…meanwhile… in another vein…

On May 14th, our buddy “Beto” commented:
“Having spent quite some time admiring dream dude #48, I noticed his cock is quite veiny, which reminded me of the veined dicks post back from July 2015. Given the warm reception it had, may I suggest a second edition for sometime? Hugs, Beto.”
WOW! Can it really have been almost six years since we did a post of dudes with veiny dicks? While we think all dicks are beautiful… veined ones are, indeed intriguing. Thanks for reminding us, Beto!

We’ve been watching the “Tournament of champions” and think Jeopardy is fun again. We noticed that the next two guest hosts will be female (Mayim Bialik and Savannah Guthrie). You may recall that several months ago, Dub predicted the next permanent Jeopardy host would “be a woman.” UMMM.

7 comments to …meanwhile… in another vein…

  • FredinMotul

    Well Surprise! This awesome Post just popped up, so to speak. Most enjoyable! Thanks Men. May everyone’s week be going as well as ours here is. Quite. No Workers here and Zero Drama!! Love it!!! Be Well all!

  • Bobby b

    Big PHAT UnCut💋Dick

  • ray

    Love these mighty monsters! Thanks to Beto for the request and to URD for the realisation!

  • Denny

    After the 2 females you name here, the only female guest host remaining on Jeopardy is Robin Roberts.

    True, the permanent host could be female. It doesn’t have to be one who guest hosted.

    That said, I would NEVER second guess Dub. Yes…hmmm indeed…🤔

    I’ll be back later with more comments on this *luscious* post, but right now I am positively drooling over #42 – the veiny cock, the slurping tongue, and the intense, erotic expression all OVER the face of the happy sucker! 👅👅👅

  • Jingle

    While I don’t necessarily go ga-ga for a veiny cock, I wouldn’t turn a guy down just cuz he had one!! 🙂 🙃 haha

  • bw

    I’m sort of liking NO 11- the furry lad with the nice dick and a big ole fat vein right down the middle. Dicks are as unique as finger prints, but seems like big ones tend to be more veiny. On the other hand, Danny D, the Brit porn pup with one of the biggest dicks in porn, has a beautiful pink willy but the veins are not very prominent like these dudes here. But I like them all – regular, big, thick, slender, veiny, smooth…..

  • Bill S

    I want dick #15!!! Love his hair too! Wish I could see all of him though. And I love how so many men are admiring these cocks with their mouths, just like I would be!

    I don’t think any of the guest hosts are going to be offered the hosting job. I think
    it might be Ken Jennings (if he wants it). Or it might be a complete surprise! I bet the decision has already been made! There, that’s my two-cents-worth! (-;


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