“Just an April fool”?

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. I enjoyed Ben’s recent “mono pits” post so much that I decided to do one myself. Whether hairy – or not so much – ain’t nothin’ better than a dude’s pits!

I know a lot of people have been offended by “Dr. Oz’s” appearance as a guest host on Jeopardy. I can understand that. On the other hand, I think “Dr. O” may be onto something. I mean… if the conversion therapies he’s promoted on his t.v. show can change a homosexual dude into a straight one… I’m thinking maybe they could change a black dude into a white one. That’s pretty exciting. Heck. I wouldn’t mind being white for a change. Maybe I’ll become a republican? Or maybe “Dr. O” is just a money grubbing huckster and I’m an April fool 🙂 xoxo Keon (and Rick)

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  • Jingle

    So beautiful, artistic, erotic, sexy, hot, and fun!! And that’s no fooling!! 🙂 🙃

    My eyes went immediately to Big Boy #7, but I’m quite sure that there will be others that melt my butter!! 😋

    Back later to thoroughly enjoy another fine collection!!…

  • Bill S

    Keon, you’ve got me LMAO! Thanks!!! LOL


  • Denny

    Haha – you had me going there, Keon – for about 12 1/2 seconds! I thought maybe you had *smoked* your breakfast – 😉 Happy April Fools Day!!!

    Looks like #17 and #36 just found out Oz was gonna be hosting Jeopardy. And then…THEN – they went over and told #1, who just lost it. !!!

    All these hairy dudes are so hot, it’s almost cruel to have to choose a favorite. I could narrow it down to #30 and #33. But then, I GOTTA have #42, with his hairy, perky nips – and those cock-suckin’ lips!!!

    BEAUTIFUL post, Keon!! Thank you!! I’ll be back often for more hot peeks!!

    Now I’m ready for Aaron Rodgers next week as Jeopardy guest host. So is #11. HE couldn’t even WAIT until next week!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • Denny

    Newsflash from thejeopardyfan.com –

    As of next season, Jeopardy consolation prizes of $2000 & $1000 (in effect since May 2002), are being increased to $5000 & $3000.

  • FredinMotul

    Excellent Post Keon! You have gotten together a fine group of men here. I know I will be coming back several times to get the “Full Experience.” Thanks so much.

    HMM. Dr. Oz. Very special place in Hell for that lying sack of excrement. It is a mystery how these Snake Oil Specialists get such prominent places to peddle their crap. I disliked him early on and did not even know he had endorsed Conversion Therapy. What a crock of Poo! What can be said? Jeopardy will survive him and move on to better things.

    Trust that you all are Happy, Healthy and Safe up there. We find ourselves having to be advocates for the local Government to get their stuff together for Vaccine #2 in a timely fashion. With the attention going to the larger cities in the Yucatan now, us smaller Populations must wait, but they promise not too long. Be Well All!!

  • ray

    Keon, thanks for this beautiful post! By the way, straight to gay seems much easier than the contrary…


  • Jingle

    Sorry I didn’t get back to these fine men yesterday!! I was busy with a real one!! 😉

    This morning, still half asleep, I meant to have another gander at #7, but actually clicked on #15!! 😃 WOW!!

    Imagine having both of them on the couch, toggling back and forth, til they both nut!! Dang!!

  • Roberto

    WOW, best April 1st post EVER!!! Absolutely STUNNING and OVERWHELMING collection, Keon!! Thank you so much, hugely appreciated!!

    When I read “hairy – or not so much”, I thought you had included a bunch of shaved pits, but for my delight this is packed with all-natural pitlicious dudes! So many of them are driving me equally crazy that my praising comments would eventually become redundant!

    This joins my list of top posts of 2021!

  • mahtinp

    I’m loving your jokes at the end there. Disappointed in Dr. Oz as a host, and generally just in him as a person. These hosts are supposed to be intelligent, respected people, and Dr. Oz doesn’t fit that bill for the diverse fanbase of Jeopardy.

  • BobbyB

    Rral Men🎭Delicious

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