It’s white trash Tuesday. Haul it out, bitch!

5 comments to It’s white trash Tuesday. Haul it out, bitch!

  • Bill S

    Pick #32 is SO funny! And what a cutie!!!

    There’s a post idea — Laugh-out-loud funny pictures of cuties! (-:


  • bw

    No 19 is hot – a rare fuzzy blonde. And no 20 made me laugh-he seems perplexed about that huge metal thing clamped on his balls. And No 39 is welcome to check my AC or whatever it is he does.

    • Jingle

      I could not agree with you more!!

      Furry blonds like #19 always have such soft body hair!!
      As for #20, how does a nice dorky guy even know what a ball weight is?? haha
      And yes, Brandon (#39) is welcome to service me, or be serviced by me, any day!!

  • Jingle

    Picking up the trash can be soo much fun!! 🙂

    #3 is rockin’ hot!! As are #8, 14 & 42!!
    Love a dude freeballing in sweats like selfie #5 & #35!! Funny that both these guys are needlessly calling our attention to the obvious!!
    Oh #7… sorry about your penis!! heehee
    #9 & #37… any dude in plaid gets my vote!!
    #11 & selfie #48 look like fun, happy, laid-back new age hippies!! 🙂
    FCCO #21 is tall, dark & handsome!! Damn fine junk, too!!
    Loves me some beefy, hunky #22!!
    Short-alls #29?? Ah… not since the early Eighties!! haha
    If I stumbled upon #34, you know damn well I’d be on my knees!! If was in the car with #40, he’d be getting a hummer!!
    Oh look, bangin’ hot #36 is putting a little extra protein in his protein shake!! I have a gym-rat buddy that does that all the time!! Sometimes he shares!! heehee
    Selfies #41 & 45… Two variations on a theme!! 🙂
    The cocksucker in #46 is crazy hot!!
    Pic #47 is awesome!! Trashy AND Unruly!!

    Great post!!

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