It’s a “Friends Friday” Ebony and Ivory splash!

Hi, guys. It’s Keon. It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Friends Friday” post, but last week, Brad commented, “…when is Keon going to do another post? As I recall his were awesome as well!).”
And Denny said, “… it’s just as cool with me if you wanna switch it up now and then with a post of sizzlin’ black dudes, and/or some super hot gingers!!!”
Then, “Alex” said, “Just know there are tons of people
who may not comment (like me) that look forward to your posts.”
So, I thought I’d get my butt in gear and put something together. You all know that I’m black – and Rick’s a redhead – which makes us kind of a different couple. That’s what I was thinking about when I did this “Ebony and Ivory” post. I think it’s our diversity that makes us interesting (and fun)… and hope you like these pics!

David, Ben, Dub and Austin spent the 4th of July in Springfield with the grandparents – then went on to Tablerock lake for the rest of the week. They’ll be home on Sunday. Rick and I have been staying here at the house taking care of the dogs and the garden (we had very specific instructions from Dub about how everything should be done). We’ll be interested to hear about their trip and how things went with Austin.
Stay cool.
Keon (and Rick)

18 comments to It’s a “Friends Friday” Ebony and Ivory splash!

  • Jingle

    Awesome post!! Clearly, a LOT of time and effort went into matching up these great pairs!!

    At First Glance, my eyes went to stunning #15… WOW!! and WOW!!

    But there’s much more to admire… Back later for more!!

  • bw

    I have to work today, but a quick comment – the two lads in NO 4 are just beautiful – and their eyes – sigh!

  • Bill S

    Awesome post!! Clearly, a LOT of time and effort went into matching up these great pairs!!

    At First Glance, my eyes went to smiling #25… WOW!! and WOW!!

    But there’s much more to admire… Back later for more!!


    • bw

      I’m not sure who the fine looking dude on the left is, but I think the one on the right is an older picture of Tayte Hanson, the porn pup.

  • Denny

    Keon! Let me just tell you this right up front, Man – This Post Is Phenomenal!!

    The first time I went thru all the pics, it was to see which ones got my motor running. You know, activate the twitches in my britches.

    My second time thru, I fully realized the theme you’ve got going here, so I went thru a third time so I could fully appreciate and enjoy the “mirror effect” you had established in each of these 32 “boxes”, one black and one ginger, for a grand total of SIXTY FOUR beautiful pics of the hottest Ebonys and Ivories I’ve ever seen in one post.

    I hate to even pick faves here, they are all so hot, but it’s kinda what we do here, so I’m gonna say #8, #12, #29, and #32. That’s only cuz it would be insanely greedy of me to have 64 faves.

    Let me repeat what has already been said here by my CCC brothers, YOU have put a TON of time and effort into this one, Keon.

    I too will be interested in hearing how things went with Austin. I’m gonna guess it went perfectly – those two kids are brothers under the skin, soul mates, call it what you will.

    And Keon, Rick, I hope you made sure there wasn’t one silly millimeter of a weed showing in that garden before Dub got home – lol.

    Thank you for this post, Keon. And you too, Rick. I know you two had fun doing this together, but, damn, this was a lotta WORK!!!

    Love you guys! XOXO

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. I have a confession to make. I put this post together on David’s computer (with his permission) – so it’s not as difficult as it seems. For example, if you open David’s “gingers” folder, there are sub-folders titled “standing,” “sitting,” “fcco,” “faces,” “eyes,” “butts,” “ass,” “selfies” “dick out front,” etc. – all gingers. It’s the same for “blacks,” “Asians,” and lots of others. There’s no way I could have done this on my own computer because I don’t have the photos. Building the post still took quite a bit of time, but if you have access to what must be one of the most extensive (and best organized) collections of gay porn pics in existence, it can be done. I just felt I should let you know David deserves most of the credit 🙂

      • Denny

        Bless you for your honesty, Keon, but let me tell you – in my book, you still rock. To the max! 🥂

      • unrulyadmin

        Ben and I were at the lake with the boys over the weekend and didn’t have a chance to look at URD until we got home. When we saw Keon’s “Ebony and Ivory” post, we were completely blown away. Honestly, I think it may be the BEST post in the history of the blog. And, don’t let Keon b.s. you about how easy it was. I’ve looked at every (combined) photo closely and it’s AMAZING. I know it took a ton of matching, cropping, re-sizing and photo flipping – not to mention the job of “joining” each one. THANK YOU, Keon, for this wonderful post. We love you!

  • Brad

    An outstanding job, Keon! This post is as hot as your other ones… 😉 (I noticed the mirror sub-theme like Denny…I can’t imagine the time it took to pair these. It added another nice dimension to the post.)

    Here my top 5 of the bunch: 10, 15, 19, 23, and 31 with #19 taking my Dude/Pic of the Day slot. The contrast of skin tones and all of the manliness in these guys really gets me going…Whew…I gotta cool off… 😉

    Glad to hear David, Ben, Dub, and Austin got away to see family before Ben starts his teaching job. I am sure Dub will inspect his garden to make sure Uncas Keon and Rick followed his instructions… 🙂

    Have a good weekend, guys!

  • bw

    I’m afraid the furry otter on the right in No 30 is about to do himself an injury – look at the way his boys are squished on that bicycle seat.

  • FredinMotul

    Keon and Rick, No matter how “easy” it was to put this together on David’s Computer, it is the “eye” involved here that makes this post so very special like most that you guys are responsible for. Another fantastic job, with some super duper good looking men. Thanks! Now get out there and search that damn garden for slugs or other pests so you will not incur the wrath of Dub!

  • Jingle

    Home from work!! Let my weekend begin!! 🙂 Nice to have some time to chi-lax with this outstanding post!!

    Ebony #1’s chair is horrendous!! Yipes!! But overlooking that, I’d be happy to be on my knees between either dude’s wide open legs!! And when I wasn’t totally focused on their awesome junk, I could look at their beautiful ink!! 🙂 haha (Quite the contrast to Duo #7 and #12’s blank canvasses!!)
    I want at least an hour just to play with Ebony #2’s ginormous bull balls!! Holy hell, those enormous low-hangers would put the county bull to shame!! And after I had my fun with those, I’d get to work on his beautiful hole!! WHEW!!! (Oh, I do really like the over-the-shoulder, come hither look both dudes are giving us!!)
    Love scruffy hot Ivory #3’s phone case!! And did you notice his pretty silver tabby kitty??… The cat kinda blends in with the bedding…
    Love half-faced Ivory #6’s smile and plaid lounge pants!! Well, and his long lovely cock, too!! 🙂 haha
    Quite the coy look Ebony #7 is giving us!! And his Ivory counterpart is just adorable!! And yes, I would blow them both!!
    Ivory #8 looks like he’s asking the photographer, “Is it OK?? Should I suck it??”
    Ebony #10’s ass is amazing!! Oh my…
    Ivory #13 is a hunk stud!!
    Ebony #14 and #23… Holy Shit!! And bangin’ hot, TJM, Ivory #23’s junk is appropriately meaty!!
    Ivory #16’s tan-lines are delightful!! 🙂
    I found it a bit odd that nobody mentioned #18… Both dudes are quite good-looking, hot and hung!! And they’re only gonna get better with age…
    Brother Brad is quite right about the fuckers in #19!! GREAT fuck-face on the Ivory bottom in the upper pic!! The Ivory top in the lower pic is crazy rockin’ HOT!! The lower pic, en toto, is insanely hot!!
    I may well be mistaken, but doesn’t it look like a dildo has been airbrushed out of Ivory #20’s pic?!?! Wouldn’t it make a little more sense if that bangin’ hot dude was squatting on a toy??
    I think the cum-spattered dudes in #21 should have some sloppy cum-kisses, then swap dicks and work out second loads!! 🙂
    Nice contrast between FCCO Ebony #22 and his totally naked Ivory counterpart!! The Ivory dude is well on his way to hunk stud status!!
    Great POVs in FCCO #24 and completely nude #31!!
    Ivory #27 is totally photo-shopped!! 🙁 The hand placement, the waistband of the track pants and the wiener are all wrong!! The Ebony dude in that pair is quite lovely, however!! 🙂
    Ivory #28… Length AND Girth!! WOW!! Dude is slammin’ HOT, and he’s kinda showin’ up his Ebony counterpart!!
    Oh those nude cyclists in #30!! I do feel sorry for their balls… But they don’t seem to be too uncomfortable!! I mean, they both look happy enough, and in no visible distress!! 🙂 haha
    I would suck, eat and fuck either sneaker-wearing slut in #32!!

    But with ALL these awesome hot, totally do-able, Ebony and Ivory dudes; there is one that kinda melts my butter above all others… Yupperz, Ivory #26!! Bangin’ hot bundle o’ man, ruggedly handsome, powerful thighs, beefy meaty cock & balls… And that nipple-exposing chopped up t-shirt just tipped the scales in his favour!! Oh Hell Yes!!

    Phenomenal collection, set and post!! And again, I wanna acknowledge the time, work and effort that went into it!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • ray

    Keon, thanks for these delicious contrasts!


  • Kent

    What a great post, Keon. We’d like to see more like this any time.

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