It’s a rare, Sunday edition of “Friends Friday”.

Hey, guys, it’s Rick. I wasn’t going to do a post this week because of Jingle’s comment about last Friday’s post of Kent Neffendorf’s work. He said,
“Maybe it’s just a case of bad timing, but after yesterday’s beautiful, elegant and sophisticated post; this man’s work seems a little sophomoric and vulgar.”
Here’s the deal. On the one hand, Keon and I both think Kent’s art is wonderful and don’t think it’s “sophomoric and vulgar” On the other hand, we have nothing but the highest respect for Jingle’s opinions, and know URD wouldn’t amount to much without his insightful comments. So, I thought maybe he had a valid point and I started wondering if we’d been doing too many “gay artists” posts. I told Keon I thought maybe it’s time to “shift gears” and find other topics. Keon said, “Look, babe. You know what they say about opinions. They’re like assholes – everyone has one. You’re just being silly if you think everyone is gonna like everything we post.”
Then, several of you said you missed “Friends Friday” and I decided maybe we should keep on doing what we’re doing, and when someone doesn’t like a post, they can skip it. So, here we are with the work of another gay artist we think is amazing. It’s someone named “Fab,” and I haven’t been able to find anything about him anywhere. If you’re interested, here’s his tumblr:
I should warn you that his work involves about the same number of males and females, so if neckid ladies offend you, you may want to skip the tumblr.
We love you guys and hope you enjoy what we post – or at least most of it 🙂

10 comments to It’s a rare, Sunday edition of “Friends Friday”.

  • FredinMotul

    I for one have always felt that the art works you find are quite good, and this is no exception. “Cartoon” Gay pictures are odd in that they can be super human, disproportionate, and amazing all at once. Great job guys and keep them coming! Look forward to more. Thanks.

  • ray

    Hey Rick and Keon, thanks for this new edition which I like especially because I am so fond of this type of guys like n.10! I will visit the artist’s tumbler without being offended by the ladies…


  • Alex

    Dear Rick and Keon,

    Thanks for sharing your friends friday art posts. I like them because
    I see artists not seen before. I’m amazed you find so many different styles.

    It’s ok if it is not Jingle’s thing. Just know there are tons of people
    who may not comment (like me) that look forward to your posts.

    There’s an artist who specializes in punk that used to be in KC.
    His name is Drub and his site is

    Lots of art in the world to enjoy. Have a great and safe 4th!!!


  • Denny

    A-a-a-h, Rick!! Baby sweet baby!! Sometimes you gotta listen to your LoverMan Keon, cuz he’s right that opinions are like assholes.

    Not everyone’s opinion is always going to be “insightful”, and sometimes, when they got a turd lodged sideways, they say vulgar and sophomoric things that they probably are gonna regret later.

    I was HOPING that you would have taken to heart the opinions that followed that “v and s” stuff and recognized that nobody here walks on water and if you can’t say anything nice about someone’s post, then you should ShutTFU.

    I gotta get my ass in bed soon, tomorrow is a long day at work, so I’m gonna go to sleep and dream sweet dreams about #4, #25 and #43 and if there’s still time before the alarm goes off, I’ll try to decide which one of those dudes in #21 I wanna be first!

    Here comes a giant THANK YOU to you, Rick, for this special post. I always learn something new from the unique artistry you post here. But, you know, it’s just as cool with me if you wanna switch it up now and then with a post of sizzlin’ black dudes, and/or some super hot gingers!!!

    Hugs to you both and have a GREAT week!!!


  • Tim from MO

    Hey Rick! XO
    Hey Keon! XO
    The ‘Sophomoric and Vulgar’ part of me was disappointed when a ‘Friends Friday’ post went missing on Friday, and Saturday😕
    Then Sunday, there it was! 😁
    I enjoy all forms of art, and have found the variety of artists works you bring to your posts interesting, and enjoyable.
    I had not heard of ‘Fab’ before, and will be checking out his website; thank you for sharing it.
    Hope you guys have a great week, and a safe, enjoyable 4th of July Holiday.
    Love you!

  • Jingle

    Hot Damn!!

    Sketches #3 and #42 put in mind of David, Ben and Dub!! 🙂

    #2 and #43 are fun and HOT!! Taken as a duo, they reminded me of a little poem my late Father used to recite:

    “Candy is dandy!!
    Liquor is quicker!!
    But sex won’t rot your teeth!!”

    Thanks for that pleasant memory!! 🙂

    #15 is hilarious!! We’ve all kissed a few Toads, haven’t we?!?! 🙂 haha

    But without a doubt, my absolute favourite is Big Boy #22!! True, he’s a little older, perhaps a tad thick in the middle, and has that bit of fur on his back; but that’s just my type!! 🙂 It’s cool as hell that Fab has depicted him, and awesome that you’ve included him!! 🙂

    Fun, hot and sexy post!!

  • Jingle

    Over on the Tumblr side, the video captioned, “Want to cum in my mouth?”, is insanely over-the-top, off-the-charts HOT!!!!!

    And I love the cocksucker’s coy little wink at the end!! 🙂 Oh Yeah!!

  • Brad

    Happy to see a belated “Friends Friday” art edition… 🙂 I am sure others are like myself and wonder what examples of homoerotic art Rick has in store for URD, and I am not disappointed by these examples from “Fab!”

    These got a “rise” out of me and are my top choices: 4, 9, 12, 20, 27, 31, and 46/47/48. Any one of these could be my Dude of the Day, but #12 caught my from the git-go and is my top pick. I think it’s his costume that did it… 😉

    I will definitely check out Fab’s tumblr as well… 🙂 As always, an excellent job, Rick! Looking forward to your next post. (Although when is Keon going to do another post? As I recall his were awesome as well!)

    Have a great 4th of July, everyone!

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