“Party in his pants”!

Yesterday, in response to Rick’s “Pretty in Pink” post, Denny commented, saying:
“bw, your mention of #48 made me go back & check & all I could think of was omg talk about your “party in his pants” comment!!! So then I thought – might that be the makings of a whole sexy post? “PARTY IN HIS PANTS” woo-hoo!!! 💓”
So, of course we couldn’t resist. PARTY ON DUDES!

19 comments to “Party in his pants”!

  • Jingle

    There was never a doubt in my mind that you would run with Denny’s great post request!! 🙂

    And what a tantalizing, titillating group of temptors you’ve presented us with!! 🙂 There seems to be two categories here – the dudes who are smugly aware of the show they’re putting on, and the ones who are blithely unaware!! 🙂 haha

    Our Lead-Off man, #1, is re-visiting us from the “Pink” post!! Nice segue, guys!! 🙂 haha
    #3 is the first of three subway riders!! (#7 & #24 being the other two!!) Too bad my town isn’t big enough to have this mode of transportation!! 🙂
    Pic #5 of the hot & handsome, hunky sports fan has been widely circulated on the Internet!! And with good reason!! 🙂
    #9 is crazy hot!! But why the gloves?? Hope he isn’t burglarizing that house!! 🙂 haha
    We’ve been treated to Portuguese/Brazilian student #10 before!! (Lovely to see him again!!) We have another awesome view of him again today in #15!!
    #12 ain’t bad at all!! For a Cowboys fan!! (With my apologies to J.T. and Mike!! 🙂 )
    #13, 27 & 46… Oh Yeah!!
    A few more centimeters, and #16’s cockhead is gonna slip out!! WHEW!!!
    Off topic: How’d you like to get rimmed by #17?!?! That tongue would feel amazing!!
    Aww… #18 & #45 are total cuties!! And rightfully proud of the tents they’re pitching!! (Side note on #18: Who knew that Jack & Coke came pre-mixed and pre-packaged in a convenient 12 ounce can?? 🙂 haha)
    Junior hunk studs #19 & #28!! WOW!!
    #21’s buddy sure likes what he sees!! Apparently #33 has an admirer, too!! 🙂
    Awesome VPL that #22 & married #35 are giving us!! LOVE it when a dude free-balls in track pants or sweats!! (That’s why I do it frequently myself!! heehee)
    #23 & #25!! Holy Shit!! Their dicks must be ginormous!!
    #26 is crazy hot!!
    I’m thinking #30 will be a big hit with Beto!! And I love the logo that’s super-imposed on the photo!! 🙂
    The line forms here to fall to your knees on the spot and get a taste of what hunky humpy #31 is packing in those track pants!!
    I’m hopelessly out of the loop, but isn’t #32 a celebrity??
    Just how much porn is #34 gonna buy that he needs a shopping basket?!?! haha Shoosh!!
    I wonder if the chick in #36 has any awareness of/appreciation for her companion’s impressive bulge?!?!
    Too bad we can’t see all of apparently classically handsome #37’s face… Great cleft chin!!
    Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, cock-twitching #38 is MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Oh, to get a glimpse of what’s under that damn towel!!
    Shouldn’t #39 & #44 slip on some shorts over those compression trunks?!?!
    Selfie #40 is beautiful!! And his physique is insane!!
    Oh my… #41 is just about obscene!! He’d cause a sensation in any gym!!
    Someone certainly has #43’s attention!! (If it’s the hot dude in the ballcap, I totally get it!! 🙂 )
    Nice double treat of the paddlers in #47!! Hot guys!!…They both look awesome in their compression shorts, and I like that you can see their nipples through their form-fitting t-shirts, too!!
    And finally there’s #48!! Talk about your Big Finish!! WHOA!!!!!

    But the dude that appealed to me most?? Damn right it’s super-cute, super-hot #11!! I would unabashedly stare at him, and pray that we were boarding the same flight!! 🙂 haha

    Awesome post!! URD rocks!!

    • Roberto

      #30 is a GIGANTIC hit with me, hehe. Very nice guess, Jingle! 😉

      #7, #9, #10/15 (good catch!), cyclist #16, #17 and #27 are my other favorites.

      #17 was my pick in the tongue post of January 3, 2017! And thinking of what that tempting tongue can do (to your ass and other parts) is totally ON-TOPIC! 😀

      As for stud #9… I guess we’ve been treated to him in a trash post almost two years ago? http://www.unrulydude.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/trash-cf048.jpg Well, even if I got this wrong, I’m sure no one will complain about the pic. 😛

      For the record, #6 is Lucas Saatkamp, better known as Lucão (‘Big Lucas’ — he’s 6’10”). He’s been in our national volleyball team for many years.

      Bloody teasing post!

  • Jingle

    Soo… I’ve been thinking about this for several days!! Over time, you’ve wonderfully given us posts dedicated to various specific body parts!! Cocks, balls, asses, nipples, hands, feet, eyes, ears even!! But how about this one – Backs (and shoulders)!! Muscular, tattooed, hairy… whatever!! I don’t think you’ve ever done it!! Would you consider it?!?! 🙂

    Thanks!! Love you to the Moon and back!! 🙂

  • Denny

    WOW! – you guys are too much!! I was hoping maybe next week, give ’em time to get it together, but- the next DAY?? Total mind fuck!!

    And Jingle, my sweet babboo, I am lovin’ your commentary here!

    Gonna start right out with my Dude of the Day, #28. Becuz it’s not just the package below his belt, it’s the bod ABOVE the belt too!! Whew! Is it HOT in here??
    #4, Mr. PLAY IT COOL, looks like he’s playin’ hot, and looking for takers – and will take all cummers. 😉

    #5 – how could you concentrate on anything, sitting next to THAT!!! Am I enjoying THAT show? – Y-E-S!!!

    #12 – Very hot. Looks like he’s going commando AND shirtless. I’m thinkin’ street corner pay for play boy, maybe?

    #24 – You think he knows? HE knows!! Prob’ly likes to touch it…and rub it…all day.

    Jingle, I’m with you on #37 – wish we could see the entire face. But you KNOW he’s gonna be a real looker, with a drop dead smile and maybe even baby blues. He makes me hot on the spot & gets me hoping we can do something about it – FAST!! Because nature DEMANDS it!!

    Thanks for this post, David/Ben. You know you’re awesome, right? 🙂


    • Jingle

      Oh Denny Dearheart, thank you soo much for deciphering #4’s t-shirt!! That was driving me nucking futs!!

      • Denny

        You are welcome Baby doll!

        I think I can do you another solid.

        #32 – I wouldn’t swear to it but I *think* that is Taylor Lautner from the Twilight movie series.

        • Bill S

          Thank you, Denny, for bringing my attention to #5 — My question is, how could I have skipped HIM, in my first look at this post?! HOLY HELL HE’S HOT!!
          You might be right about #32 but, my question is: Why TWO PAIR of sunglasses? Hmmm.


  • ray

    Just returned home and having a first look at the “party boys”, but I wanted to thank you right now as usual!

  • bw

    Full disclosure – I can not claim the “party in his pants” wiseass remark – I saw it years ago in one of the skin mags I spent a fortune on. Maybe we should all help collect random bulge pictures and send links for an occasional post – especially unplanned, random bulges.

  • Trashy Texans

    Guys! We LOVE this. Don’t know how you do it. Denny asks for a post and… cha-zam… there it is. Our favs are #4, #15, #23 and #44.
    Thanks for asking. We’re healing up pretty good. Mike got his cast off last Friday and we’re back to having sex again. That makes everything better!
    Our lawyer says we’re getting close to settling on our car wreck. Says we’re gonna get a bunch of money. Don’t know about that, but tomorrow we’re gonna go look about maybe getting a new F-150 pickup. We’re thinking super cab. They’re cool.
    It always makes us laugh when we read the post comments. Jingle, you should write a book or something. Your comments are amazing.
    We have a post request. “Mike” (whose name is really Miguel) is from Mexico and we think pics of Latinos are HOT. Hope maybe you’ll post some. Wouldn’t hurt if they’re uncut 🙂
    Love you guys.
    J.T. and Mike

    • Jingle

      Hi Guys!! Awesome to hear from you!! 🙂

      Good to know you’re on the mend… And having mad hot sex!! 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words!! URD is a really integral part of my day, and like so many others, I enjoy it immensely!! 🙂

      I’m quite sure that you (and the rest of us) will be treated to Latino hotties, pronto!! 🙂

      Best Wishes to you!! Love ya, John

    • bw

      We are all happy to hear that you are doing well – there is a lot to be said for being young and strong – you heal fast. And I think we would all be pretty happy to see a post of a bunch of pretty Latino lads.
      If you buy that bigass pickup, put money away for gas – those things are hogs.

    • Denny

      Hey Guys – Just in case it takes our hosts some time to assemble a latinos post, and any time you need a latinos “fix” – bear in mind you can go to the tags on the right hand side of this page where you will find 3 separate latino tags to enjoy.

      Glad to hear that you are healing and that Mike was able to get that itchy damn cast off!! 🙂

    • Roberto

      I wasn’t around when you guys started commenting and saw your report much later, but let me say it’s a joy to know you’re doing so well. 🙂

      Hugs and all the best,

  • Tim from MO

    Great post!

    A specific incident comes to mind when it comes to seeing a “Party in his pants”

    Wayyy back in my 8th grade History class, we had several nice looking, girls in class. They were very flirtatious…at times, even towards “Mr. Smith”. He was an animated teacher, drawing a lot on the board, walking back and forth in front of the class…and even up,and down, the aisles between the desks during class as he taught us American History. It did help to keep our attention, and without fail when these girls would start flirting, he’d spring the biggest boner in his snug fitting dress slacks I had ever seen.
    He looked to be a good 10″….very thick, with a pronounced mushroom head outlined at its end.

    He’s then just try to stand behind his podium, but it was too narrow of a stand to hide it, lol.

    I’m not sure who enjoy seeing his “Party in the pants” more….those silly 8th grade girls….or me 😈

  • Kent

    A fun post here. It reminds us why it’s great to be a guy, and to like guys. We just can’t help having a party in our pants sometimes, even at inopportune times like being a horny teen sitting in church. #’s 1, 2, and 4 have it right – “It is what it is and I’m not embarrassed. Wanna party?”

    Glad to hear from J.T. and Mike and that they’re on the mend and having partys again.

  • Denny

    Love it when a post turns into a runaway – the next day!

    Long live URD! ♥️

  • Tim from MO

    It’s kinda fun looking through these listening to Pink singing ‘Get this Party Started’….
    Kind of imagining the lyric in the song “I’m coming up…” as all of the cocks partying away in the pants, lol…

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