It’s “Friends Friday,” and the “eyes have it.”

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. David has done several of these “suck eyes” posts and they’re one of my absolute favorites. Rick and I spend hours and hours sucking each others’ dick and I love the way we maintain eye contact while we’re doing it. We think it’s one of the best (and most intimate) things about dude sex!

Ben had suggested Rick and I might want to drop by the school sometime and “chat with Travon’s Art Instructor.” So, last Friday we did. She seems like a genuinely nice person and couldn’t say enough good things about Travon. She said he might be the “most promising art student at the school.” Said his “concepts of color, space and movement are exceptional…as is his ability to depict and describe creative meaning.” She kind of lost us along the way, but we got the idea. She showed us a bunch of his artwork and we were totally blown away. There were drawings/sketches of Muff, Max, Rick and me and the lake cabin and boys making crank ice cream… and lots more. One, in particular just stopped us short. It was a group of white kids in a room laughing and playing… while in the corner a small black boy was sitting, bent-over with his head in his hands. When we saw that, we both teared-up and were just speechless. I don’t think either of us had realized how much mental garbage our amazing little dude is still carrying around with him. When we got home, we were both like just hugging him and telling him how much we love him. It’s like sometimes there just aren’t enough ways to make sure he knows how special he is to us.
xoxo Keon and Rick

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  • Bill S

    Those eyes! That cock! WOW and WOW. #4 —-

    I think Travon expressing how he WAS feeling is a wonderful, cathartic thing. And it sounds like his artistic range will cover the whole field from painting to dance. Is he interested in music too? It seems you have a talented youngster to help to grow. Way to go!!


  • bw

    Sitting here on Sunday morning drinking my coffee and everything is dandy, then I read this and my heart breaks for our little buddy Travon. But I guess it is unrealistic to expect him to just turn a corner and forget all the pain of the past. Butt Bill S is right – that drawing probably is a step. As for “sometimes there just aren’t enough ways to make sure he knows how special he is to us” – he knows.

  • Jingle

    Ahhh… Chilly and rainy here this Sunday Morning, but I’m snug and warm in my cozy Den!! 🙂 Fritz is curled up on the settee, Sports Center on the TV, and this ASTOUNDING post on the Chromebook!! 🙂 Life is indeed good!! 🙂

    I have often referred to what I call, “The Cocksucker’s Gaze of Devotion”, and this amazing collection certainly beautifully illustrates just what I’m yapping about!!!!! And you’re absofuckinglutely dead-on right about, “one of the best (and most intimate) things about dude sex!”!!

    This outstanding set gives us three things to consider in each and every pic… The wonderful cocksuckers; the gorgeous cocks they’re worshipping; and of course, as in any post, the backgrounds!!!!! 🙂

    Cocksuckers #2, 7, 11 and 13 all have awesome tattoos!!
    Nothin’ better than spontaneously dropping to your knees and sucking the dick of the man you want the most!! (At least in that moment!! 🙂 ) #4 and #15 are in the Kitchen!! (How many times have you ruined Dinner because you got distracted?!?! 😉 haha) And the “real” guys in #18 are in a Public Restroom!! Nice!!
    Pics #17, 21, 31 and 43 are REALLY exceptional!! WOW!!
    You must have really liked #17, too!!… We see it again in the #44 spot!! And #27 is repeated in #46!! It’s all good!! 🙂
    #27 is a phenomenal Study in Colour!! The crazy hot cocksucker’s blue hair, and the recipient’s red leather cockring!! GREAT pic!! 🙂
    LOVE cocksucker #35’s large stud earrings and pierced septum!!
    Fantastic #39/40 made me think of Biblical hero Samson!! After the way he was betrayed by that conniving cunt bitch, Delilah, small wonder he became a dedicated cocksucker!!!!! 🙂 hahahaha

    Although there’s something to enjoy – and relate to – in EACH and EVERY fantastic pic… My over-all favourite has got to be Lucky #13!!!!! Hot Damn!!

  • Jingle

    I would certainly encourage everyone to go back to the wonderful “Stand-up” post of the 25th, and read Wonderboy’s fun, funny, sexy, hot, and completely spot-on comments!!!!!

    I’m in for URD merchandise!!…

    And my dear friend/brother/lover bw… Do it!! I can’t imagine my life without a companion animal!!

    And one more thought on the “Stand-Up” post… If insanely bangin’ HOT #8 would like to join me and #32, he’s certainly welcum!! 🙂

  • ray

    Like Bill and Jingle, I find #4 phenomenal, his biggest competitor for my favorite being #7.
    Considering the progress Travon has been making thanks to the love of his dads, I think it will be only a matter of time that his terrible past will be nothing but a distant and meaningless memory!
    Thanks, Rick and Keon!

  • Tim from MO

    Thank you for sharing about Travon’s art abilities. It’s awesome to hear he has this talented ability. I know you all will help to nurture his gift that God has given to him.
    His piece about the black boy sitting by himself….that made me tear up as well…😥
    Love you guys!

  • Larry

    I don’t know what to say about Travon. He is obviously harboring lots of hurt which hopefully will recede from his memory as time goes on. We haven’t heard much about Austin recently since being told he may have outstanding swimming skills. He came from an abusive situation also. (Wasn’t he burned with cigarettes?) What is wrong with people?

    • Larry

      I have been thinking all night that I have this wrong. The picture of the white boys playing while the black boy sits in the corner has nothing to do with his abuse before he came to you. Where would be be playing with others except at Miss Pams or at school. He just started school and it was only September, so this is recent. I think the teachers need to be alerted to this and make sure he isn’t being ignored by the other students. Are there other black children in the school? Being ignored could build up into resentment that could explode years from now. It needs to be nipped in the bud early on. Praying for Travon every night.

      • unrulyadmin

        Hey, Larry. Not to worry. Travon loves his school and, of course Ben, Dub and Austin are there to keep eyes on him. There are probably more black, asian and hispanic kids in the school than white kids. We’ve talked about this with Rick and Keon and we’re sure this drawing goes back to his days in foster care where he was teased and mistreated. Thanks for your concern, but please know he’s in a really good place right now. xoxo David

  • I dunno. Guys looking up at me while they’re blowing me is kinda iffy. It can be hot, or it can make me feel self-conscious and strange.
    #1, You are seeing my “I’m getting pleasured” face, which probably looks kind of goofy, and …
    #2, Why are you looking up at me like that anyway? It’s fucking weird. LOL

    Photo 31, though. Great Zeus! He’s beautiful.

  • FredinMotul

    It is so excited to hear about all the ways Travon’s life has changed for the better. For him to be able to use Art to express his feelings must be so remarkable for him . Impossible to think of not so very long ago. Here’s hoping all that energy he used to expend acting out is all channeled into his artistic adventures and loving his truly remarkable Dads and Extended Family ! Wonderful news men!

    Oh yes, and a fine Post as well.

  • Jingle

    Some awesome videos over on the Tumblr side…

    The one that mentions me in the caption is nasty!!… And I mean that in the best possible way!! 🙂

    The bottom looks quite familiar to me!! Perhaps we’ve had pics of him in “Trash” or “Unruly” posts?!?!

    In any event, given the opportunity, I’d fuck the shit out of him!! 😉

  • Denny

    What a SEXY post!!! The intensity in ALL of those faces just triples and quadruples the twitches in my britches as I enjoy the hell out of each pic !!!

    If I HAD to pick just one, it would be #28, with that teasing tongue and squeezing hand – his partner must be groaning with pleasure.

    A follow up to him would be #16, looking up so hopeful that the owner of that big fat cockhead was truly satisfied with all his deep throating.

    I had the warm fuzzies as I read about Travon. What an awesome gift your son has!!! When I got to the part about the little black boy sitting alone in the corner, I felt like I’d just been sucker punched in the gut. I truly did not see that one coming. I was hoping that Travon, at 6 years old, had at least a couple more years before having to face that most despicable of loathsome inequities in this country.

    Keon and Rick, is there anyway Ben could get the art teacher to release Travon’s art work to him, just for a day, so he could pass them along to you, on the pretext of showing you, in front of your son, how well he is doing in art class.

    Of course, the sad drawing would be included, and maybe you could ask Travon who that little boy is, sitting all alone and feeling sad. He can express it in a drawing – maybe if you sit him between you on the couch, he might be able to express it to his dads, the two people Travon KNOWS love him more than anyone else in the world.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Keon and Rick. Love you guys.

  • Jingle

    And still more great new vids over on the Tumblr side!!

    Would I help the Big bundle clean up??… Is that even a question?!?! 😋

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