It’s Saturday, bitch. Here come the Unrulybois!

7 comments to It’s Saturday, bitch. Here come the Unrulybois!

  • bw

    OK you experts – is that my sweet Jimmy getting railed on No 4? But for me, the choice today is easy -I’ll just join the two furry-assed lads in No 45 and help wash their backs. But if they are taken, then I’ll substitute for the cutie in No 44 getting a reward for a job well done. Nice way to start what I hope is a slow quiet Sunday.

    • Roberto

      Yes, bw, #4 is a scene from Behind the Big Top featuring your Jimmy boy and Josh Long, who is perhaps my all-time favorite porn beauty! 🙂 And you know me — I share your enthusiasm for the furry-assed lads in #45 and the special reward in #44! 😉


    • Roberto

      Hell, yeah, the lad on the right in #45 is perfect for me!

  • Brad

    Some excellent examples of unruliness… 😉 Here are my top unrulybois: 2, 4, 11, 15, 45, 46, and 47!

    My Unrulyboi of the Week goes to #46. He’s got his balls stretched, has a cock ring on, either has a heavy gauge PA or a sounding rod in, plus he is suctioning his nipple while he is fisting himself, and if that’s not enough, he is doing all of this with his roommate in the room looking at a computer screen! Wow!

    Thanks for another awesome set of unrulies, David and Ben!

  • Larry

    It’s not porn. It is performance art. Brad beat me to the commentary on # 46. How many years did it take him to stretch his balls that far?

    I would like to go for a drive with # 3.

  • Roberto

    Guys, thank you so much for pics #2 and #20!! Fucking delicious hairy male pits getting some well-deserved tongue work! YUM!! Especially love the first couple!

    Larry once again brought attention to the artistic merit of your posts and I’m gonna elect #40 as the most artistic pic in this collection — look at the pattern of that cumshot in the air! —, not to mention it’s so incredibly HOT!

    More irresistible cum in #6, #10, #22, #24 (WOW!), #28 (yeah, boy, don’t miss any drop!) and #44! YUM again!!

    Am I also seeing some cum on that glistening cock in #41? Anyway, fantastic story pic!

    In #1, it’s the guy getting sucked for Jingle and the sucker for me — has anyone noticed how often this happens?

    Hey, #23 is a great butt selfie and the young top in #14 is already damn good at multitasking! 😉 Oh, wait, bearded beauty #11 is also multitasking — he can’t resist his nasty crazy hot furry buddy’s cock and hole and has to enjoy both at the same time! And #43 needs me to “multitask” him!

    #5 can finish pissing and let his cock grow in my mouth, whereas #9 can skip that part and fuck my mouth right after pissing. By the way, pisser #25 is a hot cutie, and so is #21!

    I think you all know I really fancy the action in #17!

    Awesome view of the bottom’s entire body (legs and arms open) in #36! Thinking of a threesome, the real dudes in #33 look so inviting!

    I remember mischievous boy #48 (does his tattoo indicate he was born in 1993?) and welcome him back!

    True living room parties in #7, #29 and #32, but the boys in the last pic should rather play one another!

    Ah, #15, you’re the cutest in the set and totally my type… but why did you have to shave your gorgeous thick cock? #16 and #38 are tough competitors… but in the end I guess I’ll pick inked and hairy-assed #34 as my Unrulyboi of the Week! I really wanna shove my cock into his hole!! 😛

    Thanks for another outstanding unruly post, guys!!

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