Monday Muddog Modesty

Some of you guys probably won’t like this post very much because there ain’t no dicks in it. It’s just that as I’ve been searching the web for “Muddog” pics, I keep running across these really HOT guys who happen to have some clothes on (or their junk isn’t shown)… and I want to share ’em with you. I’ll go back to the usual nekid Muddog smut next week.

4 comments to Monday Muddog Modesty

  • unrulyadmin

    Good to see that WordPress posted these pics in order. I have no idea what happened yesterday to cause the pics to post out-of-order. Probably something I did wrong?

  • Jingle

    Awww… No dicks?? Oh well, there is mystery in the unknown!!

    #1 is stunning!!… And hot!!
    You actually can see #5’s cock!! (It’s mostly air-brushed out.)
    There’s something about #13…
    Is #15 Axel Rose??
    At least we can see #29’s cute butt!! Ironic that he has a chick’s name tattooed on his back, but he’s fucking a dude!! haha
    #45 doesn’t leave much to the imagination!!

    You’re a beast to tease us like this!! haha

  • Bill S

    #12 looks like he got in a cold Montana river. That’s a fun pic and you can see his dick, sort of.
    #20—his torso is all man and his face has feminine features. Interesting!
    And not only does #45 leave little to the imagination (well, ALOT actually!lol) he has such a fine face …. I LIKE him.

    REALLY glad to see this post is normal! I was getting a headache trying to follow Jingle’s “guide” yesterday and I swear everytime I look at Unruly Campers the entire post has shifted position! Weird….

  • Jingle

    Hey Bill… You’re right!! Every time you go to Unruly Campers, it shuffles!! Yipes!! But hey, if that’s the only thing we have to bitch about, I’d say we got it pretty good!! Love ya, brother!! And you too, Buff!! 🙂

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