Party-on, dudes!

A week or so ago, our good buddy (and Requester-in-Chief) “Bill S” asked for a post of ““PARTY, DUDES!” It’s taken us a little time to put it together because we’ve already done two “party” posts and we don’t like to repeat pics. So, here are some mostly amateur, mostly drunk, mostly “straight” boys – doing what they’d probably secretly like to do when they’re sober. Hope you like these, babe!

4 comments to Party-on, dudes!

  • Jingle

    Alcohol and Testosterone mix so beautifully, don’t they?? haha

    The dude on the Right in #1 can wrap his arms around me any time he wants!!
    Damn, I almost missed the bj in #10!!
    The dude on the Left in #46 sure seems intrigued by what he’s watching!!

    Fun post

  • scott

    I have been a fan for a very long time, but honestly, I think this has been my favorite post. Keep up the good work!

  • Bill S

    Thanks guys!
    The tag, “PARTY” is how I find the beginning of this blog! It’s not the first post, but it’s close!
    I have way too many favorites to ever say that this is the one, but it’s up there with the top ten, I’d say….
    I think that I will visit this one often — because I can! LOL

  • The New Flops Boy

    Where’s my invitation?!

    XO FFB

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