It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some gay photo poses.

Hi, guys. It’s Rick. Ever since I came up with the idea of doing a series of “gay photo poses” posts, I’ve been amazed by just how many there are. Today, I’ve decided to do a group of “Head-to-toe naked” poses. There’s “reclining,” “sitting,” “handstands,” “kneeling,” “boi butts” and “stand-up dudes.” We hope our friend “Brad” will check in and check these out. Keon and I had fun putting it together… and we hope you’ll like it. xoxo Rick and Keon

10 comments to It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some gay photo poses.

  • Jingle

    Absolutely amazing collection of artistic and erotic images!! Fit and athletic dudes!! Stunning!!

    #1 and #2… different dudes – same bed!! Hmmm…
    Fuzzy furry hunky humpy #4 is bangin’ hot!!
    I’d forgive you if you didn’t notice that striking Beach Boy #8 has diminutively jeweled pierced nipples!! 🙂
    Oh, to come home and find fantastic #9 waiting on the steps!! WHEW!!!
    Hey crazy hot #11, let me take care of that for you!! 🙂
    *Totally off topic note on #11: I really like that bold black blind pull!! 🙂 haha
    Bald & Beautiful #12!! WOW!! Face, body, nipples, junk!! WOW!! And I feel just the same way about buzz-cut #42!! (Cute ears!! 🙂 )
    Lean and sinewy #14 is outstanding!! And so is that chair!! (Not in love with the contrasting seat cushion, but that would be an easy fix!! 🙂 )
    Bangin’ hot and hunky #16 and #29 are superb!! And as Denny Dearheart would say, “No Hair/Don’t Care”!!
    I have never, at any stage of my Life, been able to do a decent Handstand!! So #17 through #24 are all quite marvelous to me!! Is it possible that we caught #20 mid Cartwheel?!?! #23 in particular put me in mind of da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man”!! 🙂
    Oh-ho, I think Larry Lover will have an especial fondness for #27!!
    Oh, hold on if you can #30 and #48!! I’ll try to get there to receive your loads!!
    #32’s pooky gumdrop nipples are phenomenal!! So is everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – else about the dude and the over-all image!! Damn!!
    OK, I would pay cash money to see #40 from the front!!
    Oooh, I loves me some bangin’ hot outdoorsman #46!!

    By naming a favourite, I certainly don’t want to slight the other 47, but it’s #4 that I would most like to see in any pose!! Preferably doggie, head down/ass up, so I could eat him out, then fuck him!! 🙂 Oh yeah!!

    Hot sexy collection, set, and post!! So well done!! Thank You!!

  • Jingle

    I was looking at my wonderful #4 again, and I noticed something that I initially missed… not unlike #8, he has diminutively jeweled pierced nipples!! 🙂 Bonus!!

    Full Moon tonight!! Bill S, I emailed you a pic of my Full Moon tattoo!! You always seemed to like it!! 🙂

  • mahtinp

    This is such a gold mine of a post and there are so so many great poses. One of the things that always intrigued me and turned me on was flexibility, so a lot of these are yummmmmm

  • ray

    Rick and Keon, thank you for this delicious distraction! And thanks to Jingle for his wkonderful comments! I’m curious to watch the full moon as it should be especially big in April and May.

  • FredinMotul

    Rick and Keon,
    Excellent post! Something for everyone!! # 8 Jumps out at me. I wonder what he is thinking so deeply about. Then # 41 Where is that look going?? All and all an excellent post filled with very good looking young, athletic men. Thanks for all you do to distract us from the realities of the day. Worked well with this one. Thanks so much!!!

    Trust that everyone is safe, well and Happy!!

  • bw

    Man, URD has been knocking it out of the park here lately. Another outstanding post…
    I like NO 10 – great smile and just looks like a nice kid. A couple of porn pups from the past – NO 26 is Scott Davis – pretty much gay for pay, but pretty and had an uncut dick when most of the white kids were cut. And NO 44 – Steve O’Donnell – a furry ginger with a thick willy – always said he considered himself a top but seemed happiest with a big ole dick up his bum. You guys mentioned NO 41 – nice fur, blue eyes and a big cock – a complete package.

  • Roberto

    #3, #11, #39 (I can see his full bush from behind!) or #46?! Wouldn’t mind adding Jingle’s #4, #14 (those pits!), #16 or #43 (real dude?) to my list. Another failure in making a proper choice – why do I comment anyway? LOL

    Love the concept, Rick. Thanks for another great ArtErotic post!

  • Bill S

    I am loving #22 for his physique — just look at those legs! And the tan-lines make me think he’s a life guard.

    #30 is just HOT! And his two hands wrapped so securely….

    But my favorite is in the final position! #48 looks like he is just at the edge before he shoots! And that made me think THAT could be a new post some time: “Oh! I’m Gonna CUM!” And another example of this moment is #3 I think.

    Hey Rick & Keon! It sure looks like we enjoyed this post! (-:


  • Denny

    Every one of these guys is a perfect example of a sizzlin’ HOT male body!

    Bill, I think #30 would make a great addition to your “Gonna CUM!” post.

    Very difficult to pick just one of these beauts as a favorite but if I HAD to pick just one, I think cutie 42 would be a lot of fun.

    Thank you so much once again, Rick and Keon for another stunning post!

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