Selfies, dude. Strictly top-shelf!

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  • Jingle

    Ooh… Selfies from any angle are a wonderful thing!! 😋

    At First Glance, I have 2 early favourites… Damn right it’s cum-spattered #18 and hot and handsome #26!! WOW!!

    But there are many other delights… Back later for much more thorough look… 😋

  • Denny

    Ray, I think your love in #48 is the same guy as #47 – before and after manscaping. The pouty lower lip looks the same to me. He did a good job on the manscaping – he didn’t go too far.

    Jingle, my Man!! Thanks for clearing up my question about #48 in yesterday’s post. The guy with “something” up his ass? I went back to #13 in the post of Nov. 14th, and, sure enough, there was my answer – crystal clear!! lol



  • ray

    Denny, you might be right! But I prefer him in #48…


  • Jingle

    Back for a long Second Look!! It’s too bad that quite a few of these great guys either intentionally or accidentally cut part of their faces, and a few the tips of their wieners – Yipes!! – out of the picture!!

    And speaking of wieners… Some of the most beautiful cocks ever posted on URD are right here today!! And amazing abs and torsos, too!! WHEW!!!

    LOVE #6’s nipples!! Well, among other things…
    #7 has such an engaging smile!! 🙂 And the top-shelf format gives us a nice view of what’s in his trunks!!
    #12 is a d-o-l-l, DOLL!! And his foreskin is Perfection!!
    Alrighty then, #14 chose a novel way to display his jockstrap!! haha
    I wonder what #16 is fixin’ to do with that Baby Oil??
    #17 and #21 are crazy hot!!
    Hunk stud #22!!… WOW!! And #42 ain’t bad either!! I’d like to so him in a few years…
    I share ray’s enthusiasm for #25!! That face, that body, that cock!! And oh… those EYES!!
    Ya know, I think #31 and #35 are the same dude!!
    Aww… #33 looks so sad!! I think we should cheer him up, boys!! 😉
    Damn, I wish #36 had whipped his dick out!!
    I love #43’s gold cockring!! I have one just like it!! (A gift from a fuck-bud!!) But those suspenders have to go!! 🙂 haha
    Cowboy #45!!… Oh Hell Yes!! And yes babe, you can keep your boots on!!

    Great post!!

  • Roberto

    HOLY SHIT!!! Which of you had the brilliant idea of gathering so many TRMs in a post?! 😛 The presence of Anthoni Hardie (#5) makes my day and you know I always go apeshit with #11, #17 and #31/35!! And just look at #3/38 (glasses off and on, hehe), #10, #19, #39, #43, #44 and #47/48 — WOW!! However, unlike Ray, I totally prefer the last guy in pic #47! 😀

    Right, I’d like inked #2 to stop shaving his junk, but his attributes, pose and attitude sure drive me crazy!!

    #4 is quite cute and his cock couldn’t look more inviting…

    Can’t even describe my impetus to lick the cum off #18’s hairy body!!

    Brad, Jingle and I are always happy to see #26! And I had the exact same idea as Jingle about #33: we need to put a smile on that lovely face! #7 and #12 clearly know the power of their smile — as if they weren’t already irresistible enough!

    Thank you for such an outrageously plesant top-shelf tour, guys!!

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