It’s a “Friends Friday” check of the “fore and aft.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick and Keon. Last Sunday, our friend “Jingle” commented on our “boi butts” post, saying: “Oh, how lovely!! 🙂 Nice collection… With the promise of other delights when they turn around!! 🙂(Hey, there’s an idea for a future post: Pairs of pics of dudes Fore and Aft!!)”
We thought it was a WONDERFUL idea. We started by looking up the definition for “Fore and Aft” and found that it’s “nautical in origin, referring to the bow (located at the front) and the stern (located at the back) of a ship.” Which got us thinking about “fore and aft,” and “front and rear,” and “stem and stern,” and “dick and ass,” and “junk and butt.” So, we put these pics together thinking that both views are lovely. Hope you have as much fun looking at these as we did putting them together 🙂

We want to share something about Travon. We’d been planning to enroll him in “public school,” but Ben said, “Maybe you shouldn’t do that. Maybe he should be in school with Dub.” We talked about it and told him we didn’t know if Travon would qualify for a “talented and gifted school” and, even if he did, we knew there was no way we could afford it. He said “Let me work on it.”
So, long story short, Ben got Travon tested… and then he (Ben) talked with “Dr. C” and they came up with some grant and scholarship money. We asked Ben about Travon’s IQ and he said “It’s against school policy to give out information about IQ scores – even to parents. Let’s just say Travon qualifies for our school.” So, Ben and Dub have been picking Travon up every morning and taking him to school with them. We’ve never seen him more excited.
As for Ben – and David – there is no way we could ever express how much their friendship and love and support mean to us. There really is JUST NO WAY! xoxo Rick and Keon

15 comments to It’s a “Friends Friday” check of the “fore and aft.”

  • Jingle


    Another triumph!! So much fun!!… And so hot!!

    Great collection!! And you saved the best for last… #48 is bangin’ hot!! Fore and Aft!! 🙂

    Thanks so much!!

  • ray

    Thank you for this sexy collection! I couldn’t resist #19, he looks so sweet!
    And I am glad that Travon and Dub are now going to the same school, your friends are just incredible!

  • Alexander

    The selfless acts of Ben and Dr C. guarantee a lifelong love of learning for Travon.
    The outcome will be immeasurable. Long Live the Northland 12!

  • Larry

    What great news about Travon. Ben is a very special guy.

    Loved the post. Great idea, well executed. Lots os smoothies foe me especially # 47 and ginger # 45 who needs to get those fingers out of his hole so I can get my tongue in.

  • Jeff

    That’s awesome news about Travon! His progress in such a short time has been amazing.

    Loved the pics. I agree with Larry, great idea! A lot of good choices here, but my favs are #9, #13, #30 and #36.

  • Tim from MO

    “Fore and aft,” and “front and rear,” and “stem and stern,” and “dick and ass,” and “junk and butt.”
    Loved all of these descriptions for this post in the opening comments, made me smile 😜
    This is a fantastic post, some amazing back bumpers on those boys, and their hood ornaments around on the front sides are fucking hot!
    Great post idea!
    The dudes reaching around, and spreading their assets always grab my attention. Those pics always make my cock twitch…

  • bw

    I’m really happy to hear that Travon is with Ben & Dub – no matter how you measure the progress, he is still fragile and I’m afraid he would just shut down in a typical public school and would end up in special ed classes where he does not belong. I’ve said this before: the collective efforts of the gang, and especially Keon and Rick, have saved this little boy’s life.
    This post is almost as much fun as the last one of clothed/naked – and I pick NO 18 – he has the furry ass I love and the low hangers that fascinate me.

  • Denny

    After sneaking MANY peeks at this VERY sexy post all day long, I finally have time to speak my piece!! Rick – this is AWESOME, Dude!!

    My favorite didn’t take long to spot. As Jingle says – you had me at the git! Yeah, #1! Hairy in all the right places, front AND back, AND – he has my husband’s name tattooed on his back!!!

    #48 – I am in total and complete lust. I would love to share a martini with him, while helping him out of the rest of his clothes, and then – just – FUCK.

    Very few of us, during our lifetime, are so fortunate as to meet and become good friends with anyone so loving, selfless, thoughtful intuitive and generous – as Ben.

    This latest – what he did for Travon – damn, I’m just fucking speechless.

    I agree with bw – Travon has travelled eons mentally, since he has been with you, Rick and Keon, but he is still fragile, and 1st graders, plus the 2nd and 3rd graders, etc, can be merciless and devastating. Ben did what Ben does and – problem solved.

    Rick, can I ask you a question…? When all the guys went down to Table Rock to help Cal and Alex with the “cabin raising”, Ben or David said that the dogs were kenneled. That made me think of Max, and his special little “potty place” in your fenced in back yard. Did he do OK away from his special place? I am an “equal opportunity” concerned citizen – I care about the dogs too!!! 🙂

    THANK YOU for the post, Rick. As I said before – AWESOME, Man!

    XOXOXO Denny

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. THANK YOU for thinking about Max. You’re incredible. Happily, Max has adapted and now poops in more than one place. He’s learned that it’s o.k. to do it outside of our yard and on our daily walks. We’re responsible puppy parents and even Travon knows how to scoop up his poop with a plastic baggie. The folks at “Pete and Max’s” where we boarded the pups said they all did “really well” during their stay 🙂

  • FredinMotul

    I remember those heart breaking first posts about Travon and it seems just impossible how shortly ago he was considered a disposable child. It is a true testament of your exceptional parenting and your incredible network of friends and new family that has not only saved this young man from a terrible fate, but opened doors and avenues for him to explore and excel in. Thank You !

    Oh, fantastic post as well men.. You all are great !

  • Jingle

    Over on the Tumblr side… The video of the hunky humpy, pierced and tattooed, bangin’ HOT dude in his wonderful outdoor shower… OH… HELL… YES!!!!!

    Thank you!! 😛

  • Jingle

    As long as this awesome post is still here to contemplate, let’s don’t overlook bangin’ hot #34!!

  • This post is a meal of sausage, with cake for dessert. YUMMMMMMMM!!!

    I feel like we midwesterners don’t give too much congratulations, or gloat for things in our lives, but you all deserve so much praise for the progress you’ve made with Travon and all you’ve done to build a life for him. As time is telling, Travon is a very gifted kid too. Comfort, love, and encouragement all open up new neuronal pathways in children’s brains, and all of your kids are quintessential examples of this.

    Much Love,
    Phil and Kyle

  • Jingle

    Over on the Tumblr side… The short video of the super-cute dude jacking off… 😋

    Hell yeah, I like his piercing!! 😆

    In fact, I’ve been seriously considering a single Frenum just like that!! That video proves to me that after the healing process, I could get back to normal sexual activities!! 😛 😀

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