More. By request :)

Yea. Success! Tim, I KNEW I had these pics in a folder somewhere, but couldn’t find ’em last night. Took a while, but here are twelve more pics of Alfie’s spectacular ass. I’m thinking maybe #23 and #24 could be the ones you have in mind? It’s easy to see how you could “(get pulled into that black hole and never escape)”

2 comments to More. By request :)

  • Tim from MO

    Holy Shit! 😜😍
    David, David, DAVID!
    You have went above, and beyond anything I’d hoped for when I asked yesterday if anyone knew who this guy was.
    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to locate, and post all of these beautiful pics, and sharing the information about ‘Alfie’.
    Some of these pics show his perineal raphe line on his taint very well. Gawd!! I totally smitten…Fuck!

    Thank you….Thank you….Thank you so very much!
    Love you! ❌⭕️

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Tim. Glad you like the pics of Alfie. His “perineal raphe” is, indeed, just about as amazing as his oh-so-suckable nips. We don’t post many pics of guys as young as Alfie… partly because of our personal preferences and partly because of our viewers’ tastes. This was a trip down memory lane – and a very pleasant one at that. Love you, babe!

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