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We spent much of Sunday with the “Northland 12” and Callum mentioned he’d like to tag on to a post to bring everyone up to date on the happenings with him, Alex and Izzie. I asked him if there was a particular subject he’d like. He just grinned and said, “Well, mate. You know how much I like socks.” 🙂

G’day, mates. It’s Callum. I thought it was time for an update from our end of the Northland, so I asked David if he would do a post for me to tag on to. I think he made a FINE job of it. Thank you, David!
My Mum and Dad are living here in the KC Northland since the first of April. They have a condo over at Briarcliff and are only about 20 minutes from us. I should mention that my folks asked Alex to decorate and furnish the condo while they were in Australia getting things wrapped up. He did, and it’s lovely. They had opened an account at Nebraska Furniture Mart while they were here – and put Alex in charge of it. He bought some things there… but got most of the furnishings at two “high-end consignment stores” over in Lenexa, KS. The end result is truly beautiful and my parents are thrilled. (I’ve been pushing Alex to pursue a career in interior decorating and I think he’s getting interested in doing that). They wanted to pay him for his work, but he refused to take any money. So, they knew we wanted to fence our back yard – and one day when we got home, the (ornamental iron – as required by our neighborhood association) fence was in place. I guess that takes away our last best excuse for not getting Izzie a puppy 🙂
Speaking of Izzie, she’s a wonder. Between Dub, Mr. Martinez and Alex, she speaks Spanish about as well as English now. (I sometimes struggle to keep up with what’s being said round here). She’s been going to David and Ben’s house every afternoon to play with “Dog,” and is convinced she’s going to be her puppy. We’ve been in touch with the shelter and made known our interest in adopting her. Izzie has named her “Cookie” and calls her that round here, but still calls her “Dog” when she’s with Dub because he insists on it. She goes to day-care five days each week and she loves being with her friend Kylie and the other kids. She’s taken Travon under her wing and (even though he’s all boy and older than her) Pam says he pretty much does whatever Izzie tells him to do.
Quite frankly, Alex and I love having my Mom and Dad near-by. Izzie has her own room at their condo and has already spent three nights over there. Gives us time for socks ‘n undies ‘n havin’ sex all over the house – the way God intended!! xoxo Callum and Alex

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  • Denny

    Is something wrong with my PC, cuz I’m not getting any tag from Callum. I can’t imagine what Miss Izzie is up to these days!

    I’m glad to see the topic is socks, tho’ – I had forgotten who had the socks fetish and who had the undies fetish. lol

    I will return later today (gotta get my ass in bed!), but after a quick run thru, #3 and #5 are making me so-o-o lustful – and Dave is in bed and ASLEEP!!! 😉

  • Jingle

    At First Glance, it’s obvious that this is an exceptional collection!! No Quick Peek on a smartphone will ever be enough…

    The forecast here is calling for moderate temps this afternoon, but rain!!…

    Can you think of a more pleasant way to pass the time, than with this great post?!?! 😋 haha

  • Jingle

    Just now, when I was putting on my own white Champion socks, this excellent post was foremost in my thoughts!! 😃 haha

  • Bill S

    #25 Now THAT is an A L L D A Y sucker!

    It struck me that the naked man in the Underground looks even MORE naked than he would without sock… If that makes any sense. He’s really hot and I wish that was my stop!

    I’ll check back tomorrow to read Callum’s report! (-:


  • bw

    Underground man is a fine looking lad – and you could do your laundry on those abs.

  • Kent

    Callum has the right idea – a man isn’t properly undressed unless he’s wearing white sox. 🙂 The #31 hottie on the train has the right idea, and he’s in the right position!

  • bw

    Hah! I told you Dog would be Izzie’s pup. And with the socialization skills of Dr. Dub, when she comes home with Izzie she will be a perfect lady.
    I barely speak English, but close friends of mine had two little girls – the mom was German, the dad was American but was fluent in German because of his consulting work, and they lived in France. When the girls did not want Dad to know what they were talking about with each other or mom, they spoke French, and that always cracked me up.
    I am so pleased that things are going so well for you and Alex, Izzie and grandma and grandpa. This was something meant to be, albeit started by tragic circumstances. And you make Alex pursue decorating if he loves it – he will regret it if he doesn’t.

  • Denny

    Callum!! In response to G’day, Mates, I want to say “Back atcha, Man!!” but then I want to just shriek “Blimey” and “Crikey” all over the place!!!

    Truly, it is good to hear from you!

    Callum, dear man,Izzie is without a doubt, the 2nd most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you in your entire life. How that came about is history now, and you have her in your custody and care forever. “La chiquita mas bonita”! The Spanish she is learning at her tender young age will be with her all her life. And, IMHO, knowing colloquial Spanish in the U.S. is probably the most useful and valuable skill to have. “la lengua de la calle”

    Aaah, “Dog”! I remember not long ago, that Denny guy voicing his opinion about “Dog’s” destination, and wondering – “Izzie he right?…or Izzie he…right (!) Granted, Dub has a promise to keep to his Dads, and must return “Dog” to the shelter, HOWEVER, once she is there, that promise has been fulfilled. I’m pretty sure Ben can put in a good word for you at the shelter, so “Dog” can become “Cookie”. Callum and Alex – you DO know you are raising a pretty shrewd cookie there (ha ha). She calls the dog “Dog” in Dub’s presence, but at her house, “Dog” becomes “Cookie”. HOW old did you say she was – 12???? lol

    I am thrilled to pieces that she and Trevon are together at day care. She is the “sub for Dub” – and that can ONLY be a GOOD thing!

    So-o-o, if Izzie is the 2nd most wonderful thing that ever happened to you…then the 1st most wonderful, special thing that ever happened to you, happened in the laundry room of your old apartment building….the man who sleeps beside you every night, loving you with every breath he takes, even in his sleep.

    I HOPE Callum, that you are successful in convincing Alex to pursue a career in interior design. With his accomplishments in Izzie’s bedroom (tne PANDA wall!!! omg!!! to say the LEAST!!!) And what he did in your parents’ condo, well, I rest my case. The cleverest idea there, was finding high class furniture at reduced prices at a consignment shop. Their place must be elegant beyond words. Bravo, Alex – rock ON!!!

    I love that Izzie now has TWO bedrooms all to herself. Your parents have the joy of their grandchild, and You and Alex can fuck hanging upside down from the chandelier – all fucking night long. 😉

    It is always great to hear from you Callum. Ta for now. XOXO

  • ray

    Callum, I, too, didn’t see Callum’s update on the last events yesterday, and I am very pleased now with what I read!
    Best wishes!

  • Bill S

    Cookie is a GREAT NAME!!! (-:


    • Bill S

      And a wish that FFB has a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wherever he is!!!!!

      • Denny

        6-23-17 was his last post. Hope he’s OK.

      • Roberto

        I join Bill in wishing Craig (FFB) a Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your special day, man!! 🙂

        Socks? White? Sorry, there’s SO MUCH to keep my eyes (and something else) busy in this post that I failed to pay attention to the socks. 😛

        Both Izzie and Dog/Cookie had a great turnaround in their lives, and I’m so happy they’ve met. Sounds like a real happy ending to me. 🙂

        Love and hugs,

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