We were watching the Olympics last night – men’s swimming – and Dub said, “These guys look dumb.” I said, “Why would you say that?” He said, “They’re too slick.” I said, “They shave their bodies so they’ll move through the water with less friction. It helps ’em go faster.” Dub said, “Soccer players aren’t slick, are they?” I said, “No. They don’t have to shave.” Dub said, “I’m gonna play soccer.”

8 comments to Reflections!

  • Denny

    Quick!! Write that one down!!

    I swear, you guys are going to be having some mighty interesting and deep philosophical conversations with that brilliant son of yours before too many more years pass!!

    Be prepared!!!

    Meanwhile, let me go cozy up to #47 here. There won’t be much in the way of conversation going on – unless you want to include all the heavy breathing and manly grunts and groans. 🙂

  • Bill S

    It’s truly amazing how many versions of “selfie” you guys have posted!!!

    Speaking of amazing — #38 — he could go pro! (-:


  • Roberto

    We can safely say each and every mirror is reflecting PURE BEAUTY! WOW, so many gorgeous cocks and butts — yeah, quite a few butt selfies here! 😀 The variety of poses and places also adds to the sheer fun that is this post!

    #1’s cock looks like an arrow ready to hit your spot!

    Bushy boy #2 is freaking awesome from head to toe!

    Wish I could help #5 clean up his mess!

    Nice curve, #6!

    I think #15/35 is the guy bw once identified as Chris Crocker; what I know for sure is that I’d dive onto his cock and into his hole!

    #17 and #21 are as cute as appetizing, and Denny’s #47 is bloody hot!

    Can butt selfies #26 and #46 get any more inviting?!

    I bet the farm #42 is TJM!

    It seems to me the cocks on smoking hot #44 and #48 are huge regardless of the perspective!

    Oneiric #10 was my pick in the last skinny post… May I keep him and take #33 as my new Mirror Dude? 😀

    I guess Dub is another fan of the natural look! 🙂 Soccer players don’t need to shave their bodies at all, but many of them do — you know, it’s just the damn trend… And they are among the most tattooed athletes, I think.

    Sensational post, Ben & David!!

  • ray

    lol, Dub is just too funny!

    #2’s looks quite innocent despite the pose! I love that!


  • FredinMotul

    Lordy! That Dub. From the mouths of babes come such truths. You guys will really have to be on your toes!! I imagine he is going to go far and you will be so proud!!

    Cute post. Great idea and selections. Thanks for all you do. How do you find the time??

  • bw

    Little Dub shows impeccable judgment as usual.
    I guess a selfie is to satisfy curiosity about how your dick looks to someone else. And some of these lads have a lot to show. Do you guys recognize No 35? That’s Chris Crocker of “leave Brittany alone” fame. He is all man once you get the dress off him, with a sweet hairy butt. And NO 48 – that thing is a little scary.

  • Brad

    Children are quite perceptive, and some are very articulate… 🙂 Only time will tell if Dub becomes as hairy as his dads, but he is already voicing that he wants to be like them… 🙂

    A phenomenal set of “reflecting” men, Ben and David! Here are favorites: 10, 16/27, 20, 21, 30, 33, 36, 42, 44, 45, and 48.

    These guys (#10, 30, 44, and 48) may not be related, but they share the same “long and narrow” cock gene…Wow!

    Beto guessed #42 would be a Jingle favorite, and he is correct, and when my friend is done with him, I will be happy to take seconds… 😉

    #10 and 33 have Beto written all over them…Have fun my friend… 😉

    My Dude of the Day contenders are 16/27, 21, and 45. It’s a difficult pick, but I am going with #16/27! I am in the mood for an average Joe… 😉

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