Out and About Blows!

The other day, Bill S suggested a post titled “Out and about Blows.” Jingle said he loved the idea… and so do I, so here they are… hot boys suckin’ sum dick (mostly) in the great out of doors. Thanks for the suggestion, guys!

4 comments to Out and About Blows!

  • Jingle

    LOVE this post!!
    LOVE every pic!!
    EVERY one…especially #12!! I’d suck that hot motherfucker anytime, anywhere!!
    LOVE sucking dick outdoors!!
    LOVE you!! Thanks Buff!!

  • Bill S

    These are great Buff! As usual you find more than I knew were out there….
    Thanks for always making me feel so special by granting me all my wishes.
    You’re my GENIE!!!

  • jimboylan

    I didn’t think of requesting this, but I like them, and wish that I was in one of the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • budd

    Training…some like pics taken when he’s training a dude to suck…from lips on the head, the brief kiss, to the cautious nibble, to the slow and deliberate slide into the warm, wet mouth. He says: “It’s like a baby puppy, dude…suck!” And, while the dude begins to suck, he gets his balls stroked by the guy’s bare foot!

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