It’s trash day, bitch. It ain’t gonna haul itself out!

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  • Jingle

    Another great Treasure filled Trash pile!!

    Found my Diamond in the Rough from the git… Oh yeah, it’s crazy hot #2!! I’ll play with that plug a bit… Then replace it with my tongue, and eventually my dick!!

    I must confess to a few distractions… Poppered #1, selfie #15, park denizen #24, happy #24, and bangin’ hot #39 and #41 would all be welcum to stop by!! 🙂

    Stand-up dudes #4 and #23… WOW!!
    Pic #14 is fucking fantastic!!
    To rockin’ hot #17… Calm down, sir!! Or I won’t blow you… And ain’t that why you stopped by??
    Would love to see what #25 lead to!! BOTH dudes are blazin’ HOT!!
    WTF is goin’ on in #30??
    Hey Beto, that’s our Ty getting sucked in #32!!
    The dude getting blown in #45 is rockin’ hot!! And I love his earrings!! 🙂 haha
    Who wouldn’t want to work out with hot #46??

    OK, I gotta go… My #2 and I will check in with y’all later!! 🙂

    • Roberto

      Yep, our Ty is back! As for super erotic pic #25, I think the first dude (right nipple pierced) is the amazingly hot fella that appeared twice in the multitasking post a while back!


  • The New Flops Boy

    One man’s trash…!

    Love and Merry Christmas!

    XO FFB

  • Larry

    My eye is drawn to the w/s boys 14, 21 and 29. While I don’t particularly like to drink it, I love getting golden showers.

    I also loved 20 displaying his hole on the kitchen table.

    My fav for the day is hunky uncut 46 who doesn’t look trashy to me at all.

    I am going up to Chicago for Christmas and will be gone for a couple of days so let me wish everyone a Marry Christmas today. I truly enjoy belonging to this friendly community. Special good wishes to Ben and David (and Dub) for sharing your lives with us,and taking time to blog every day. Have a great day Friday with your first Christmas with Dub and the wedding.


  • Denny

    Oxymoron Man strikes again – cuz what we have here is a lot of First Class trash.

    I always make a quick run-thru to see if any one pic jumps out at me. And there he was – #41 – my Dude of the Day. What a fucking HOT hunka hunka burnin’ love!! Kinda makes me wanna straddle him naked and pry his mouth open with my tongue, and suck his tongue down my throat. Do ya think he’d get the idea where we were going?
    I also have some bad thoughts about what I’d do to #11. Use your imagination and you know exactly what I’m thinking. 😉

    #16 is a No hair Don’t care for me. Gawd he’s HOT! Larry, I thought you’d be snapping him up. He’s got a pretty patch of pubes atop that pretty dick. It’s the size of dick that makes you wanna try to shove ALL his junk in your mouth at once, before he gets too hard.

    #17 is an enticing macho dude, looking very sexy with just one nip showing and one finger showing you what he wants. Jingle, between the 2 of us, do you think we could teach him a thing or two? Ride ’em, Cowboy!!

    Larry, have a Merry Christmas in Chicago. We’ll keep a light on for ya. Maybe even save you a young smooth twink or two. 😉

    Dub must be bouncing off the walls by now. I know you guys have everything planned out for the Big Day so you can enjoy it with no worries. And no matter what’s going on at any given time, Dub is going to feel the spotlight is on him. Cuz he’s 3. And that’s how 3 year olds roll. It’s all good.

  • Brad

    Treasures are everywhere this week…Santa must have come early… 😉 These pics caught my eye…4, 11, 19, 25, 39, and 41! Denny and I agree again on the “Dude of the Day” (#41)…Gotta love his face fur… 😉 (I picture his whole body being just as furry!)

    I think #4 is a perfect candidate for a lunch hour quickie… 😉

    Love #11’s furry chest and face…nice when cuddling!

    #19 needs to learn some tips from the guys in #25 about proper toilet behavior…always bring a friend… 😉

    #39 needs to lose the shoes and show us his hairy chest…right, Beto?!

    I concur with Larry’s comments…URD is a fun and welcoming blog, and that’s because of the work that David and Ben have done… 🙂 Thanks, guys!

    I want to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

  • Roberto

    Aside from one poor choice, an awesome post with several treasures!

    I’m getting a clear message from #18’s lengthy cock: “Have a sit!”. Those furry legs just add to the temptation… And #9’s cock is not less inviting!

    Brad, I’m imagining some stand-up sex with rocking hot #4 and 19 and all sorts of fun with hairy, crazy hot #11 and 39…

    Dudes #5, 16, 17 and 34 — oh, yeah! But I’ll pick a crazy hot dude who wasn’t mentioned by my friends: #42!

    Sucking pics #13, 32, 40, 45 and 47 are all fantastic and the fucking in #37 is great, but I guess my favorite action pic is #8!


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