Pics from Jingle!

Our buddy “Jingle” has been with URD as long as there’s been a URD. From time-to-time he sends us pics – that we always enjoy. So, last week (after his suggestion of a “belts” post) we were looking through our “Pics from Jingle” folder and thought, “Hey, these are HOT… why not do a post with them. So here you have it – “Pics from Jingle.”
John. We couldn’t possibly say how much we value your friendship and appreciate all you do for us and the blog. Thanks for the pics… we love you! xoxo David and Ben

Here’s a thought. Since we’ve now had a “Pics from Jingle” post… how about a “Pics from Denny” or “Pics from Tim” or “Pics from Beto” etc., etc., etc.?
Honestly guys, we’d love it. Anyone interested? xoxo

20 comments to Pics from Jingle!

  • ray

    Liebster Jingle, I love your choices! And especially #14/18 and 22! Thanks!
    Hope everyone is well! Here, things are getting worse by the day, including the never ending winter weather. It is good to find some consolation on this site!

  • FredinMotul

    Jingle, A wonderfully eclectic batch of pictures here. Thanks very much. Something for everyone!! A fine post that I will come back to several times to enjoy! Thanks!!

  • bw

    For us snowflakes whoa re easily triggered, this post should have a warning about containing pussy shots – very hairy pussy shots LOL.
    No 23 has smoldering hot look – one that would attract my attention if I saw him somewhere. And NO 25-27 I’ve seen before – just a dude, but with a seriously thick dick.
    Nice collection Jingle.

    • Jingle

      Dear bw, #23 is a very fine example of the work of Australian photographer, Paul Freeman!! If you look closely under the beautiful dude’s exposed nipple, you’ll see Freeman’s “watermark”!! 🙂

  • Roberto

    Yay, Jingle, thank you for bringing back my ginger beauty from the first mask post ( that’s him in #39! Those hairy legs go so well with his lush pits! YUM!

    You also present me with a dilemma, ’cause I’m just mesmerized by #21! WOOF, what a hell of a man!! Can I keep both? 😛

    Alex Lederman (#6) is once again teasing us, now proudly showing off his bush – awesome! #9, bw’s #23, unrulyboi #30 and bushy #31 were also easy to spot and a delight to explore with the eyes. #41 is funny and really sexy.

    Thanks to you and David!

    • Roberto

      And #33 is one cute and delicious bear!

    • Roberto

      And we have a name for the ginger beauty: James Hinchliffe, from Sheffield, England. TGingerlad on Twitter. Thanks again, Jingle!

    • Jingle

      Brother Beto, I have looong felt that intensely, insanely, HOT #21 is the one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen!!

      And yes, #6 Alex Lederman, our friend of the “be nice.” motto tattoo should get a post his own!! (Nudge!! Nudge!! Wink!! Wink!! 😉 😉 )

  • Bill S

    I keep going back to #5 – He can flex a number of muscles at the same time. (-;

    And, one of my all-time favs #26 — Really cool to see the series!!! (-:


  • Tim from MO

    Jingle bo Jangle!
    Thank you….along with David and Ben, for sharing these pictures! Definitely something in these for everyone.
    My Fav: # Fucking 2!!! Hot hot HOT 🔥
    As a Bi guy….and this may freak (or gross) some of you out…the F2M pics are hot to me as well. I’ve found the texture of a snug, wet, warm vagina uniquely designed to wrap around a cock feels incredible.

    #5 & 29 — dudes out cruising around. Now that I’ve gotten both Pfizer shots I’m really itching to get ‘out and about’ at some of the area cruising places to see who might be there. David’s post a few days ago about wanting to find some local cruising places really got me going for some myself. Been so long since I’ve been able to do that with this pandemic! I’M HORNEY!


    • Jingle

      Brother Tim, I think we may be in the minority among the CCC, but yeah stud, pussy can be awesome!! And the phenomenal thing about a Female-To-Male Transsexual is that the Steroids and Male Hormones they take, in very high doses, make their clits get enormous!! Nasty crazy fun to play with!! 😉

      I’m more than ready to hit the Park for some unruly fun and play!! 😉

  • Denny

    Jingle!! Babydoll!! Hot Dayum!!! YOU are some kinda WONDERFUL to share these pics of all these hotties with your URD buds!!!

    Like my buddy Tim, I had a hard time getting past #2. He looks like he never saw his monster manhood so BIG before!! But, I think, he’s got some buddy behind him, finger fucking him, and “some buddy” just hit his magic button!!! And Tim, before I leave your fave hottie here, lemme just tell you, I don’t think anything you could ever say or do could gross me out!! You just keep on being YOU, K? XOXOXO

    #18 – that’s the way a man should dress if he HAS to wear clothes!! I bet he has one crazy hot ass stuffed into those jeans!!!

    #23 – Add me to the list of URD fans waiting in line for a chance at this sultry, sizzlin’ bad boy!!!

    #40 – I’m thinkin’ he must do that water injection thing to his balls. There are two items of clothes I would like to see him wearing – a speedo…or a kilt!!!

    THANK YOU, BABYDOLL!!! This post is the BEST!!!! XOXOXO

  • Jingle

    Dearheart, I honestly think that crazy hot Daddy #40 just got blessed with some fantastic Big Boulder Bull Balls!! Saline Injections in the Scrotum result in a big round Sac, with no definition of the Testicles!!… This lucky dude shows some delineation between right and left!! WOW!! Frankly, I think the dude is so effen HOT, I’d be on my knees between his powerful thighs, sucking his beautiful PA’ed cock, if he had no balls at all!! 🙂 haha

  • Jingle

    I guess it would be tooting my own Geturbinflin to comment on this post!! 🙂 But I am happy it’s being well-received!! 🙂

    Among the collection; there is a pic of a “real” dude that I actually know in the “real” world!! Anyone care to hazard a guess?!?!

    Now then, the gauntlet has been thrown!! Who’s gonna contribute pics from their own files to do a post?!?!…

  • Bill S

    The selfie-series here (#25, 26 & 27) got me thinking that it would make a cool post; a bunch of “before and after” pics that are all “selfies.” What do you think guys?


  • Jingle

    No, Brother Beto, #4 is not me!! I’m not that beefy… or girthy!!

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