It’s a “Friends Friday” look at dudes poppin’ a bone ‘n snappin’ a pic!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Sorry we haven’t posted anything lately, but we’re just sooo frictin’ busy. I manage the nursery full-time and take two graduate level courses – and Keon works really hard in their business and runs their trade association… and then, there’s Travon and Max and the house and lake cabin – and there just aren’t enough hours in the day!
David and Ben have been posting dudes who are “hangin’ loose – and I thought, fuck, man. how about some good old BONERS. So I put these pics together and though maybe you’d enjoy them as much as I do?
On an unrelated subject, Keon had a call this morning from someone at the Department of Social Services wanting to know if we’d be interested in fostering a kid that they’ve been having a little trouble placing. He said he’d talk with me and get back to them. Obviously, with all we have going on, fostering a kid is kind of out of the question for us right now… but then… it’s apparently a kid that really needs a home. Hard to believe the State people would be calling us about fostering a child after all we went through with them while we were fostering and adopting Tra. We’ll just see what happens, I guess.
xoxo Rick and Keon

17 comments to It’s a “Friends Friday” look at dudes poppin’ a bone ‘n snappin’ a pic!

  • ray

    Thanks, Rick, for this nice array of dicks!
    Are you sure that Travon would like another little dude?


  • Jingle

    My late Father was wont to say, “Careful what you bitch about!!”!! But I’m *almost* disappointed that there’s a new post!! 😮 I wasn’t quite finished with the fantastic Amateur High Loose post!! Eh… Whatta you gonna do?!?!

    At First Glance, my eyes went right to #34!! Oh yeah!! Consider him “off the market”, friends!! 😄 😝

  • Bill S

    Rick! THANK YOU! I’ve been wondering if you and Keon had quit posting….you hadn’t posted this year, and I was afraid that it might have been a New Year’s Resolution! I’m SO glad it’s NOT!

    I can’t even Foster a dog without adopting; I fall in love. So NO ADVICE from me! You should be very proud that you have rightly impressed those bureaucrats at the DSS though.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this post and for continuing to share your lives with “us!”


  • Bill S

    I have reserved #2 for bw!!! You’re welcome! (-;


  • bw

    He’s a cutie Bill – and that’s a nice thick dick with a big ole mushroom head. Thanks for saving him for me – and since I’m being a little greedy, I also call first dibs on the Asian lad (NO 28).

  • Denny

    WOW and Hot damn, Rick – WHAT a sizzling post!!

    After reveling in close consideration of these hot bodies, with their male organs erect and proud, I found my faves at the end of the pack. They are #48, #47 and #41. And Bill, you got yourself a real hot one in #37!!!

    As for the unrelated but very important subject: it sounds like you and Keon have your plates full – and happily so – now, and well into the future. If DSS had not called you, would you have had even the remotest notion in your minds to call them..? Wherever this goes, you know the URD and the Northland Gang are behind you 100%


  • Alexander

    Dear Rick,

    Thanks for the update and your excellent post!
    You and Keon have responsibility to the max. Never apologize.
    Anytime you share thoughts it’s a major bonus.

    The department of SS knows you are the best parents.
    With great depth of feeling it could seem you should help.
    Travon is making great strides. Would he possibly feel you care less
    for him if you take on an additional child? Ditto Denny. You have universal support.

    Best to you and Keon. Thanks for the post.


  • Jingle

    If I may quote my friend/brother/lover, bw, from the previous fantastic post; “I am grateful for mirrors, cell phone cameras and the internet”!! 🙂

    This post is phenomenal!! And you had me from the git!! #1 is bangin’ hot!! as is #8, 24, 30, and 41!! Oh yeah!!
    Inked and pierced #9 and #26 are hot now!!… And they will only get hotter as they mature!!
    #20 and #46 are crazy hot!!
    I LOVE how hot Muddog #23 used multiple mirrors to give us multiple views!! And I’m a big fan of Muddog #25’s cockring!! And what it’s around!! 🙂 haha
    Dirty hot #32… Holy Shit!!
    Too bad #36 and #39 partially obscured their faces!! But what’s visible is damn fine!!
    Denny Dearheart, I certainly share your enthusiasm for #48!!

    But at the end of the day, we all know I’m gonna end up with my first pick; fuzzy furry hunky humpy, big boy #34!!

    I’d like, once again, to refer back to the previous post; to #22 there!! Check it out… dude has TWO phones!! The one he’s using, and there’s another one on the counter!! What a player!! Shoosh!!

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent Post, and what great news for you. You have made a positive impression on the DSS Bureaucrats. Congratulations. Obviously, you guys have to decide what is the right path for your current family before you add another member, no matter what. Best of luck with what I am sure will be a difficult but well thought out decision by you. There are so many pros and cons to weigh. Thinking of you.

  • bw

    As usual, Denny & I think alike. I know your decision on the foster child will be based on Travon and the impact on him. I am also confident you will do the right thing.
    Well this is interesting – yesterday about 2:00 the weather dudes starting hedging their call of a little rain this morning,and by 6 it had gone from a little snow in the highest elevations to 100% chance all the way down to the edge of Atlanta. This will not impress you guys in the north but there is about 2″ on my deck – first snow of the year!

    • Denny

      That 2″ of snow is just the weather gods reminding you of who’s in charge. 🙂

      Here in the Northeast yesterday, we had a slight overnight coating of snow, that melted in the afternoon sunshine. We had a mild winter – only 2 plowable storms – but I’m ready for Spring. If you’ve never heard of Punxsutawney Phil, you can Google him, but he did not see his shadow on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2nd, which according to folklore, means an early Spring.

      Button up your overcoat, bw, and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. 80 degree days will be here before we know it. 🙂

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, bw. Two years ago this month, I was in Atlanta for a trade association board meeting and it snowed… I believe 4″ or 5″ while I was there. What I remember most about it was that the drivers down there have no idea whatever about how to drive in snow. I swear, it was like those “bumper cars” you used to ride in at carnivals. The rental car I was driving got rear-ended by some idiot in a BMW who obviously hadn’t given a thought to slowing down due to the bad roads. Fortunately, the damage to my rental car was minor – and I had full coverage insurance so it wasn’t a big deal. Believe me… if I’m going to drive in snow, I’d rather do it in Missouri than Georgia 🙂

      • bw

        Some of us here know our limitations – I was born in Florida and was a sophomore in college when I saw my first snow – ever. So I just stay home – I have absolutely no idea how to drive in snow, or in our case here more often, ice. So yesterday I tidied up a bit, took my stove apart and cleaned it and made some bread. It got up to 40 yesterday and it’s already 37 today, so this event will be over by mid afternoon – and it’s a good thing because I need to go to the store – I don’t have any dry vermouth for my Sunday martini!

  • Jingle

    bw!!… ^sounds delightful!! 😌

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