“Keep calm and play guitar.”

My dad was an excellent singer and guitar player. He started teaching me to play when I was four or five – and gave me my first guitar when I was ten. I’m a decent player – but haven’t played since he died – until last night – and it felt good – like it made me closer to him.

8 comments to “Keep calm and play guitar.”

  • Jingle

    Awesome post!! And a little bitter-sweet for you… Thanks for doing this!!

    Loves me some grungy #4 & #47!! They both have beautiful cocks & balls!!
    #7’s clear acrylic guitar is cooler than the other side of the pillow!!
    Aww… #18 is adorable!!
    Love the tat on #19’s Right leg!!
    #21 is really quite handsome!! And hot!! Love his big balls!!
    I’ll bet cash money that #24/40 is Bill S’s favourite!! Am I right??
    I really like the beefy, fuzzy dude on the Right in #30!! Awesome ink, too!!
    Wish we could see more of #34… What we can see is damn nice!! I’m picturing something along the lines of my aforementioned #18!! ;^)
    OK, totally off topic, but check out the pottery on the shelves in the background of #35… That green pitcher has gotta be Folper!!
    Nice chord progression in #36/44!! 🙂 hahaha
    #38 is totally in my wheelhouse!!
    #39’s ass is amazing!! But the plastic deer head has to go!!
    Hey, #48 is Flea!!

    But my absolute favourite today is crazy hot #27!! LOVE his thick cock and quirky lop-sided low-hangers!! Rockin’ hot!! (Pun intended!!) 🙂

    Thanks again!! Had a lot of fun with this!!

  • Brad

    I must agree with Jingle…this is a great set of photos! I did not realize that guitars and naked men went together so well…;-) I have always admired and appreciated those who are musical (I can’t sing or play music very well.), but this post has given me another reason to appreciate the guitar and the guys who play it! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  • ray

    These are unusual photos, thanks for posting and for telling us about the sad background!

  • Bill S

    I’ve always thought bass players were the sexiest in the band. I’d really like to play the taut instruments presented here while I listen to their the music! Yum!


  • jordan

    It’s so nice to have those memories. Quite a lovely post, altho for me, all u had to do was post the very first pic #1, too damn hot.

  • Cory

    This is such a cool post. There are some really hot guys here. Thanks guys!!

  • The New Flops Boy

    Great post, babies!

    XO FFB

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