It’s Saturday, bitch. Time for some Unruly breeders!

Yesterday, our blog Chairman “Beto” commented, saying:
“Ben & David, I’d like to request a breeding post. No hurry. ?”
In reply, our buddy “Brad” commented:
“I love your suggestion for a breeding post! There’s nothing better than skin-to-skin contact between men… ?”
So… it’s Unrulyboi Saturday… and, we ask you… what could possibly be more unruly than hot boys breeding? Gotta love it. YUM!
(We’ll let Roberto explain the meaning of (and reason for including) #48 🙂

8 comments to It’s Saturday, bitch. Time for some Unruly breeders!

  • Roberto

    Gotta LOVE it indeed!! YUM, WOW, WHOA and FUCK to the nth degree, but no interjection can express how it feels to breed or get bred (just look at the faces on top #17 and bottom #19!), or how much I appreciate this outrageously scandalously insanely nasty freaking screaming hot collection!!!

    Bottom #24’s dripping cock and the jizz spread all over bottom #26’s body are mesmerizing!! You can tell how much they enjoyed the fuck!!

    #11 is an exemplary cream-filled hole!! Oh, my!!

    Fierce eye contact in #20!! #27, for its part, could be in a tender sex post: so wild and so intimate at once!! The bottom there looks oneiric, just like the top in #25!!

    So many fantastic leaks — one better than the other!! The cum is really flowing out in #8, and I fucking love it when it runs down the cock and/or balls, as in #1, #2, #18, #22, #31, #32, #33, #37, #42, #45 and #46!! By the way, look at how the cum has traveled from one hole to the other in #33 — AMAZING!!

    #29 is the best milkshake machine and service I’ve seen!!

    I knew you guys wouldn’t resist the temptation to include at least a couple of felching pics, and both #28 and #41 drive me totally crazy!!

    You guys remember Isaac Hardy, who was featured in the series post of January 11 and impressed you with his videos? He’s breeder #35, and the hairy-assed, utterly yummy beauty is Asher Hawk. One of my favorite pics for sure!!

    Thank you a zillion for this dream post, guys!!! You ROCK!!! 🙂

    • ray

      Much as I like this post, it would be incomplete without your detailed comments!

      Thank you for commenting and thanks to David and Ben for posting!


  • Roberto

    As for #48: “I like those hugs that wrap me, tie me and make me present” — hopefully this is decent enough to convey the lovely double entendre of the source text. 😉 I have no clue where you found this, but I can say it feels like I’m getting a really special hug — or, better, two!! 😉 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, boys!

    Ah, I mentioned #26, but let’s not forget about bottom #40, who also had a tremendous cum bath!! 🙂

    Again, thank you so very much!! No doubt this goes to my list of favorite URD posts ever!!
    Wrapping hugs,

    • unrulyadmin

      That’s EXACTLY what we had in mind. When you requested a “breeding” post, we wanted to make it special… and we’d been saving this quote for just such an occasion. We were thinking that “hugs that wrap me, I snared and this makes me,” sounded like a very intense hug between lovers. That’s the message we wanted to send you… our dear, very special friend.

      • Roberto

        Guys, your kind gesture couldn’t be more appreciated!! I have you as my dear and very special friends too!! 🙂

        The translation you found… well, the word play is totally lost there, but it did give you the right impression about the nature of the hug. 😉

        Thank you so much for your special message!!

  • Kent

    There’s nothing hotter than guys in heat for breeding, getting bred, and then leaking that hot seed from their hole. I clicked on your ‘Raw Fuck’ tag to discover your other ‘breeding’ posts and all these posts are super hot! It would be fun to see more posts like this.

    A few years ago I shared some breeding pics with my close friend. He remarked that none of the guys were wearing a condom. I replied that you can’t very well -breed- a boy if you’re wearing a condom; otherwise it’s just fucking.

  • Brad

    I am so glad this post is on the weekend, so I can take my time and enjoy each one… 😉 Beto’s comments mirror my thoughts, so I will let his words speak for me… 🙂

    I do want to make some additional observations: #27 shows Armond Rizzo breeding Austin Chandler (This is a still from a video by Lucas Entertainment). (The video is one of my favorites!) Austin breeds Armond in the video, too… 😉 There are equally hot stills of Austin’s cum leaking out of Armond’s hole, which I think we have previously seen in a URD post.

    I am amazed by the amount of cum in #26 and 46. These guys must have abstained for a few days, were super excited, or both…whichever it was, I am glad it was recorded for us to enjoy and for posterity… 😉

    Although I believe there’s nothing better than skin-to-skin contact between men, I would remiss if I didn’t add this cautionary note. One’s health and well-being is much more important, so protect yourself against STDs! There are options to protect yourself while enjoying bareback sex… 🙂

    Now, I am going to spend my Sunday afternoon with this set of pics…What a way to end a weekend! Thanks, David and Ben!

  • bw

    I used to feel guilty about liking this stuff, but with testing, PrEP and in the worst case, effective treatments for HIV, I don’t feel a bit guilty. If I watch porn, this is what I watch.
    I like all of these, but Beto’s No 35 is my favorite – a hairy hole adds to an already erotic act. This is an excellent post!

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