Just totally bubblicious!

7 comments to Just totally bubblicious!

  • Jingle

    Dee-lightful!! 🙂

    And lots of TJM!!

    WOW!! WHEW!!! WHOA!!!!

    Where do I start??…

  • bw

    I’ve got to go to work, but this has me all worked up. I’ll be thinking about no 7 all day….And No 24 has that bubble butt squeezed into jeans never meant for that kind of strain. BTW, No 17 is Chris Crocker again – two days in a row.

  • Roberto

    #1 stunned me right away and then came a multitude of stunning dudes and butts!! It’s one freaking bubblicious fella after the other!! And so many hairy asses!

    #7/36 — what to say about irresistible Tegan Zayne? His furry ass sure drives me totally crazy! Anthony, where are you?! 😀

    bw confirmed what I said yesterday about Chris Crocker and here the guy’s hole is shaved (#3/17), but I still wanna dive into it!

    #6 is so deliciously real!

    I’d like to find out how wild #14 and #31 get in the wild…

    #26 could be a postcard!

    #29 is really begging for it — perfect pose to get slammed!

    #33 is such a beautiful boy!

    Besides the butt view, I love the pit view in #37!

    To explore a forest like #39’s is a uniquely exciting adventure!

    Pic #43 is a longtime favorite of mine!

    I think both Brad and I were pretty enthusiastic about #45 on another occasion, and for very good reasons — right, Brad? 😉 “Mexican parts” boy #38 is another one who had my full attention before!

    Now, should I keep my longtime unrulyboi #9 or choose among #1, #2, #11/19, #20 and #40? Hell, Jingle is right, there’s too much to enjoy!

    Super mouth-watering and cock-teasing post, guys!! Absolutely stunning work!!

  • Brad

    Jingle nailed again…Where to start with this collection? Most are my type and would be on my list… 😉 So, I am going to pick out some notables.

    First up is Sean Storm (#29/45). (Beto is correct, again… 😉 ) Sean always has been a favorite of mine, since I started watching gay porn because he is a similar build as me and loves cock and cum as much as I do… 😉

    Since I have tattoos are my butt, I always notice other guys’ and #38 is no exception…I like the “Mexican Parts” I see on him… 😉

    #18 has dreamy eyes, but appears “too perfect” to be a real guy. Perfect hair, flawless skin, perky butt cheeks…

    Because of Keon’s ginger post on Friday, I have a greater appreciation for redheads and therefore, I am selecting #13 as my Dude of the Day. After working his ass properly, I am rolling my ginger hunk over to have more fun on his front side… 😉

    Thanks for an outstanding set of pics, David and Ben!

    • Roberto

      Brad, I didn’t notice that #29 and #45 are the same dude — thanks for pointing that out and identifying him! 😉


      • Brad

        Glad to help out. I know Sean has several social media accounts. Here’s a link to his Twitter page https://twitter.com/seanstormxxx?lang=en (He posts naked pics and videos here… 😉 )

        Hope all is well for you as the Olympic Games wind down… 🙂


        • bw

          Sean Storm has been in the porn business forever – he’s in his early 40’s now but still looks like a kid (except for the furry chest and hairy hole). I guess he is a pretty good example of how effective HIV treatment is now.
          Speaking of the Olympics, I saw something funny today in the NBC recap- they were showing one of the gymnasts, and the crowds right behind her jumped up to cheer – a young lad in floppy Brazil basketball shorts was enjoying things because he had a big boner sticking straight out that he had to adjust. It lasted about 2 seconds and I’m probably the only pervert in the world who caught it.

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