It’s a “Friends Friday” Pride Month interracial mega-post.

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Last week, I texted David and Ben asking if they’d like me to do a “Pride Month” post. David texted back “Of course.” Ben said “Absolutely.” I think this year with all the racial unrest in the Country, Pride Month” has a special meaning, and that’s what I’ve tried to capture with these pics.
As you know, Pride Month is celebrated in June each year. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:
“The Stonewall Uprising of June 1969 was a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay (LGBTQ) community in Greenwich Village, New York City. Patrons of the Stonewall Inn, gay street kids from the surrounding area, and members of the community who came from neighboring gay and lesbian bars, fought back against an early morning police raid, refusing to be arrested for simply patronizing a gay bar and being out in public. The Stonewall riots are widely considered to be the most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBT rights in the United States.”
It’s taken more than fifty years for gays in America to achieve a decent amount of justice and equality – and much work remains to be done. None of the Northland gang members are old enough to have experienced the discrimination, ignorance and ugliness suffered by gay people fifty years ago. Hopefully, our kids will grow up in a World of even more justice and equality for gays, blacks, hispanics, american indians and other minorities. Cal often points out that our little group doesn’t live in the “real world” and, of course he’s right. In our Northland family, it makes absolutely no difference whether you’re white, black, ginger, hearing-impaired or anything else. Heck, we even treat Aussies like “real people” πŸ™‚
Our hope is that all the recent demonstrations will someday result in true equality for gays, blacks and other minorities. We can, at least HOPE!
xoxo Rick and Keon

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  • Alexander

    Thanks for the pride post. This is even better than your April post!
    Best to you, Keon and the Northland Gang in residence at Table Rock.

  • Larry

    A beautiful post and a well written commentary. Being almost 80, I do remember how things were prior to Stonewall. We still have a long way to go sexually and racially, but hopefully are making some progress,

    Happy Pride Month to all.

  • ray

    Rick, you have put together a beautiful post of couples and groupes! We should never forget that our rights are still endangered and that we, Americans and Europeans alike, are in a “privileged” position!
    Thanks and a happy and peaceful Pride Month to everyone!

  • Jingle

    Holy Shit!! 52 thumbnails!! 104 awesome pics!! 52 painstakingly matched pairs!! YOWZA!!!!

    And soo timely and germane to both June Pride Month, and the really unfortunate current racial tension!!

    #2, 13, 34, and 38!!… I’ll do you, if you do me!! πŸ™‚ haha GREAT cocksucking!!
    OK, #6!! Two different couples, but in the same bedroom!! Thanks God, the sheets have been changed!! πŸ™‚ haha The fuzzy furry hunky humpy, butch bitch bottom in the Lower pic is bangin’ hot!! As is the bearded bottom in #23 Right, and #50 Upper!!
    The white dude getting blown in #7 Left has plenty of toilet tissue!! πŸ™‚ haha
    FCCO #8 is GREAT!! The white dude in the Right pic is outstanding!!
    That’s some sloppy cocksucking in #9!! Shoosh!!
    #10 Right is a precursor to #3 Right!!
    Too bad we can’t see the faces of the lucky dudes getting their gorgeous cocks licked in #11!!
    BOTH pics in #12, 17, 21, 28, and 32!! WOW!! Just… WOW!!
    Great cumshots in #14; but dang, that yummy cum could have gone down my throat nicely!!
    Awesome cocksucking in #15!! I must admit an especial fondness for the Left pic!!
    #16 Right – and the corresponding #22 Left – and #19 Left!! WHOA!!!!!
    Whether outdoors or indoors, LOVE the 69ing in #18 and #49!!
    The white dude getting rimmed in #20 Left has a PA!!
    #22 Right is by far and away the most erotic, artistic image presented here!!
    I really dig #26!! Just a couple of cool & chill, scruffy-chinned, great dudes; enjoying having a dick in their mouths!! Atta boys!! πŸ™‚
    What lean & sinewy awesome dudes in #27 and #40!! And some damn fine pretty junk!!
    I defy anyone who looks at this superb collection to not smile back #29!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Ahh… #30!! The cocksucker’s Gaze of Devotion is in full force!!
    The torpedo fucking in #35 is soo HOT!!
    The shower dudes in #36 Right are both crazy hot!! Jump down to #43 Lower to see some hot rimming!! Damn!!
    Pic #38 is a real show-stopper!! The black dude is a total Hunk Stud!! And the white – Latino?? – dude is crazy rockin’ hot!! WHEW!!!
    The white getting rimmed in #39 Lower is intensely, insanely hot!! And in #45 Lower, he’s returning the favour!!
    Both dudes in #44 Right are crazy hot!! Especially the tattooed, pierced nipples, top!! Holy Shit!!
    The fantastic dudes in #46 Left are really enjoying their fucking!! As it should be!! Wasn’t it bw who long ago said, “Sex should be fun!!”?!?!
    The romantics in the group will go ga-ga for #47!! (If they didn’t already for #1!!)
    I’m having a real Love/Hate relationship with #50 Upper!!… LOVE both of the fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot dudes!!… HATE that the top is wearing a rubber!!
    The sexual athleticism in #51 is really quite amazing!!

    Phenomenal collection, set, and post!!

    Picking a favourite is no small task!! But looking at the over-all image, en toto; oh my, just gimme #29!! Any or all of them!! Preferably ALL of them!! πŸ™‚ haha

  • Bill S

    I keep going back to #15 The couple in each picture look perfectly matched. The body-types look the same, except one is black and one is white. It’s really cool!

    Rick, you really put a lot of thought into your posts. Thanks for all you do!

    June 1969 I graduated high school about 60 miles north of Greenwich Village and a world apart! What an odd time it was. Vietnam was foremost on all our minds….

    Thanks for the Pride Month post!


    • bw

      Bill, the kid in the left pane on the left is simply beautiful – I think he worked for Sean Cody but I don’t know his name. Handsome face, great body, nice dick and even his skin his pretty. Just a beauty.

  • Denny

    Thank you, Rick, for this post in honor of Pride Month.

    Not only the pandemic, but the sad, untimely, and totally unnecessary death of George Floyd has left little time or space to remember WITH PRIDE, the strides, the IMMENSE strides the gay community has made towards equality.

    I was very happy to read that as of May 26, 2020, Costa Rica became the first Central American country to legalize and perform same-sex marriages.

    Cal is right. None of the kids in the Northland Gang live in the real world. Nor should they. No kid their age should have to deal with it. They will learn soon enough. They all have loving parents to answer their questions when the time comes, and to help them understand.

    Thanks again, Rick. This post is beautiful. It was a lot of hard work!!


  • Kent

    OMG, what a hot post. Thank you Rick, for taking the time to assemble a beautiful representation of ‘how it ought to be’.

  • Denny

    How is Dub and Jim’s garden coming along? What have they planted? Any weeds daring to show up? πŸ™‚

    • unrulyadmin

      It’s doing great. Jim says he’s never had a garden this beautiful. He says he always just planted some stuff and depended on nature to take care of it. He says Dub treats it like a science project. So far, they’ve had lettuce, spinach, asparagus, radishes and baby carrots. Their corn is growing well and with a little luck some will be ready by the 4th of July (?). Weeds? Absolutely none. Jim says Dub stands around holding a hoe and daring any weed to pop up. They’re both having great fun with the garden and becoming closer friends every day.

    • mahtinp

      What a nice update on the garden. I wish I had such a diligent young man to tend my gardens for me … but as we know, when it comes to any project, Dub is more gifted than most kids.

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent Pride Post Gentlemen. Let the message ring loud and clear! Trust you all are safe and happy!!

  • Ron

    Great job Rick on putting together an absolutely amazing Pride post. However I am writing specifically to address an error in your commentary. You used the term “american indian”, the word “indian” is a term applied by the colonists. Native people of North America consider that term to be derogatory, offensive and racist. I recognize you used it quite innocently in trying to include all the of the marginalized groups. So I bring this to your attention now not to be critical but rather to offer a teaching. The more appropriate and acceptable terminology would be “Native American” or better still though more wordy “Indigenous People of North America”. If you are addressing a group of Indigenous People you could more properly use the term “Indigenous People of Turtle Island”.

    I have been following Unruly Dude for many years now and look forward to the new posts. Keep up the good work and Happy Pride to everyone at Table Rock.

  • Roberto

    Rick, I join my mates in being bloody impressed by the amount and quality of the work you’ve done in this and other posts. Here the beauty and hotness of the guys combined with the intensity of action in such a nice variety of poses perfectly matched, including kisses and facials, is really a brilliant celebration of what people should do instead of propagating hate and violence. What a bliss to go through this post.

    I could spend the rest of the year enjoying all these pics, but let me just share a few thoughts. At first it seemed to me no pic could be as artistic as #47 – the contrast of light effect is just too beautiful, not to mention the action –, but then I noticed #22 and it became a really tough call in that regard… Probably Jingle will say I’m one of the romantics in the group for praising #47. πŸ˜€

    #9, #17, #30, #33, #46 (their joy is just contagious), #48 and #50 are simply breathtaking! WOW! And that furry inked fella in #17A looks like a total dream.

    THANK YOU, Rick! For sure I’ll come back to enjoy this post more times.

  • Tim from MO

    Rick and Keon:
    What a Beautiful post!
    Thank you for putting this together, and for sharing your insightful comments.

    Even coming as far as we have with Civil liberties, LGBT rights, we know there is still a ways to go.
    The diligence, and resolve for these gains must always be guarded, as we know the ones who despise, and hate, this progression will always lurk in the background, ready to overthrow them by any means at their disposal.

    Eternal vigilance must be our theme….because liberties gained are not free, and can NEVER be taken for granted.

    Love you guys so much!

  • Gents,
    I haven’t even looked at the pictures yet, but your words are wonderful.
    Lest we forget 2 things:
    1. Loving Day; the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia which allowed interracial marriages.
    2. LGBTQ+ protests didn’t start with Stonewall… In LA and SF protests started in 1959/60 in response to police harassing LGBTQ+ friendly establishments, groping patrons to ascertain their gender, and arresting anyone whose gender didn’t match their ID

    A powerful pride to all the Northland gang. Your family in itself is a powerful act of civil disobedience in a state that seems to have an affection for the fascist white nationalists in the White House.

    Be Strong in your loving, as you’ve always been.
    Much Love,

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