It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the (?) bad-boys!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick and Keon. You’re probably wondering why we’re showing you MUGSHOTS on our last post of 2017. There’s a reason. See, we think overcrowded prisons in the United States are a result – not of guys (and girls) being bad people – but, rather, of not having a fair chance in life. Kids from broken homes. Sons and daughters of druggies. Kids who don’t have enough to eat or decent clothes to wear or a chance at a good education. And (if you’ll permit us) a greed-infused government that doesn’t give a shit about anything but getting richer while the poor get poorer and kids turn to drugs and crime and end up in prison. So, we’re gonna do something. It’s a tiny thing, really, but we know we can make a difference.
We’ve decided to become “foster parents.” Several months ago we enlisted the aid of an excellent LGBG attorney and started the process. We’ve met all the qualifications and taken the required courses… and moved to a single family home with a fenced yard that meets every foster home requirement. With Keon’s job that lets him do most of his work from home, our attorney tells us we’re ideal foster parent candidates. So, we’ve filed all the paperwork and are waiting for a placement. We don’t know when it’ll happen – or whether our first foster child will be a boy or girl – or what age – but it doesn’t matter to us. We know we’re going to be foster parents – and we know we’re gonna give a kid (kids?) a good opportunity in life like Dub and Austin and Erik and Issie have. We haven’t said anything about it before because, I guess we’re a little superstitious or something. We know this isn’t necessarily going to be easy… but we’re fully committed to it and we’re gonna make it work. We hope maybe each of you will say a little prayer for us and give us your support if (when?) things get tough.
While we’re waiting, we’re wishing each of you good health and every happiness in the coming year. As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, every one!” We love you.
Rick and Keon

14 comments to It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the (?) bad-boys!

  • Jingle

    Completely inappropriate.

  • unrulyadmin

    We’re sorry we offended you, Jingle. Have a wonderful New Year!
    Rick and Keon

  • ray

    Rick and Keon, I am very surprised that you are going to have a foster child, I always thaught you were the only ones not interested in having a kid around! Good luck!
    And a Happy New Year everybody!

  • Denny

    Rick and Keon –

    What a kind, loving and generous thing you are doing! – opening your new home and your hearts, in support of a child of whatever age and sex, who may not ever have had the opportunity to know what a safe, secure, and loving home can be; a kid who has never had the love and guidance of parents, to teach him/her right from wrong, so they don’t end up – in a mug shot.

    You have my love and support ENTIRELY, Rick and Keon, which adds extra special meaning as I offer you my very best wishes, thoughts and prayers for a happy and successful New YEAR!!!

    Love you guys!!


  • unrulyadmin

    Thank you, Denny. Your support and prayers mean more to us than you could know. Our “new” home isn’t new – just new to us. It’s a small Tudor cottage, built about 45 years ago in Platte Woods. It’s in one of the best school districts in the KC Metro area. Structurally it was in great shape when we bought it but it was sadly in need of updating and redecorating. David, Ben, Callum, Alex and Pam have been a huge help as we brought it “up to date.” The only work we had to hire done was the new heating/A/C system, insulation, new roof shingles, water heater and some plumbing repairs. We were able to get the major things included in our home loan, so we’re set to go. We get more and more excited every day about the prospect of being foster parents… but just know it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen. Happy New Year. We love you!
    Keon and Rick

  • Larry

    You have my complete support. It’s not going to be easy, but as liberal Christian I agree that society throws too many children away. Good luck. You have a great support group to help you.

  • It is great that you have opened your hearts to the ones that need it much! I was
    a foster parent for about 10 years. It is a challenge sometimes, depends on the
    age and etc, but can be rewarding for you both, and hopefully make a difference in some lives that are in need and can use a good experience to build on for their future. Be patient and give lots of love! The best wishes for ’18 to
    you both!

    • unrulyadmin

      Thank you, Peter.
      It’s wonderful to hear from someone who has “been there. done that.” We believe that helping a little one (or more) will be rewarding… and probably challenging. It’s just something we want (need) to do.
      Our love,
      Rick and Keon

  • Alexander

    Dear Rick and Keon,

    Congrats to you on your decision to foster. It is not easy taking the courses, filing the paperwork, completing the interviews.
    You deserve extreme credit for all you’ve done.

    Good health and happiness to you in the coming year! You have my prayers for a successful foster match.
    Thanks for paying it forward.


    • unrulyadmin

      Thank you, Alexander. Your support means much to us. Good health and happiness in the coming year to you as well.
      Rick and Keon

  • Kent

    Rick and Keon,
    Providing a stable and loving home to foster children is one of the most noble things you can do.

  • FredinMotul

    Talk about leading by example . Exciting news for you men! May all go as you hope.
    Best of luck with this and all you are doing in 2018!

  • Brad

    Keon and Rick,

    I am not surprised and very happy for you… 🙂 You will be make wonderful foster parents, and I wish you all the best as you begin this chapter of your life. As Hillary Clinton wrote, it takes a village to raise a child…and what a great “village” your foster kid(s) will have around them!


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