…meanwhile… in the men’s rooms…

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  • Shane

    This picture reminds me of many youthful days spent playing in the men’s rooms. I almost miss those days. I might visit a park when the weather gets warmer to see what I can get into

    • Jingle

      I’m soo happy you mentioned the park… gives me the opportunity to share a story!! 🙂

      Back on 11 January, when David & Ben did the fantastic “Plaid” post, I pointed out a dude that resembled the “Cum Machine”; and mused whatever happened to him…

      Well, I can report he’s alive & well!! 🙂

      In spite of a fresh 3″ of snowfall, it was quite mild here yesterday, so on a whim, I took a spin through the park, and I spotted his work truck!! I parked my car, and walked a bit down a path, stopping by a large old Oak tree. I could hear his footfall behind me, crunching in the fresh snow… He stopped, and when I turned around, he already had his big, beautiful, Frenum-pierced cock out!! Without a word spoken, I dropped to my knees in the snow, and started sucking his awesome dick!! He came twice in rather rapid succession; then, in his insanely deep voice, he said, “I want some!” He dropped to his knees, and I stood up and pulled out my achingly hard cock, already oozing pre-cum… He sucked a load out of me, then muttered his usual, “I gotta get back to work!” He took a few a steps away, then stopped… turned back to me, cupped my face in his rough hands, and kissed me, hard & passionately!! He shot me a rare smile; said, “Til next time!”; and then strode off…

      The man never fails to surprise and thrill me!! 🙂

      • unrulyadmin

        WOW, babe. Hot, Hot, Hot! Sounds like your “cum machine” buddy has more than a casual interest in man-sex. We’re betting you’ll be checking the park pretty regularly – snow or not. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Brad

    A fantastic and eclectic “men’s room” post! There are twinks, daddies, tops, and bottoms, but all enjoy the voyeuristic nature of sex in a public toilet!

  • Jingle

    Nasty, raunchy, filthy, trashy, unruly post!!!!! And it ain’t even Tuesday or Saturday!!

    I’ll be back for a Second Look!! 🙂

  • The New Flops Boy

    Nasty, raunchy, filthy, trashy…I LOVE it!

    XO FFB

  • ray

    Memories from a time long gone by!
    Thanks, guys for this nostalgic post!


  • Jingle

    This is freekin’ awesome!!

    #2 and #45 are intensely, insanely HOT!!
    #4 is a pretty good example of what we hope is on the other side… and not Quasimoto!! 😉
    #6, 8, 10, 15 or 20… Oh hell yes!! Wouldn’t mind stumbling upon any of them!!
    #9 is hot, but it also looks like a nasty accident waiting to happen!!
    #12 is crazy hot!! So is the big-dicked cocksucker in #22!!
    Smokin’ hot #18/21 is a cocksucker after my own heart!! 🙂
    #18 and #39… Yummy!!
    Pic #24… WOW!! The bottom is crazy hot, and the top is a total stud!!
    Pic #26 is fantastic!!
    Wish we could see #31’s face… What we can see is damn nice!!
    #32 and #41 are rockin’ hot!!
    #35… Oh my!!

    Great post!! But it got me wondering about something… David, have gotten Ben to the Holes yet?? 😉

  • Bill S

    #37 is an intensely beautiful skater boy. And I love the camera-angle!
    I too thought about the fact that Ben had never even seen a glory-hole.
    The college men’s room was a favorite meeting place back in the day….
    Ahhh the memories!

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