It’s a “Friends Friday” look at inappropriate apparel!

Hi, guys. It’s Rick. A while back, I did a “shirts” post that was a lot of fun. It was in response to a request by “Anthony” who’d wanted to see guys wearing “nerdy/geeky graphic tees.”
Since then, I’ve been saving pics of guys in shirts with interesting messages. I think they’re fun – and I hope you will too!

Alex has been staying at David and Ben’s house with the dogs while they’re in Colorado and Dub is in Springfield. Tonight, he, Keon and I smoked some pot and chilled in the hot tub for a while. Alex has really been missing Dub. They have two 55-gallon barrels set under a (modified) down-spout to catch rain water. He’s excited that it’s supposed to rain quite a lot tonight, and he’s hoping to finish filling the second barrel. They’ll use the rain water on the garden as the growing season goes on.
We were talking about what happens if (when?) David and Ben decide to move to Colorado. It doesn’t really matter to us. Over time, we’ve become much more than “friends.” It’s sort of like all five of us are parents to Dub. That might sound silly – but that’s how we feel. We’re agreed that wherever Ben decides to teach (or whatever) the six of us are a family – and we’ll be together no matter what.

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  • Jingle

    At First Glance, it quickly becomes obvious that this awesome post is full of crazy hot badass dudes, wearing some very provocative gear!!

    Sexy!!…Hot!!…and Wickedly Funny!!

    I will soo be back later to thoroughly study and totally enjoy each and every pic…

    In the meantime, I must admit an especial fondness for #21!! 🙂 haha

  • Bill S

    Id like to be wearing #2 when walking around the RESORT
    and meet up with #4!!!! (-:


  • Larry

    I’d like to take # 33 up on his offer. Bet I would feel that one!

  • Kent

    This is a great post for introverts who might otherwise think these guys are unapproachable.

  • ray

    Funny and sexy, as so many of your posts, Rick, thank you!

    So are all of you going to follow David, Ben and Dub?


  • Denny

    I would begin with #6 just to see if it’s true, then RUN right over to #8, Mr. Gorgeous – look at that bush on fire – are you SERIOUS!!!? He’s a good decorator too – see how the carpet matches the drapes? 🙂

    Love to splash a load of jizz all over #18, just so there is no doubt in his mind. 🙂

    #25 totally cracks me up – because sometimes, I think that very thing myself!!

    #28 – fuck the tee – I want in his pants to crank up all that commotion that’s ready to cut loose!

    I think #35 found someone to grant him his t-shirt wish – and SO much MORE!!

    #41 – Ok, I’ll call you Daddy. But will you cum when I call you?

    #47 – talk is cheap Big Boy. I wanna tear open your tool box and you can show me your drill.

    I’m havin’ fun with this one, Rick, can you tell? No B- for you, Babydoll, this is A+ all the way!!!

  • Brad

    A super fun post, Rick! Most of these are quite amusing and clever. My hubby bought me a t-shirt a few years ago that is similar to #36. It says: “Mount And Do Me” Needless to say, he doesn’t want to me wearing it out and about…haha

    I knew Jingle would spot #21… 😉 I am sure this has come true for him during a Christmas or two… 😉

    All of you guys are very lucky to have found and forged a strong bond among each other. As many LGBTQ individuals know and experience, sometimes “we” form our own families because our biological families are either not supportive or not close by. I am not surprised that all of you consider yourselves a “family!”

    The truly lucky person in your family is Dub…he benefits from having so many people around him from various backgrounds…something that very few kids from the Midwest experience…

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • Denny

    Watching the weather on New York channel. They rarely mention Denver weather – which today is 32 degrees, feels like 23, with SNOW. Hope our boys are safely on their way home!

  • Jingle

    Back for a long Second Look… This awesome post treats us to TWO delights – the t-shirts, and the dudes wearing them!! 🙂 As I made my way through this outstanding collection, I thought many times of something my late Mother was wont to stoically say, “Well, that’s a very clear message!”

    I ain’t scared o’ no ghosts!! And I ain’t scared of #1’s beautiful junk!!
    Bangin’ hot selfie #3 is more than welcome to chew on my toy any time he’d like!! And not to worry, I’ll return the favour!! As long as I’m on a dog-related allusion here, how about bangin’ hot #34 and insanely hot #44!! All three of these guys are great!! Look closely at #34’s chest… You can see through his form-fitting t-shirt that his nipples are pierced!! And I love #44’s cock and lop-sided balls!! I think we should all just get naked (well OK, #3 and #44 can leave their choke collars on, and #3 and #34 can leave their jocks on for a while), pile onto #34’s bed and fuck like dogs!! I suppose there’ll be some butt-sniffing… 🙂 haha
    Lean and sinewy #4’s cock is Perfection!! Oh, to see his face…
    I wonder if flasher #5’s tee illustrates what he wants to do??… Or what he wants done??
    #6… WOW!! Just… WOW!! Husband material!! (And I believe his shirt!!) My reaction to #16 was the same!! And then I came to the happy realization that they’re the same dude!! Yupperz!! Check out the tattoo!! #6 and #16 are the same amazing dude!!
    To #7 I’d say, “Nice!! Show me!!” And to #17, “OK!!” 🙂
    Ya know, I’m gonna take (sadly faceless) slammin’ hot #9 and rockin’ hot #10 at their word!! WHEW!!!
    It sure looks to me like #11 has a Frenum!! Nice!!
    Is #12 announcing that’s what he is… Or that’s what he’s looking for??
    To be balls-out honest, I really think #13, 28 and 41 are too young to qualify for their self-styling as “Daddy”!! Now #47 on the other hand… Hello Daddy!! And regarding his shirt… True story!! I have a straight buddy who has a t-shirt that says, “Your little Princess is my little Whore”!!
    #18 is nasty crazy scary hot!! And Denny may be on to something… But I’d much rather shoot my jizz IN him, than ON him!!
    #19!! Holy Shit!! Just the kind of rough trade I run to!! And then run from!! WHEW!!!
    #20’s t-shirt, the stoned little birdie, is a hoot!! 🙂 But his ruggedly handsome face, nice body, and fantastic junk are all dead serious!!

    Ya know, the run of #18, 19 and 20 had me squirming in my seat like a bitch!! Shoosh!!

    #25… Hell yeah!!
    There is nothing I don’t like about #27!!
    Crazy hot #30, with his thick uncut dick and ample balls, can “hang out” in my Kitchen anytime!! And unlike the shark on his tee, I won’t bare my teeth!! 🙂 haha
    Had a funny thought when I looked at #31… This is the kind of gay guy that makes straight women eat their hearts out!!
    Aww… #32 is adorable!! And his t-shirt is a hoot!!
    Oh my, to blazin’ hot #33 I’d respond, “With that monster?!?! Ah, no!! But I’ll blow you!!” WHEW!!!
    With that impressive cock in his mouth, who the hell cares what lucky bastard #35 is wearing??
    I just love #36!! Outside, enjoying a cig, just casually letting his nice dick hang out!! Looks good to me!! And I love those Blackwatch plaid lounge pants!! 🙂
    Selfie #38 is rockin’ hot!! But I’m just old enough, and still Catholic enough, that his t-shirt made feel a rush of Guilt & Shame for enjoying him so much!!
    OK, maybe I’m just an idiot, but I don’t get #39 at all!! But I’d blow ’em all!! Hell, they already got their pants down!!
    I can’t identify the team on rockin’ hot #40’s basketball jersey, so I guess I’ll just give him the blowjob he’s so obviously waiting for!!
    I would soo take bangin’ hot #42 up on his generous offer!!
    #43 has been photo-shopped beyond any belief.
    And as for #48… where are these unruly dudes that are being photographed, or taking selfies, when I’m at the gym??

    Fantastic post!! Thanks so much for this one, babe!!

  • A Bear

    I started at #1 and didn’t go much further!

    But then I noticed #35 and thought he could wrap his moustache around my parts anyday

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