It’s a “Friends Friday” ginger blast!

Hi. I’m Keon. I’m Rick’s husband; Ben’s long-time main bud; David’s close friend and business apprentice; and Dub’s very proud Uncle. I’m black and my husband is a ginger white boy. Rick and I were married last Christmas in David and Ben’s home and the five of us are just about inseparable.
Rick and I LOVE Unrulydude, and we look at the posts together every evening at bedtime. We’ve been looking at URD and reading your comments for so long that it seems like we already “know” you.
A few weeks ago, Rick asked me if I thought we should maybe volunteer to do some posts (to help out the guys) and I thought it sounded like fun. So we asked ’em, and they liked the idea so we’re going to be doing “Friends Friday” posts every week, at least for a while… if you guys like what we do.
I have to admit that putting this together has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. Anyway, Rick and I hope you like the photos we post and thanks for joining us in this big old URD family!
(B.T.W., the dude in the first pic looks quite a bit like my husband, only Rick has lots more freckles – like the guy in pic #7).

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  • Jingle

    Ahh, sweet tasty Gingerbread Men!! Just the post I think most of us were expecting!! (Hoping for??)

    A few observations at First Glance…

    #3, 9 and 21 are all the same awesome dude!! (#21 is an older pic, before he got the armband tattoo!)
    Lucky #13 is a widely circulated celebrity fake of Prince Harry!! Nice image, but patently bogus!! I think we can safely assume that HRH is uncut!!
    #27 is Magnificent!!
    Hunky humpy #39 won’t be needing that tissue in his right hand… I’ll gladly clean that up!! 🙂
    #47… WOW!! And he can cook!! haha

    Awesome post, Keon!! Thank You!!

    • bw

      British royalty have been almost always circumcised, and the famous of shot of Prince William pissing with the royal fattie in his hands looks like he is cut. But that is a good fake job on Harry.

      • unrulyadmin

        Here’s a quote from a much longer article I found on-line this morning:
        “Queen Elizabeth, however, proudly continued the covenant of her Hanoverian ancestress, having each of her three sons, including the Prince of Wales, circumcised not by the royal physician, but by Rabbi Jacob Snowman, the official mohel of London’s Jewish community. From what I understand from my British relatives, he did good work. Why not go with the best? (No word on whether he got to emblazon his business cards with the royal warrant, a la Gordon’s gin or those really expensive rain boots I like.)”
        While the pic (#13) is an obvious fake, I think it’s hot as fuck!

  • Jingle

    Oh, and #45 is awesome and a hoot!!

    And as for #48… Right on!!

  • Bill S

    Great post! And thanks for the mental image of Rick!!! Denny was right, but in two weeks, it’s anybody’s guess!!! Good luck with your future posts, I’m looking forward to it!

    Oh and #47 can cook my pasta ANYTIME!! (-:


  • bw

    What Bill S said – and the image of Rick is great. But you know – if Ben will show us his junk, and David did years ago on the old blog, maybe we could see you two….
    There is something exotic about gingers, so I really enjoyed this post. Nos. 24 & 33 with the lovely furry cracks especially caught my attention. And No 2 with the big eyes looks a little sad, and I know know just how to cheer him up.
    This was an exceptional post – thanks Keon!

  • Larry

    Great post, Keon. I love red heads. As I said last week, we all should have such good friends as you and Rick are to David, Ben and Dub. Thanks for all you do for them.

  • Denny

    Keon, welcome to Unrulydude! You and Rick are such an important part of David and Ben’s lives, it seems just natural that you would be part of the blog!

    It may have taken you a fair bit of time to get it together here, but it’s your first time, right, and you know what – you’re comin’ on like a pro, Man!!

    Wow, Keon – if #1 is any reflection of what your hot man looks like, you must spend half your waking hours with a boner in your pants. And I know you love every last freckle!!

    Thank you for the post, Keon. Ginger dudes are such a turn on for me.

    Hope to enjoy many more weekly postings from you and your man because yeah – we l-o-v-e what you do!!!

  • Tim from MO

    Hello, Keon!
    It’s great to see your first posting on Unrulydude! We all feel like we do already know you and Rick from all David, and Ben have shared about you guys. Now, having you guys making your personal contributions to Unrulydude, we are looking forward to getting to know you and Rick even more.
    Your picture selections of these smokin’ hot gingers are mesmerizing to me….I ❤️ ‘EM!
    I agree with the other comments made, about giving us an idea of what Rick looks like. Your description painted a very desirable picture on the canvas of our minds……?!
    My grandfather, on my mothers side, had flaming red hair. His wife, my grandmother, was 1/2 Native American. All of their children, my mother included, had either black, or dark brown, hair. All of their grandchildren had either black, or brown hair, with the exception of my sister, who is blonde. She married a guy who had black hair, and they had one son, who had the same exact flaming red hair my Grandfather had! He is the only great-grand child, who had the red-haired gene that showed up! It skipped two generations before it showed up again.

    As to Black men: my youngest daughter married a black man. We are honored to have him as part of our family, and could not be more proud to have him as my Son-in-Law. He’s a great guy.

    I think, the over-all rarity of true, fair-skinned gingers are one of the reasons they are so attractive! There’s nothing quite as smoking hot as flaming red pubes, against the fair skin. And then….there’s those cute freckles that so many of them have. Keon, you are a lucky dude!

    Yeah, I would second Denny’s suggestion for a post sometime of some black studs and white dudes (perhaps a few gingers) being unruly, or whatever other kind of cool pics you might come up with on the topic.

    Again, it was great to see your first post. Hope you and Rick have a great weekend!

    Love you guys…❌⭕️

    • bw

      I think that red hair is a recessive gene, and can easily skip generations until someone else comes along with the same gene and the magic happens. I read somewhere that 35-40% of Irish folks have the gene but about 10% of the population actually has red or reddish hair, and 35% of Scots have the recessive gene, but only about 5-6% have red hair. There – useless genetics lesson of the day.

  • ray

    Welcom, Keon!
    I thoroughly enjoy this post and I am convinced that you, together with your husband, of whom we have an idea now, will make great contributions to URD!


  • Brad

    Keon, your diligence paid off! These pics are spectacular… 😉 I agree with the others…Rick sounds like a one hot redhead, and you two must be a stunning couple in both looks and personalities… 🙂

    Gingers aren’t normally my type of men, but you have shown me redheads are just as hunky as “tall, dark, and handsome” guys… 😉 These gingers got me excited: 6, 8, 11, 14, 15/32, 16, 21, 27, 28, 29, 36, 37, 39, and 40! My Dude of the Day is #39 (I am sure helping Jingle clean this guy up would be lead to more fun… 😉 )

    Thanks again for sharing these gingers and giving us a vivid description of your husband, Keon! Looking forward to more Friday posts… 🙂

  • FredinMotul

    Hello Keon! This is a great post, well done, as was Rick’s! Ben, David and Dub are lucky to have you and Rick in their lives. Thanks for all you do for the family. I have this wonderful picture in my head with you and Dub practicing Soccer together. Look forward to seeing more from you all!!

  • David Sellar

    Thanks Keon! Love the post and the work that went into it. Friends Friday is f’inf fantastic!!!

  • Alex


    Great post. Loved it. You and Rick enjoy your day!
    Gay Uncles day August 14th!

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