My heroes have always been cowboys.

“Pursuin’ the life of my high ridin’ heroes
I burned up my childhood days…
My heroes have always been cowboys
And they still are, it seems
Sadly, in search of, but one step in back of
Themselves and their slow movin’ dreams”
…Willie Nelson

On Monday, our excellent friend “Denny” commented, saying:
“P.S. Could I make a request? I’ve had a hankering lately for country boys, farm boys, maybe even some cowboys, in tight jeans…shirts open showing hairy, sweaty chests..maybe getting it on behind the barn.. Whenever you get a chance. Please and thank you!!”
Then, “BillS” said he liked the idea.
So how could we not?
Yee Haw!

12 comments to My heroes have always been cowboys.

  • ray

    Stunning! I’m in love with #6 (wonderful body) and #15 (sweet face)! Thanks, guys!

  • Jingle

    Save a Horse… Ride a Cowboy!!

    Dang!! Screamin’ HOT collection of dudes!!

    Pressed for time right now… But I’ll sure as hell be back!!…

  • Bill S

    I agree with Ray — that man #15 is a head-turner!! How sexy — my oh my. (-:


  • Larry

    There is nothing more American than a cowboy. (Yes, I have been to Argentina.) The old west and its myths are imbedded deep within us.

    As much as I am not a fam of facial hair i still find smooth bodied averaged dicked #42 to be too hot to handle.

  • Roberto

    To me #1 is the one — I can’t even tell what’s more mesmerizing, his face or body… “Gain the wolf”, huh? Well, now I like to think he’s hungry like the wolf — and what could be more fucking promising?

    I guess I’m also particularly fond of #4, #8, #13 (those pits, woof!), #30, #37, #39 and #44.

    WOW, cute cowboy #9 must have had a blissful ride! And I bet my hairy balls Jingle will go crazy about #19.


    • Roberto

      Ah, I missed #21 and #23 and should definitely include them. Love the latter’s “real” look and the former, whether a model or not, is bloody handsome and sexy — and what a blessing he keeps his fur.

    • Jingle

      Beto Baby!!… So good to hear from you!! 🙂

      And your balls are safe!!… You nailed it with #19!! In fact, when I first glanced at this awesome post, my eyes went right to him!! 🙂

  • Denny

    Oh my fucking word!!! Can this be my birthday all over again, so soon?? 🙂

    I selected my favorites before reading my friends’ comments, so as not to be influenced by them, but, alas, since we all have impeccable taste, I have trod on some toes. But, all of these guys are gorgeous, and could handle more than one at a time – I am certain of it!!!

    #1 is a real hot potato for sure – I only hope that undies combo he is falling out of didn’t start out white!! lol

    #13 is a real fireball, and we can’t even see below his pec and that hot nipple. And that PIT!!! DAYUM !!! I need a big ole sniff of THAT!!! This is the kind of guy, dressed as he is, that I would stare at unabashedly and not give a fuck who saw me – even him!!

    And Beto, DEFINITELY #21!!! He has that self assured, commanding look about him. And the hairy pecs, the very suckable nips, and that treasure trail leading to the land of intoxicating ecstasy, well, let the party begin !!!

    I need a much closer look at #22, preferably bare ass nekkid, to see which is bigger – the mic in his hand or his dick.

    And if #44 is looking for someone to put a smile on his face and some tumescence in his male organ, let me just saunter over there, move in real close, and tell him I am ready to suck him dry.

    David? Thank you !! This post, from 1st guy to last, is AWESOME.


  • Jingle

    Sweet post!! Whether they’re professional models, porn stars, or “real” guys; they’re all hot!!

    #1, 2, 3, selfie 10, 17, both dudes in 29, and 38 are ALL very, very nice!! And you can smell the testosterone!!
    #3, 17, and selfie 35 have particularly beautiful dicks!! 🙂
    #4, 31, 33, and 44 in their plaid; and #13 and 41 in their chopped up t-shirts; look quite fetching!!
    Could #5 be the same dude as eye-popping #22?!?! Not really a big fan of country music… but I could make an exception!! 😉 haha
    ray is soo right about SO/PO #6!!… “wonderful body” And damn impressive junk, too!! WOW!! Then again, #28 and Larry’s #42 are no slouches, either!! Dang!!
    #7 is rockin’ hot!! Bet he’ll put his magazine down when I crawl up between his open legs and go to town on his wonderful junk!!
    #9 is a true masculine beauty!! And I’d be smiling, too, if I had my hand (and mouth) on that fine cock!! 🙂 But the load would be down my throat, not on my shoulder!! Shoosh!!
    I would happily accept big boy’s #11’s invitation!! Lick it… then stick it!! And how about #43?? Holy Shit!!
    Pics #12 and #26 nicely depict what I wanna do to a good many of the guys in this collection!!
    #14 and #24 are the same dude!!
    #21 is just too pretty for his own good!!
    Not really all that taken by #23… But I sure as hell want that vintage tin Pepsi-Cola cooler!!
    Alrighty then, fuzzy furry hunky humpy bangin’ hot big bundle o’ man #25 is on a par with #19!!!!! Hot MEN in the rustic elegance of fine ranch mansions!! Fuck yeah!!
    *Side note on #25: I am curious about what the super-imposed orange box is keeping us from seeing?!?!
    Does bangin’ hot #30 need someone to wash his back?? 🙂
    Love #34’s rosey nipple(s)!! Wouldn’t mind seeing more of him!!…
    Pic #45 is re-touched, air-brushed, and photo-shopped beyond recognition!! And they totally distorted the wiener!! 🙁
    #46 is crazy hot!!
    #47 is probably the most senior of the dudes in the post?!?! But he’s still damn fit and fine!! Fuck yeah!!
    If #48 wasn’t so insanely hot, that pic would just be funny!! WHEW!!!

    So, I guess I’ve totally tipped my hand already… my co-favourites today are #19 and #25!! I want an all-day/all-night fuck and suck marathon with them all around the house!! (And if #48 wants to climb out of his wheelbarrow and cum inside, he’s more than welcome!!)


    • bw

      I think the orange block in NO 25 may have been blocking the reflection of someone who did not want to be included in the picture – very polite whoever did that.

  • FredinMotul

    Most excellent post and such a nice surprise to follow Trash Day so quickly! Thanks Men!

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