Just nothin’ better than curling up with a good book!

We received an e-mail a while back from our friend, “Brad,” who made this suggestion:
“I know you get many requests from your followers and can’t possibly honor all of them. You were kind enough to take a suggestion of mine, and I thank you for that post! I have a second, somewhat unusual, request — “Men and Books.” I am attaching a few photos that fit this theme. All of these photos were taken from other blogs. Thanks again for your excellent work on “Unruly! Brad”
David and I both loved the idea and – with a lot of help from Brad (he supplied about 1/3 of these pics) – here are some bookish boys we think it’d be fun to curl up with! Thanks for a great idea and all the pics you sent, Brad. Couldn’t have done this one without you!

8 comments to Just nothin’ better than curling up with a good book!

  • bw

    Many of these lads are cute and fuzzy – otters and cubs must be pretty intellectual. Please send No 1 to my house for a visit….

  • Brad

    Thanks for the kind words, Ben & David! I am happy I could help out with this post. I hope others will enjoy this theme (& these photos) as much as I do…They say the largest sex organ is the brain. It looks like several of these guys are “exercising” their other organs, too… 😉

    Thanks again for taking my suggestion and turning it into an outstanding post! I see some pics that I will be adding to my own collection… 😉 .

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Brad, Meant to mention – if you have a blog of your own, we’d be happy to link to it and share it with our buds here on URD.

      • Brad

        Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have a blog now. Maybe, some time in the future… For now, I enjoy following URD and other blogs… 😉

  • Bill S

    I really like this post and I really like the idea — wish I had made the suggestion! So a big THANK YOU Brad!!!

    I DO have one complaint though: Now I MUST enlarge each picture because I am not going to let even one pic go by without knowing what he is READING!!!

    How much free time do you think I have? LOL


  • Jingle

    What a fun & clever post!! AWESOME idea, Brad!! Thank you soo much for sharing with us!!

    #2!! Who knew the Atlas could be so stimulating!!
    The military dude in #10 is rockin’ hot!! (Notice his buddy in the background doing the ironing??)
    LOVES me some big, beefy, pierced #17!! Love his big low-hangers, too!! Anybody know what library he hangs out in??
    There’s something about #19… I’d almost feel guilty distracting him!! heehee
    Hmm… I wonder what else #20 can do with his feet & toes?? 😉
    Damn, I just wanna lick #21’s balls!!
    #22 is crazy hot!!
    Love #25’s headboard!! But I gotta admit, seeing those dirty feet on crisp white sheets made me cringe!!
    #31 is great!! What a bad boy!! heehee
    Behind those glasses and under that gauzy shirt, #38 is a hunk!! As is #44!!
    I like #39’s Ankh tattoo!!
    Wish we could see the faces in #41 & #48… what we can see is damn fine!!
    Well isn’t #46 Inspirational!! haha

    But at the end of the day, it’s badass #29 I like best!! I’m guessing his book is more pictures than text!! haha

    Thanks again, Brad!! Thanks URD!!

  • ray

    Great idea, great post, thanks, guys!

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