“My first time”

On Wednesday, our buddy “Tim” commented, saying:
“Just a thought I had for a possible post topic. Perhaps titled “My first time.” Pictures depicting scenes of what might pass for guys having some sort of sex with another guy for their first time. An invitation on the post for all who follow your blog to reply with stories of their first man-to-man sex experiences. I think it could prove to be interesting… and Hot…”
We think this is one of our best post suggestions ever. Everyone has a “first time” story and we’d LOVE to hear yours. You can share your story either by commenting… or sending it to us at:
Come on, guys. “Inquiring minds want to know.” Please tell us about your “first time.”

Well. We’re moved. And we’re “Northlanders” no-more. This all started in the middle of March as we realized that the incomes of the members of the Northland gang were being adversely effected by the COVID epidemic. None of us had lost our jobs – and we certainly weren’t “poor” but we were learning that owning a home plus a lake cabin/home was becoming increasingly problematic. So Keon, Rick, Cal, Alex, Chad, Raef, Ty, Damien, Ben and I got together to talk things over. It was an excellent meeting among best friends and the first thing we agreed on was that whatever we did about the problem, we’d do it together. The second item of agreement was that we owned “too much real estate.” This was true because of our reduced incomes, but also because we feel that if Trump wins re-election, the future of the United States is in serious jeopardy.
Our third agreement was that none of us were willing to give up our homes at the lake.
So, the first thing I did was set up a “Zoom” with a Realtor friend of many years. “Marilyn” was a school classmate of Michael’s and they were kind of lifetime best buds. All ten of us were on the “Zoom” with her and we made arrangements for her to go and look at each of our Northland homes. Three days later we had another Zoom meeting. Marilyn was really excited. She, of course knew Ben’s and my home because she’d been there many times. She’d looked at the rest of the houses and pronounced them “absolutely lovely.” She said they were all “brilliantly decorated” (thank you, Alex!) and would “show beautifully.” She said she was confident they’d all sell quickly and “for excellent prices”. So we all signed listing agreements – she did “video tours” of each – arranged for appraisals – and had them on “multi-list” within a week. The offers started coming in almost immediately.
To make a long story shorter, we had contracts on the houses and it was time to talk with the kids. Ben and I talked with Dub and explained the situation. He was calm – as usual – and had just one question. “What about my ‘caps wall’ and my rain barrels?” We assured him we’d be moving all his “stuff” to the lake. After we’d talked for a while, he said “I think it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together.” We had a big three-way hug.
The rest of the guys talked with their kids and it went well. The only major concern came from Bella who was a bit upset about moving away from her friend “Kylie.” Cal and Alex assured her that Kylie could come to the lake to visit her as soon as the COVID thing gets under control and she could Zoom with her whenever she wanted. So she was o.k. with it.
Ty and Damien have decided to keep their condo in North Kansas City. Money definitely isn’t a problem for them since Ty’s father died and they said they were keeping the condo for all of us to use when in K.C. (Alex will still be doing business up there… Cal will need to be there for occasional meetings… as will Rick). Scott and Denise will also be keeping their condo in Briarcliff, at least until all the Koala Cove units are sold.
So, the houses are sold – we’ve moved “permanently” to the lake – we’re all happy and healthy – and life goes on. I guess we’re the “Table Rock gang” now. The grandparents and Jim and Carol are ecstatic!
Ben and I were pleasantly surprised with the money we received from the sale of our North K.C. home. We’ve decided to do some remodeling, and add a garage, deck, privacy fencing and hot tub. Alex has made sketches and we hope to have it done before Winter.
So that’s what’s happening in our little corner of the World. We hope this finds all of you happy, healthy and at least surviving the madness of Donald Trump.

15 comments to “My first time”

  • Jingle

    My first time was at such a tender age, it would nowadays constitute as kiddie porn!! 😮

    I’ll be keeping it to myself!! 😄 😝

  • Alexander

    Table Rock Gang it is!🎉
    Congrats on your outstanding success.


    In my heart your will always be northland gang to me.

  • Tim from MO

    Wow! What a major decision you all have undertaken.
    Who knows…maybe some day I may run into you guys at Silver Dollar City or some other place on one of my Branson visits!
    Congratulations on how the move has all worked out for everyone.
    One additional footnote: as you already know, your Winter weather this much farther south won’t be quite as harsh as what KC can experience. Now that I’ve said that, watch SW MO have more snow ice, and colder temps this Winter than normal..lol.

    Thank you for taking me up on my suggestion! I love the picture selections, they really fit the topic!

    Ok: here’s my story, from High School. And the name of the other guy was…David (Ben, not your David, lol)

    I was good at wrestling; I remember once our HS PE Coach matched me up with another guy (David), for a match that he wanted the JR HI PE kids to come watch. David, and I were both good wrestlers, and very evenly matched. David was the only guy I wasn’t ever able to pin in a match. We went all out, neither could pin the other, and he won by a single point over me. I very nearly had him pinned a couple of times but he managed to work free.
    In the process, I bloodied my nose, he sprained a knee.

    After the match was over, Coach sent the two of us to the locker room for me to get my nose to stop bleeding, and the other guy to get his knee iced….

    As I was at the sink with water running working on my nose, David with his knee wrapped in ice, came over to the sink, and leaned up against it, checking on my progress…

    David was very good looking, had a great, fit body…..a gorgeous thick cock, a plump pair of low hanging fat balls…with a massive forest of black pubes crowning his manhood. I always had to secretly check him out when he disrobed and showered in the locker room. I’m certain I wasn’t alone in that regard.

    Well…there he stood, his uniformed bulge smashed against the edge of the sink right next to me, chattering away.

    There was a mirror above the sink, and I leaned forward tilting my head back to look up my nose to see if I could tell where it was bleeding at…

    …and I thought “this is my chance….” so to ‘steady’ myself as I leaned forward I slid my free hand along the edge of the sink, pressing it in between his junk and the edge of the sink.

    There we were…his cock, and balls pressing against the back of my hand…not looking at him, acting like I’d done nothing wrong, as I checked my nose in the mirror.

    He didn’t budge!

    God….the sexual tension was thick, could really sense it between us. Especially after the two of us had just been wrestling together.

    I could feel his cock stiffen the longer I lingered there. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes or so, neither one moving away. His chattering subsided, and his voice got softer as his attention was no longer on my bloodied nose…but being drawn elsewhere.
    I’d just started to move my hand slightly, rubbing the back of my hand against his stiffening cock, when then the door crashed open to the locker room, and several other dudes came barging in to hit the showers.

    He stepped back instinctively as I stood back upright letting my hand drop to my side.

    We never did anything else. It was just one of those rare moments that didn’t happen often back in the ‘70’s when I was in HS, especially in this part of the country.

    I’ve often wondered what else might have happened if we’d been left alone for 30 minutes or so.

    I only saw him once after HS graduation, he was driving through town. He moved away to another state, lost track of him.

    A funny story about him, unrelated to the event:
    He was a bit of a smart ass, arrogant mouthy guy at times. One of his favorite lines was “KISS MY ASS”

    One day, he was naked in the locker room, drying off from the shower, yapping at someone, and as usual, said to them “KISS MY ASS”

    He turned away from whomever it was he’d just said that to, and they spun a towel and smacked his ass cheek with the towel.

    I can still hear the ‘Snap’ of the towel and him yell when it hit his ass cheek perfectly with the tip of the towel.

    The best part: The red mark it left on his ass cheek was in the perfect shape of a pair of lips 💋!
    Couldn’t have drawn lips any more perfect than what the towel tip did snapping on his ass.

    EVERYONE died laughing!

    So…while my ‘first time’ story didn’t progress to anything oral, or fucking with another dude, it was a defining moment, an awakening inside of me, that I knew I wasn’t sexually interested in just girls….but also into guys.
    Like all the rest of you reading this, I have other ‘chapters’ about my sexual journey in life with guys…the first kiss…the first blowjob….the first time fucking a piece of man ass…the first time getting mine fucked…but that first time of physical contact that was sexual in nature with David, was the internal ‘switch’ that turned me on to guys.

  • FredinMotul

    Guys! This is excellent news for you all. I absolutely hate to hear you are worried about a second term for the Orange Shit Gibbon, IQ 45, but very wise of you to make contingency plans. Out of the way spaces will be at a premium should it all begin to crumble more. A small suggestion, which Dub, I am sure would be glad to helm. Plan and build a cold frame style Greenhouse for year round veggie production. Obviously, you can get Fish year round thanks to certain members of your extended family there, but perhaps invest in a cage and some hens for both egg and chicken meat production. We are doing the same here, except we are going to be raising Tilapia and using their water for hydroponic gardening. It makes good sense to Downsize ahead of a period of uncertainty. You all are in a place you can thrive and grow, so it is all good. Excellent, Excellent news. Best of Luck.

    I have a wild tale for a First Time Story. I spent the first 21 years of my life trying to be like all my other friends. I had Girlfriends and even lovers. But I knew there was something else. At work, this kind of rough, slightly older guy than me started volunteering with us. We became friends and one night, he joined me and my old college friends out drinking. The night was crazy and we ended up at my place and he asked if he could stay the night because he did not want to drive out to his place. I of course said yes, and since my room was the only one with AC, he came on in to my room with me. I would imagine we had been in there 10 minutes when he out of no where pulled me into his broad chest and asked me if I would do him a “favor!” Well, of course I would, and did, and he was my first and we were together off and on for about two years before we had to split. Oh, but that first time was so amazing, not topped until I met current Husband about 8 years later, but that is another story.

    Great Post! Thanks as always Men and Congratulations!!

  • Denny

    I was driving on a busy city thoroughfare at rush hour – lots of stop and go, lots of traffic lights. I had the windows open halfway to catch a little breeze.

    While stopped at a light, a guy about 30, handsome in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way, hollered in my passenger window: “if you got the time, follow me”. I was raised a good Catholic boy and all, but I did know the sexual connotations of that phrase “have you got the time”.

    As soon as I could, I pulled in behind him and followed him as he turned right, onto a quiet street in a residential subdivision. He parked his car and came back to my passenger side and just let himself in.

    No hi how are ya, no nothing. He grabbed for my belt and I helped him. Then he helped me yank off my pants and briefs and pulled them down to, and over my knees. Then he said “drive around the neighborhood” as he grabbed my hard shaft in his hand and jacked it, while he put the head in his hot mouth and sucked it and did magic things with his tongue.

    It didn’t take me long to explode. He sucked it all down, and licked me clean.

    Then he says “go back to my car”. When we got there, he gets out without a word, walks to his car, and was out of sight before I could get my pants up and my belt fastened. I never saw him again. And I didn’t care.

    That was MY first time, at 20 years old. Sex with something besides my right hand. It was AWESOME.

    When you talked about moving, I had NO idea what you were talking about. When you move, you MOVE, like, at breakneck speed!!!

    It all makes sense to me. And when someone needs to go back to the Northland, they can stay at Ty and Damien’s condo or Denise and Scott’s place.

    Just a couple of questions, if I may.

    Isn’t Rick the manager of a lawn and garden store in Smithfield, which he will inherit some day?

    And, when classes resume at Ben’s school in the Northland, whenever that may be, where are he and the Northland kids going to go to school?

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. It’s Rick. I can’t answer your question about Ben and the school situation, but I can tell you about the nursery business. The thing is, our garden store hasn’t been profitable for some time. The intense competition from Home Depot, Lowes and Wal Mart has killed the retail part of our business. Fortunately, our wholesale and on-line businesses are doing extremely well – and account for almost 90% of our sales volume and all our profit. So… we closed the lawn and garden center at the end of the Spring season and will concentrate on the more profitable parts of the business. We’ll still run our wholesale and on-line businesses out of Parkville and I’ll continue to manage them. I do all the ordering and inventory control on-line and have excellent people working for me in Parkville. I’ll need to be up there at least once or twice every month, but living at Table Rock makes the travel worth it. Plus, I’ll have Ty and Damien’s condo to stay in if I need to be there for more than a day at a time. Obviously, it’s not an ideal situation, but we’ll make it work because there was no way we were going to give up our home at the lake. xoxo Rick and Keon

      • Denny

        Rick! Hey guy,thank you for the response!
        Everything happens for a reason they say and in your case, it all happened for the best.
        I’m so glad the Northland Gang gets to be The Table Rock Gang – year round!!!


    • unrulyadmin

      Denny. I can answer your question about when school will be starting and where the kids and I will be “going to school.” We’ve already announced that for the first half of the 20-21 school year, all learning at our school will be on-line (except, of course down here at the lake). My deal with “Dr C” is that we’ll continue “as is” with the “Table Rock campus” for the first semester and open it up to additional students once the pandemic is under control. Of course, that’ll mean at least one additional teacher when the time comes. I’m still chairman of the “faculty” and “curriculum” committees for the North K.C. school and I’ll do that with Zoom meetings for now, and we’ll switch to in-person committee meetings after CoVid-19 is behind us. “Dr C” and I have talked about eventually getting a larger building for the “Table Rock campus” as we add teachers and students, but that’s somewhere in the currently unknowable future. One thing you have to say is the pandemic has certainly changed our world. Maybe it’ll eventually be for the better. Who knows 🙂 xoxo Ben

      • Denny

        Thank you for the good word, Ben! Actually this is GREAT news, that you can continue indefinitely, teaching the kids in your newly refurbished little schoolhouse in town!

        Another thing I like about what David told us, is the addition of some privacy fencing around your cabin, which will allow for some “grown up frolicking” after some good times in the new hot tub!!

        Thanks again, Ben! XOXO to all!!

  • ray

    Now who would have thought that you would leave Kansas City for the Lake! I would have had a thousand doubts in that situation.
    My first time was anything but romantic. Some of you will remember that a long time ago (in the 70-ies) it was possible to get to know a guy just by walking in the city in the evening or at night. You looked discretely into each other’s eyes, and if you were interested, you slowed down and looked back over your shoulder…Seems like a hundred years ago, and I very much doubt that this behavior has survived. Well, it so happened that I met a greek guy (isn’t this very fit?) who alledgedly had divorced in Switzerland and of course wasn’t gay, God forbid, and took him back with me to my student’s room. The sex was ok., but in hindsight I think he may have been a hustler…Never told this anyone!

  • mahtinp

    Well Congratulations on the move! I hope y’alls little enclave at Table Rock will keep you safe, healthy and happy for many years to come.

    Lots of Love

  • Denny

    James Holzhauer is on Jeopardy tonight!!!
    The episode of May 27 2019.

    The following Monday, June 3rd, was when he lost – on my birthday!

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