love a little tub-thumping with either one of these “hunky brutes”!! Hey, how about BOTH of them, you and me?? A wet & wild four-gy of epic proportions!! WHEW!!!

      Babe, does that greased finger accompany a blowjob?? 🙂

  • Bill S

    #23 — It’s not porn but it sure is art! And beautiful too.

    But I have a hard time staying away from cowboy #46. I’m not alone there, I know!
    He can “keep his hat on!” (-:


  • Roberto

    As I said in another post, the hot tub is a hit with your friends; now I’m thinking it’ll be a hit with Dub’s friends in the future! You guys couldn’t have more fun with it — yay! 🙂

    And this great post is full of water, hot bodies, eroticism, teasing, fun — everything that I like!

    My favorite pic is #29. Pics #8 and 20 are particularly cool, and guys #23 and 30 look very sexy in the rain.

    My favorite dude is delicious #22! Glad Denny didn’t pick him, haha!

    David, a great weekend to you, Ben, Dub, Bono and Bebe!

    P.S.: Brad, I was going to reserve cowboy #46 for you, but he’s getting too much attention! The CCC is crazy for him! 😛

    • Brad

      I am happy to share him with my fellow CCC members… 😉 He’s totally hot! I see he has some ink under his wet briefs…would love to see it in full view… 😉

      I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing some hot spring days….Hope your weather moderates, so you can enjoy it more… 🙂 I do love cuddling in bed (would do it all day, if I could… 😉 ), but reality imposes… 🙁 I like warmer weather, because like David and Ben, I hate wearing clothes at home… 😉

      Fique frio, meu amigo!


  • Jingle


    Cowboy #46 is indeed amazing!! But aren’t we overlooking the equally hot, handsome, hunky and humpy #21, 24 and 36?!?!

    And how about our modern day Narcissus #43?? WHOA!!!!!

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