Matty, Lissa, Chad and Raef. Plus… a look at some “average joes.”

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. Since everyone has been doing “Gay porn and kids” posts, I guess it’s “our turn in the barrel.” Alyssa and Mateo are doing great. They’re settled into their new rooms and are obviously happy kids. Matty’s language skills continue to improve. When we started fostering him, Spanish was his only language so he’s had to learn English – and, of course he’s learning French and ASL in school. It’s a lot for a little guy but he’s handling it well. He loves school, being with the other kids and playing with “Bud.”
Although there’s only about a year-and-a half difference in their ages, Lissa thinks she’s his mother and honestly, she does a pretty good job at it. She’s very mature for her age (we think because she lived with Miss Evelyn for so long) and she clearly has good maternal instincts. She and Bella are best buds and when they’re not together they’re usually texting.
I’m lucky because I’m with them at school all the time, but they’re both crazy about Raef… as he is about them.
So I guess that’s what’s going on with us. We keep following the situation with covid vaccine for kids and it’s looking like it may be available early to mid November, so we’re hoping for a big, mask-free Thanksgiving. Failing that, we think the entire “Table Rock gang” will be able to enjoy a mask-less Christmas – complete with the grandparents.
Thanks to David and Ben for these “average joes” pics. Raef’s gonna love ’em!
Hugs and best wishes for good health. Chad and Raef

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  • BobbyB

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  • Jingle

    Fucking outstanding collection!! I’m like a kid in a Candy Store!! Sooo many treats to savour and pick from!!…

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  • Denny

    Chad and Raef,

    Reading of the good life you are providing for both your kids makes me realize once again how lucky ALL the Table Rock kids are to have such loving parents who care so much about every aspect of their lives. How many kids with such rough beginnings are attending private school and loving the learning!

    I am so happy for Matty! He has a little sister who doubles as a mama (lol), his own room, Bud, and so many buddies his own age.

    Sounds like Lyssa isn’t missing Ms. Evelyn too much, which is pretty much a good thing. It’s great she has Bella to chat and text with.

    Thank you for this update, Chad. Who knew, when Rick first introduced you to the Table Rock Gang not that long ago, that you would be enjoying the happy life you have today!

    Thanks to David and Ben for these sizzlin’ pics! Like Jingle, there’s no way I’m gonna pick just one fave! I will be back for a closer look but right now, I got the twitches in my britches for yes, #1, but also #8, #19, and #45.


    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. How was the trip to P-town? Glad you’re back… hope it was awesome. Matt gave us a bit of a scare yesterday but 20 wins for $678k is pretty amazing. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the job Mike Richards is doing as host. Hate the idea of another string of guest hosts. It’s been more than two years since Alex announced he had pancreatic cancer. If you ask us, not being able to come up with a good, permanent host in two years just sort of screams “ineptitude” on Sony’s part.

      • Denny

        Hey Ben & David – we are still enjoying 75°-80° days in glorious Ptown. We leave Sat. the 18th. Doing all this on my phone. I gotta make time for my URD fix!! 😃 Matt is now 3rd highest all time winner in regular play, behind Ken J. and James H. and 5th highest if you include those with Tournament winnings. I’d been meaning to ask you what Dub thinks of Mike Richards.😄 Starting next week we have 3 weeks of M. Bialek which is fine but I really hate their returning to guest host trials. If Matt weren’t still the champ I’m not sure I’d still be watching Jeopardy. Like you, I’m hoping Matt goes on forever!


      • Denny

        With 23 days of Jeopardy play, Matt Amodio has accumulated winnings of $825,801. In the history of the game (since 1984), only 3 guys have won more, and their winnings are all over $2 million each. Wouldn’t you LOVE to see Matt reach $1 million…or more? 🙂

  • Bill S

    “Before and After” — #7 & #39 lol

    Thanks for the good-news update Chad! (-:


  • ray

    Chad, thanks for informing us, I am really happy that everyone is doing great! And what a post!


  • mahtinp

    Chad and Raef,
    Thanks for the update on your littles! Glad they are also doing well, but is Lissa younger than Matty? I lose track of their ages especially since they came to the gang at various times.

    David and Ben, This is titled an Average Joe’s post, but it was inconspicuously posted on a Tuesday lol.

    • Hi, Phil. I wasn’t very clear in my description of the kids, so I’ll have another “go” at it. When we started fostering Matty, he was a scared, undernourished little dude. He and his Mom had been running from the border patrol and I’m sure not eating regularly. When we started introducing him to a variety of good foods, he obviously didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know how to use silverware and wanted to eat everything with his fingers. We started working with him on it, but as Raef said, the most important thing was getting some good food in his belly. Lyssa is a little over a year older than Matty and, of course had been raised by Ms Evelyn – so she had impeccable table manners when she came to us. She didn’t say a word to Matty about his eating habits but started showing him how to eat properly. He’s a bright little guy and learned quickly. From there, it just sort of developed that Lyssa was helping him with a whole variety of things. He reacted really well and they’ve developed quite a bond. Maybe this will help to explain their relationship. xoxo Chad

      • Bill S

        Great detail — Thank you Chad!


      • mahtinp

        Thanks Chad for such a detailed reply! It’s such a testament to the nurturing environment y’all have provided for each one of these kids no matter what environment and paradigm they were in beforehand, and I’ve always found it an inspirational example. Therefore, just as this is gay porn and kids, it is also inspiration and porn, but not inspiration porn. LOL

        Much Love URD Gang

  • bw

    Thanks for the update – fortunately, Matty is still young enough that picking up new languages is fairly easy, and being fluent in 4 languages only improves his future.
    It’s rare that we have consensus, but it seems like a lot of us are taken with handsome No 1 with the beautiful fattie. I guess he’s an amateur but I’d sure like to see more of him – and out of those clothes.

  • Jingle

    Apropos of nothing, I learned something this morning!! Your left testicle is bigger than the right!!

    Has nothing to do if you’re right-handed or left-handed, or which side is dominant!! The left nut is bigger!! Period.

    Who knew?!?! 🙂 haha

  • ray

    I knew that in most cases it hangs lower than the right one, but I didn’t know it is bigger too!

  • FredinMotul

    So glad to have both Electricity and Internet back here at the house. A regional Power Outage hit us, and it was a mess for a while. So, after trying to catch up on emails and stuff, I finally got to URD today and what a wonderful post! The Men are amazing! I mean starting with #1 who is quite something!! But the really great part is the Update from Chad and Raef and their Matty and Lyssa. Both are very lucky to be with you guys. Congratulations on forming such a wonderful, loving family.

    Trust you all are well and avoiding the dreaded variants. All good here. Hoping for a quiet “Fall” now that Mexican Tourist Season is officially over. A whole lot less Visitors these days.

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