I’ve been a little concerned about getting a gift for Angie from Dub – because of the time it’ll take to get to her with customs and all. So, this afternoon, I told David I thought we needed to take Dub shopping. He was busy trying to wrap up a contract with one of his biggest customers – and asked if I’d mind talking Dub. So I did.
I had absolutely no idea what we would get for her – so we went to Macy’s – thinking that they have pretty much everything. When we got there, I showed him some scarves I thought she might like… but he was unimpressed. So we looked at some gloves… and then some coffee mugs and ball point pens. Dub wasn’t interested. Finally, I asked him if he had any ideas about what he’d like to get his Mom. His eyes lit up and he flashed me this huge grin and said, “Jullree”!
A little background. Most mornings, Dub and the pups come and jump in bed with David and me. One of the first times he did that, he pointed to my nipple piercings and said, “Whas dis?” I said, “It’s jewelry.” Then, he looked at the gold cross pendant around my neck and said, “Whas dis?” I told him it was jewelry – and that it’s something guys sometimes get when they’re all grown up. He seemed satisfied with the answer and that’s the last time he mentioned it. So I was surprised when he said he wanted to get his Mom “Jullree.” But… we headed to the jewelry counter. We walked around looking at stuff in the glass cases and then, Dub stopped, pointed and said, “Get dis!” He was pointing at a pretty little gold cross on a small gold chain that I figured was expensive. A nice young lady came over and showed it to us – and, of course it was on sale… and Dub said, “How much dis?” I looked at the price tag, smiled at the girl and said, “It’s four dollars.” Dub pulled his little bag of money out of his coat pocket and laid it up on the counter (which was taller than him). I winked at the sales girl – picked him up and we counted out four dollars. I handed the money (and my Macy’s charge card) to the girl and she got us a receipt and asked if we wanted it gift-wrapped. Dub didn’t know what that meant, so we told him. He thought about it – looked at the girl – and said, “No. I gotta show my other dad.” So, she put the pendant in a shopping bag, along with a little gift bag and some tissue paper – and we were off.
Dub was so excited – and couldn’t wait to get home to show his gift to David. As far as I know, it’s the first time I’ve ever not been truthful with the little dude… but if you could have seen the look on his face…

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  • ray

    Dub instinctively knew what was the right gift for his mom. I love this story as much as the pics!
    Each of these guys is attractive enough to make me overlook the jewelry he wears, but stunning # 27, # 33 and # 43 are the best for me.
    Ben, thanks for telling us about your shopping excursion, I suppose there will be more in the following days?


  • Roberto

    Love the story! Ben, things are all relative and lies like that do no harm — actually, they can do good, as in this case! But the best part was him saying he had to show the gift to his other dad — that’s the best gift he can give you guys, right from the bottom of his heart. It’s spontaneous and priceless.

    Love the post as well! Latin guys wearing neck jewelry? I certainly relate to that. 🙂 And my jewel among all the hotties here is #15! Yeah, that’s my delicious bushy boy!

    I share Ray’s enthusiasm for #27 and 33 and add #5, 14/42, 18/40, 28 and 32 to my list of favorites.

    Thank you, Ben & David, for everything that you share with us!

  • Bill S


    These touching moments with Dub are priceless.

    A lot has happened in a short time. Last year, who knew that one day I would be checking “a porn blog” to find myself getting teared up!

    Lord, I love you guys and URD ! ! !


  • bw

    Another Dub story that made me get teary eyed – I really am becoming an old softie. But his selection came from his heart – and his mother will treasure it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Denny

    What a touching story. Ben!!

    I wonder how old Dub will be when he relives this event, and realizes that *nothing* costs 4 dollars at Macy’s !! 😉 Do you think he selected a cross and chain because that’s what his Unca Ben wears?

    One good thing about jewelry – it is easy to wrap and will easily fit into a padded envelope you can buy at the post office. You may want to pay a little extra for tracking on the package if Angie is in Mexico now.

    My fave in this array of Latino beauties is #11. No hair, but beautiful latino men can easily make one forget all those non essentials. Look what just accidentally slipped out of his shorts!! 😉

  • Larry

    Great story. Ben, you are so wise for a young man.

    I have some things I must get done today, so I will study the post later. My quick reaction is WOW. I want them all.

  • Brad

    Years from now Dub, David, and you will remember this story as one of those moments that makes life so wonderful! I am betting when Dub has his own kid(s), he will do the same thing… 😉

    As for the photos, I like them a lot! I wear several pieces of jewelry myself, some traditional (e.g., necklace & rings) and some nontraditional (i.e., a nipple ring, a PA, & cock rings), so I can relate to some of these guys… 😉 Here are my favorites: 19, 28, 30, 32, 33, and 43.

    I can see #19 at one of Jingle’s parties, and I would love to tease his cock by tugging on that big PA… 😉

    Always enjoy seeing naked selfies of guys, and by the looks of it, #28 has had some fun, too!

    The guys in #30, 33, and 43 have the “bad boy” look and could make me into a bad boy pretty quickly… 😉 (Beto, did you see #43’s tattoo? 😉 )

    Today, my top choice is #32! Someone to cuddle with (kinda resembles my husband… 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing your shopping story and for some outstanding photos, Ben!

    • Roberto

      Oh, I hadn’t noticed the inscriptions on his body, so thank you for the heads-up, Brad! 🙂 You have an eye for Brazilians, don’t you? 😉 By the way, believe it or not, Anderson is a relatively common first name here.

      So, we also share a taste for neck jewelry — cool! I’ve been using a neck chain similar to #47’s with a skull pendant for quite a while — don’t even remember when was the last time I took it off. How about your necklace? And how many rings do you wear?

      Your husband looks like #32? With all due respect, send him a big ‘WHOA!’ 😉

      Abração, amigo!

      • Brad

        I am glad I helped you find a fellow Brazilian guy… 😉 I guess since I have several Brazilian friends, I know how sexy they are… 😉 I like “Anderson” as a name!

        I have always worn a necklace since my teens. I am currently wearing an Australian surfer necklace with lucky horseshoe pendant. My rings are my wedding band and a pinkie ring. I wear my jewelry 24/7, too.

        My hubby has similar facial features, especially beard and mustache and a similar furry chest… 😉 (He doesn’t wear caps, though.) I am very lucky to be married to a fabulous man!

        Good night, meu amigo!

  • Fred in Motul

    What a great story! You guys are doing it right. Angie is in Mexico, right? Are any of her family visiting her over the Holidays? If so, no issues with one of them taking it in their luggage. We use FEDEX all the time. As long as you have a street address, it will get there. I would recommend it be in a sturdy card, rather than a box. Insure the crap out of it. Customs here in Mexico may or may not whack her with a Duty. With the season, they are overwhelmed, so a small envelope may just go right through with no issue or fees. We also have had great luck with International Priority US Post Office delivery. Both are well tracked, and can be insured. Make a copy of the receipt for Customs to keep.

    Terrific post. Many Jewels to be seen! Thanks.


  • Fred in Motul

    PS Love the Latin Flavor to this post. I see guys like these all the time here and I still get excited. Mostly clothed, but when at the beaches, sometimes there are wardrobe failures that can be most entertaining! The other day while walking on the beach, we looked up at a ruined beach front home and saw a guy being serviced on the porch. They thought they were hidden from view, and they were, from the road and nearby parking lot, but not the beach. They were too much into each other to notice us, and we did not shout, point or yell, just passed by, wishing we were that young again, and continued to enjoy our day in the sun, at the beach in December.

  • Anthony

    Dub is too cute for words 😀 When he gets older this moment will make you all laugh 🙂

    Now on to these cute, sexy, handsome, HOT dudes!

    I’m with Beto on #s 15, 18/40, and 28. Doesn’t #28 remind you all of Robert Downey Jr.??

    #35 has a pretty dick on top of being cute/hot.

    Love this post!

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