Meanwhile, “At the truckstop”

Our good buddy (and requester-in Chief), “Bill S” commented yesterday that he’d like a post titled ““AT THE TRUCKSTOP.” Sounds good to us – so here you go, babe. Only thing better than greasy ham, hash browns and eggs at the truckstop is some greasy dick at the truckstop!

It seems kind of strange – but not actually having sex for a couple of weeks may have been a good thing for Ben and me. We were both happy and excited when we got home yesterday afternoon – after getting a great report from my cardiologist and ordering our new bikes – so, naturally, we took a long shower together. Then, we piled in bed for sex. It lasted for a really long time – and ended with Ben fucking me gently – until I said, “I won’t break, baby – fuck me HARD. So he did – and, I’m pretty sure it was our best sex ever!

4 comments to Meanwhile, “At the truckstop”

  • Jingle

    Fucking phenomenal post!! GREAT idea, Bill!! Great execution!!

    I’ll bet the clothed dude in #2 didn’t stay clothed long!! haha The fucking couple are both hot!!
    The restroom in #6 looks a bit too lavish to be a truckstop…
    #7… WOW!!
    The piss play in #9, 16 & 40 is crazy hot!!
    I’d hop up in #10’s rig!! Or #35’s!!
    Ooh… I like #11’s big mushroom head!!
    #15 is how #5 got started!! haha
    Cute selfie #18 looks mighty proud of his pretty mess!! 🙂
    #19 is rockin’ hot!! Great tan-lines!!
    There’s something about #21…
    #24… WHOA!! That dude is insanely hot!!
    #28 may be kinda nerdy lookin’, but damn, that is one fine dick!!
    Pic #29 is great!! You could re-post him tomorrow with the Unrulys…
    Wouldn’t mind joining the dudes in #31!!
    I’m guessing neither #33 nor #41 had to wait long for a hook-up??
    Man, you could cut the tension #37 with a knife!!
    #38 & #46 are total hunks!!

    But my absolute favourite today is #36!! HOT pic!! HOT man!!


  • Alex

    I realized you had a muddog post with only cut dudes a while ago. I would like to request another muddog post (and possibly reviving muddog monday?) with only uncut dudes 😀

  • Bill S

    I thought that it would take you a while longer to put this together! It’s a GREAT post and sure brings back many memories. #12 even brings back some (rather bad) aromas! lol

    I think I remember seeing #11 before and that he’s an exhibitionist. I’d like to say THANKS buddy!!!

    Jingle — I thought you would say “#43 just cracks me up!”

    Thanks Buff-n-Ben!


    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Bill… This was easy. Just looked in our “truckstop” folder – and selected 48 pics. We’d been planning a “truckstop” post for a while. Guess maybe it’s dirty minds thinking together!

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