Plaids ‘n Dads!

We had a comment yesterday by “Jim from Austin,” saying (in part):”How about a “dad bod” post of hot dads/granddads, guys?”
“Jingle” said he liked the idea… so we started thinking about it. We had been working on a “plaid” post with “Jingle” in mind, and when we looked at the pics in the folder, we thought most of them would fit Jim’s request. So, here’s a first. “Plaids ‘n Dads.” We’re pretty sure these will do it for “Jingle”… and we hope they work for you too, Jim!

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  • Jingle

    Hell Yes!! Holy Mary, Mother of God!!

    I know this post won’t be of Universal Appeal, but it’s like Christmas, New Years and Birthday rolled into one for me!!

    I’m fairly certain that Jim will be as pleased!!

    Brad should get a big kick out of this, too!! And Beto dear, please proceed directly to #21!! 🙂

    WHEW!!! I will soo be back later to drool, whine and wimper over each and every one!!

    A million Thank You!!s

  • bw

    You guys know I like my young and furry men, but this collection is full of hot slightly older men. But my pick of the day is easy – No. 36, Scott Tanner, a now retired pornster – this is one of the best pictures of him I’ve ever seen, and it shows off his huge balls nicely.
    I’m always hesitant to ask becuase I know you have lots to do, but how about a post of furry young men – all similar to our Ben, or like Austin Wilde in NO 47.
    Thanks for getting my Friday off to a great start.

  • Bill S

    I’ll take #39 — Although I’m old enough to be HIS Dad!!!


    • Roberto

      Bill, I think it’s also him in #32 and #45! And I share your enthusiasm for him!!


    • Roberto

      Oh, and in #13 too!

      • bw

        I’ve seen him before on Tumblr or somewhere – he always has a huge smile on his face – no model pout for him. He’s posing naked and thinks it’s fun – just like I’d think it was fun to get naked with him.

        • Roberto

          Thank you for the info, bw — and I agree with you on being naked with him! Now, as you love otters just as I do (and I enthusiastically second your post request), I bet you won’t regret if you take a look at some pics and short videos of our furry boy #20 (Anthoni Hardie) on the net. 😉


    • Jim

      Actually, I think #31 is the closest to the “dad I had in mind”! (He still could’ve had a little more of a beer belly, though.)

  • Roberto

    Younger or older, these super daddies in plaids are spraying testosterone all over the place!! And, yeah, Jingle, I can get the delicious taste and smell from #21!! 🙂

    I much prefer a guy like #1, who by the way meets Jim’s request so well, over #46, no matter how handsome he is. And what to say about #5? So damn cute and delicious!!

    #9 was part of Jingle’s birthday gift last year and he basically doesn’t need to remove any clothes or do anything to get a lot of attention! Same about #3, #7, #27 and #30 — and what a captivating smile on the last one!

    I think it’s safer to attack bearded beauty #4 from behind! 😛 He’s screaming scary hot and I’m drooling over his gorgeous furry butt!!

    Pic #26 is so erotic and artistic, and I totally love the raw, wild stand-up fuck in #47!!

    I wanna give a hand to #35 and #40 — for starters!

    #19, #34, #43 — yes, please!

    I have three favorites: my long-time furry unrulyboi #20 (of course!!), mysterious and hyper ultra super sexy #18, and outrageously hot #29!! Sorry, I know this post is for Jim and Jingle, but I want all those three!! 😛

    And I own a huge THANK YOU to you, David & Ben, for pic #20, as it led me to find out that my ONEIRIC unrulyboi is Anthoni Hardie!!! 🙂 And thanks to you, Jim, for making the request!

    Fantastic post out of the neat idea of combining Jim’s request with Jingle’s love for plaid!!

    • Roberto

      I didn’t realize that Larry was leaving yesterday for his three-week travel and therefore I missed the opportunity to wish him a safe and pleasant travel, but I’m sure he’ll be fine and have lots of fun!

      Larry, I know you always check out the posts you missed, so let me thank you for your reply to my question in the last trash post. (Well, this post is not your domain at all, but I hope you at least check out the comments).


  • Tim from MO

    A Black clothing post yesterday…..and colorful plaid post today!
    Love all this variety!

    Plaids always have been one of my ‘hot buttons’ that catches my eye.

    I want the dude in pics 28 & 33…fuck!! ?

  • Denny

    Jingle baby, I had to laugh my ass off after reading your comment!! I got this picture in my mind of you, rockin’ around the Christmas tree, sippin’ on some bubbly at midnight New Years, and lickin’ the frosting off your birthday cake, all the while wearin’ nuttin’ but a plaid flannel shirt, with your cute ass hangin’ out, and your junk shakin’ to the beat!!!

    I’d like to shake to the beat with ALL these hot studs, and I would especially enjoy sharing in some of that hot ‘n’ heavy action going on in #38.

    So, this might seem a bit bizarre, for me to pick #24 as my Dude of the Day – becuz he’s as fully clothed as he can be, unless he was wearing a parka, but he just DOES IT for me!!

    It would be fun to spend the whole day with him, in that backwoods little town up in the north country, and wondering what might happen after a few beers in that small town bar, before heading back to the campsite.

    Which is exactly what we did.

    His fishing buddy had hooked up with some blonde chick earlier in the evening, and he’d be gone til morning, at least. I was alone, just chillin’, – I needed to get away from the daily grind.

    I had a bottle of whiskey in my tent, and he gladly accepted my invitation to join me. He seemed almost too eager…or was that just me, after walking around with him all day, dripping into my briefs…?

    It was a bit chilly in the tent, but he took off his plaid flannel shirt…and his boots… and when I turned back towards him after pouring our drinks – he had his tee shirt off too. When he saw the smile on my face, he simply said, “I guess I was right – you’re into this…right?

    My response was to take off MY boots, MY shirt, slowly undo the buckle on my jeans and pop the first button.

    He chugged the full glass of whiskey, pulled me over on top of him, chest hair on chest hair. He placed a hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my lips toward his waiting tongue. When we connected, he pulled my tongue into his mouth and sucked on it for a full minute, at least. “You OK?” he asked. “Don’t move” I replied.

    I quickly unbuttoned my jeans, and shucked them along with my soaked briefs into a corner.

    He was doing the same with his jeans and shorts – as quick as he could. His cock was already hard, but I pushed him flat on his back again, and sucked the velvet tip of that throbbing male organ before licking it up and down on both sides.

    He started bucking his hips furiously, making guttural noises in his throat, and, pushing my face into his wild mass of pubes, he came in my mouth, a gushing flood like he hadn’t cum in weeks.

    That pushed me right over the edge. I was at the point of no return, I pushed myself up to my knees, straddling this hairy mountain of a man, and shot my jizz into his beard, and all over that mat of wild, sweaty chest hair.

    I let myself fall down on top of him and inhaled the sweet smell of jizz, mingled with the strong odor of manliness coming from his smelly wet pits.

    He put his arms around me and hugged me tight – I mean a big fucking bearhug so I could hardly breath. “Thanks, Man – that was great. I never thought I was gay, and still don’t, but I’m glad you were here for me when I needed it.”

    I told him “it was good for me too – and yes, I am gay – so anytime I can help you out, give me a call, Man”

    We had another full glass of whiskey each and then he asked me if he could stay the night. “Sure thing, Man” I told him.

    He turned on his side, pulled my back to his furry chest and we fell asleep, spooning.

    The next morning, the sun was shining brightly thru the tent fabric, and birds were singing all around us. He got dressed, shook my hand and I said “Call me anytime”. He smiled and then he was gone.

    I think, along with that smile, I saw a brief nod of his head. I think I’ll be hearing from him again.

  • ray

    I definitely appreciate a post of more mature men, too!
    Like Beto, I find # 47 very appealing, which doesn’t mean I don’t admire all the others!

  • Brad

    As Jingle noted above, I also really like these “daddies!” I also second bw’s suggestion for an “otter” post sometime… 😉 These daddies are welcome anytime at my door: 1, 5, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 23, 28, 31, 33, 34, 39, and 46.

    From big-dick #1 to husband-material #46, this collection is a daddy lover’s dream! Today’s Dude of the Day choice was easier than I thought…#46 is my guy! (Gotta love a guy with some metal around his junk… 😉 )

    bw and I agree this post is a great way to start the weekend! Thanks for sharing these handsome daddies, Ben and David!

  • Jim

    Jim from Austin said…..

    Great effort guys! Numbers 1, 2, 10 & 12 were pretty close to the “dad bod” shape I had in mind (a little beer belly action going on). I’d really like to see more men in the 50 to 60 year old age brackets, though. (We may be old, but you don’t get old being a wus. And we AIN’T going quietly fade to black!!! 😉 )

  • Jingle

    WOW!! WHEW!!! WHOA!!!!!

    I’m stunned, practically speechless!! To say I love this post seems so trite…

    Without some self-control, I’d be up writing all night…

    I love them all, but I really must give Special Mention to #48!! The daddy getting his dick sucked was a Firefighter!! Notice the St. Florian Cross tattoo on his left pec, over his Heart?!?! And that, my friends, deserves our admiration!!

  • Bill S

    This post has brought out some very interesting and informative comments from our CCC —— Thanks to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And a special THANK YOU to Denny for the story! I know you’re really busy so don’t feel stressed! Just write when you’re inspired and have the time!


    • Denny

      Thank you, Bill!!

      You’ve pretty much got the picture of my work life these days!!

      But #24 just got me going and I couldn’t stop!!

      Love ya,


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