It’s Saturday, bitch. Time for some hungry Unrulybois!

9 comments to It’s Saturday, bitch. Time for some hungry Unrulybois!

  • Jingle

    Like Campbell’s soup, this post is “Mmm… Mmm… Good” 🙂

    Being a dedicated cocksucker myself, outside of a little wistful envy, I gotta tell you I LOVE each & every image!!

    And remember my friends/brothers/lovers; you may be on your knees, but you got ’em by the balls!! 🙂

    • ray

      Never tried Campbell’s soup, but it must be delicious!


    • Larry

      There’s a saying I love. I hope I can remember it.

      Deep throating is easy for some and not easy for some of us. I prefer to suck small ones so I can deep throat without gaging.

      • bw

        They say you can train your gag reflex but I don’t think it applies in my case – I may not suck you down to the balls but I’ll do a hell of a job on the first few inches. The big ones are fun to look at and play with, but give me a nice ‘average’ one and I’ll be happy.

  • Bill S

    Not one cock in sight. But you KNOW THEY’RE THERE!!!

    I like #7 & #14 — let’s get a buzz cut! (-;


  • Roberto

    Well, there’s one pic that jumped off the screen for me: #24!! Stunning action, stunning fellas, and the sight of that furry ass is just mesmerizing, fucking arousing!! WOW!!!

    Whether pics #3 and #43 are real or porn, those dudes are certainly among the highlights of the set! And the pic that I believe to be real, namely #25, is definitely awesome!!

    #4 looks deliciously raw and unruly!! #7, for its part, is the most original: the dude is deepthroating and getting a buzzcut at the same time! How neat is that? 😉

    Close-up pics #5, #22 and #31 also stand out to me, and I guess the first one is the best!

    Love to see them eating and/or sniffing pubes, as in #15, #18, #26/33 (mmm, those hairy balls!), #30, #36, #37, #38 and #45! And of course I enjoy the pit views in #20 and #47, especially in the latter!

    The sucker’s face and chest, the other guy’s hairy junk, torso, ink — everything looks so beautiful in #29!! The guys in #6 also caught my eye!

    For sure the outdoor punishment in #41 will only get better and better!

    Boys, the 69 in #32 is the icing on the cake! What a view!!

    Talk about a mouth-watering post!! 😉

    • Roberto

      You guys remember the taint post and those ridge lines? As I said back then, the line continues… and hairy #28 has a quite visible one on his sack! Tim, you shouldn’t miss it! 😉

  • Brad

    Sucking cock can be “quick and dirty” (#40) or long and sensuous (#35), and deep-throating is an important part of each. Here are my favorite “face-fuckers” 3, 8, 14, 34, 35, and 40.

    My Dude/Pic of the Day is #35…Just love the look of his face. He is very attentive to his partner, as any good cock suck should be… 😉

    I agree with Jingle’s last statement…There ought not to be shame placed on those who kneel and take another man is his mouth!

    Thank you, David and Ben, for an outstanding unruly set of pics!

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