s.. s.. s.. sneaks !

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  • Jingle

    Having neither a foot nor a shoe fetish, I’m afraid the main theme of today’s awesome post may be lost on me… So I’ll just focus on the other delights presented here!! 🙂

    After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed hunk stud #36, check out the rubber ducky in the background!! haha

    And as for bangin’ hot big beefy #22… Oh Hell Yes!! Trust me brothers, when I get done with that (married) bundle of man, he’s gonna have a much happier expression!! 🙂

    Great collection!! Back later for more…

  • Jingle

    p.s. Coincidentally enough, I have those exact same New Balance shoes!! Must be a sign?!?!… haha

  • Bill S

    Check out #31 standing up there on the top of the world, showing off those hot hairy legs! He must work out a lot. It shows!!


  • bw

    I love all these hairy legged lads! I wish I could see what is attached to the furry legs of NO 2 & No 44 – wonder if it is the same guys in different shoes? Beto, NO 18 is our happy, hairy, humpy friend from Texas we’ve seen many time here on URD. This is a post about sneaks but that view of his hairy hole is particularly enticing. Off to a good start – I hope the rest of my short Friday goes this well.

  • Larry

    I am with Jingle in not having a shoe or foot fetish, but with Bill and BW on the hot hairy legs thing. My favs today are #6 and #33 and the very edible ass on # 7.

  • Denny

    I am pretty much with Jingle and Larry – I’ve got other plans for Dickie and the twins that don’t include sneaks. But I’m a live and let live kinda guy so-o – it’s all good.

    I did, however, INSTANTLY spot my badass, hot ass, hairy hunka burnin’ wow-wow – #18!!! He is just one happy rollickin’ good time, every time I see him!!! I just wanna fuck him and suck him and lick him and squeeze him and talk dirty to him while I fuck his beautiful hairy man cave AGAIN!!!

    A-n-d, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pairs of stunning, striking hairy legs in one post before! Pick a pair! Any pair! I wanna crawl in between them, push those hairy thighs against my ears while I lick some hairy balls until I hear him beg for mercy. Then I’d fuck him into next week.

    Oh my!! Listen to me!! FUCK YEAH BABY!!!

    that is all. lolololollolol

    Happy 4th, Everybody in case I’m not around!!

  • Roberto

    Bros, the sneakers are the perfect excuse for Ben & David to do a hairy legs/WHOA post!! Hell, the more I look around, the more I see TRM, and I’m not even one of the July birthday boys, haha!! Speaking of that: hey, Huck, you said you love twinks and skinny fellas, but may I ask how you feel about tattoos and piercings? We know Larry loves twinks too, but without such ornaments. And to friends Fred and Jim: if you guys want, you can do just like Huck and let Ben & David know your birth dates so that they can do a birthday post for each of you.

    #1 is such a terrific start!! If that turns him on, he can sniff all my sneakers — but I want a sex marathon in return!!

    bw, my guess is that #2 and #44 are the same dude: the skin tone and the hair pattern are just too equal. And, just like Denny, I’m drooling over each and every pair of hairy legs in this set!!

    Big cocks sliding up nicely in #3 and #45!!

    Dude #4 is oneiric and I’m choosing the pic as the most erotic in the set, although the peeks in #23, #27 and #35 (a story pic, Bill — and we need to hire the band, or at least the vocalist!) and the perspectives in #17 (love the scenery!), #26, #29 and #37 are totally stunning as well!!

    If #5 and #24 don’t make Brad’s list, I give up guessing, haha!

    #9 has been a favorite of mine since much before I found URD and I don’t remember when I last saw him, so thanks so much for bringing him back, guys!!

    Slim #11/12 is a former Treasure of mine (the second pic is new!!) and #21 was part of two posts that you guys dedicated to me, so no wonder they’re oneiric in my book!! #20, #25, #32, #34, #38, #39 and #43 look like good reasons to dream too!!

    bw, Denny, yep, that’s our Texas otter in #18, and we sure smile when we see him like that!! 🙂 BTW, bw, I think you gave us more information about him when we saw that same pic in an unruly post. And we can’t forget about the delicious hairy man cave (love the term, Denny!) on #33 and #40!! The latter is even more special ‘cause I think he’s “real” — and I hope he doesn’t shave his pits, hehe.

    #36 is smooth on his torso and hairy on the other parts — looks natural and bloody freaking hot to me!!

    There’s something familiar about pic #30… Maybe I watched the video of that scene several years ago?

    Finally, #10: so real and so beautiful in every sense of the word!!! Guys gratuitously exhibiting guns and rifles? Nah, THIS dude is SEXY and does justice to URD!!! I freaking LOVE this pic!!!

    OUTSTANDING post!!!! What a treat!!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Full disclosure. I started doing a “sneakers” post and noticed quite a few of the guys had hairy legs… so I got thinking about my hubby’s hairy legs… and decided to turn this into a “hairy legs sneakers” post – thinking that our Chairman would probably approve. Looks like you do (approve), huh, babe!

      • Roberto

        I ACCLAIM your work here, David!! 🙂 Given how Ben inspires you and your keen eye for hot guys, I guess no one selects hairy-legged dudes better than you!! For sure this goes to my list of favorites!! 🙂 Thank you!!

        Regarding sneakers, I think sex with them on gives you a sense of improvisation, of doing something unplanned, as if you were enjoying a quickie outdoors, so it’s suggestive of the adrenaline. 🙂 And I particularly like the role they play in the eroticism of solo pics #1, #4, #17, #37 and #38.

        To be honest, it crossed my mind that #2/44 could be Ben… Maybe his legs are thicker, I don’t know, but I suppose they’re just as hairy. 😉


  • ray

    I like feet and sneaks, so this post is perfect for me!


  • Jim

    Okay. Time for the old man from Austin to weigh in. I’m not real big on sneakers either, BUT……I’d jump #25 before he knew what hit him!

  • Kent

    I’ve had a thing for sneakers since I was 6. I always like to see guys in sneakers, doing all kinds of activities. 🙂

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Kent… Glad you like the pics. I LOVE sneaks – without socks. Sometimes they kind of stink… but I kind of like the smell and David doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

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