Let’s go to California.. Get Married.. Smoke Pot.. and Fuck!

8 comments to Let’s go to California.. Get Married.. Smoke Pot.. and Fuck!

  • The New Flops Boy

    I’m game!!! Is that a proposal? 😉

    XO FFB

  • Jingle

    Very sweet!!

    Given today’s theme, I guess it would be highly inappropriate to suggest a 3-way with #18?? haha
    You can clearly see the devotion in #22!!
    LOVE #32!! (Makes me think of myself & my best boy!!)
    #35 is rockin’ hot!! You can’t see below the waist… but you know what’s goin’ on!!
    #46 is strikingly beautiful!!

    Good stuff, babe!! Thank you!!

  • unrulyadmin

    IF it isn’t a proposal, it should be!!!

  • Lester Malizia

    My best guy and I both thank you This is terrific Guys loving all over each other is the best

  • Bill S

    I know that pot is legal in Washington State (1 oz or less, in private and over 21). I know that gay marriage is legal here too (even with the Feds. approval now). The most recent election in Colorado legalized pot there. But NOT gay marriage. I thought Washington was the only state that allowed both. California too?

    Anyway I am living here in Wash. St. So come up here and get married guys!!!! Buff — You’ve got my email address right? Love y’all. Bill XOXO

  • unrulyadmin

    I totally agree with Lester. Guys (boys, dudes, men) loving each other… and sharing a special committed bond… is a lovely thing!

  • unrulyadmin

    Bill… I didn’t realize that both gay marriage and smoking pot were legal in Washington State. Seattle is one of my favorite places in the whole World… and since it’s usually been raining when I was there… what could possibly be better than being in bed with your husband… smokin’ dope… and fuckin’ while listening to the rain on the roof? Sounds pretty much like heaven to me!! Oh… ummm… might add a glass or two of Pinot grigio to the mix.

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