It’s Friday, so of, course, it’s time for another “flashback”!

Last Tuesday, our buddy Roberto commented saying, “Second time you guys gift me a soccer boy (#5) — and this one comes bearded and tattooed. 🙂 Keep them coming until I have a full team, haha!”
So when I was thinking about putting a flashback post together for today, I went through David’s “Unrulyboi” folders, and – sure enough – there were two “soccer” posts. I pulled out these pics thinking the guys should provide Beto with his “full team” – or maybe I should say “teamS”. As you guys know, soccer is my absolute favorite sport, so this was fun to put together.

12 comments to It’s Friday, so of, course, it’s time for another “flashback”!

  • Jingle

    I really must start paying more attention to this sport… And the awesome dudes who play it!! 🙂

    LOVE the “slips’ in #1 and #7!!
    #6, 14 and 17… WOW!! WHEW!!! WHOA!!!!!

    Hey Beto, do you think you could spare me bangin’ hot #20??

    Great collection and post!!

    • Roberto

      My dear friend, take any of them anytime! Make a full team for yourself! 😉
      Totally agree with you on #6 and 14! WHOA!

  • ray

    I have to admit that I’ve never been interested in soccer. The players may be hot, but you never get a chance of really seeing them well for more than a second. I would certainly change my opinion if they played nekkid or scantily clothed as in this set of sexy pictures!
    Best body for me: # 23, he’s perfect!

    • ray

      On second thought, my comment seems a bit akward. Ben, in no way did I intend to belittle your interest in your favorite sport. I just prefer more “eye candy” when watching sports 😉

  • Roberto

    Wow, what a (spectacular) surprise!!! You guys are spoiling me! 😉
    Ben, you’re right: I can easily make teamS with these dudes! Pics #3, 4, 27 and 47 alone would provide me with more than enough first-class material! But I’m still going to make a single team — 11 guys will keep me busy enough, don’t you think? 😛
    So, going for a 3-4-3 formation:
    – Hot stud #6 is my goalkeeper (oh yeah!);
    – #14, 36 and 39 are my defenders;
    – #26/33/43/44 (same guy, lovely pubes), 34 (nice cock!), 35 (nice ass!) and 48 are my midfielders;
    – #1 (already in my team since the sweaty pit post) and the guy holding the ball in pic #8 are my wingers (I’m sure both can run fast); and stunning #25 is my center forward!
    Like Jingle, I love the slips in #1 and 7. And the guy in pics #18 and 29 is such a teaser!
    Regarding flashback: guy #5 (Brazilian model Mateus Verdelho) looks quite different now, but I guess my buddy Jingle would approve the changes!
    Thank you so much for this awesome post, Ben! You had fun doing it, I had fun enjoying it — and making a really mouth-watering team!
    A nice weekend to you and David!

  • Keep up the good work. Love your oral sex photos.

  • bw

    Lots of cute boys here – it seem like soccer dudes will get naked more than other athletes (or maybe it’s because they are mostly European).
    I hope the left kid in no 8 is a grower – maybe he was nervous. No.s 32, 36 and 45 are all cuties too, but no 10 is simply beautiful.
    I watched Saturday – the first complete soccer game I have ever seen – so I am trying.

  • Larry

    Soccer players are lean and young. My favorite kind. I read the other day they run yen miles a game, so they are fit and have strong legs. Great post. Would sure love to see a nude game.

    • Roberto

      I also love them lean. If you have the opportunity, take a look at the divers at the Pan-American Games — they’re competing later today, tomorrow and on Monday. They’re usually lean— fit yet not heavily-built — and compete seminaked, so just perfect!

  • Larry

    That’s “ten” miles a game.

  • Anthony

    Not much of a sports guy but soccer players do have nice butts.

    Which leads me to suggest a post on baseball butts. Have you seen the butts on those guys?

  • Bill S

    At the risk of being greedy, I want #46 — a nice variety! (-:


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