Selfies from da ‘hood!

Some really, really hot, black thugs showin’ us what they got. We’re betting our friend “Jordan” will think these boys are the stuff dreams are made of.

5 comments to Selfies from da ‘hood!

  • Jingle

    Oh my… This is *almost* too much of a good thing!! haha

    LOVE selfies… LOVE big dicks… There you have it then!! 🙂

    Forgive me, but what’s up with #10’s nuts??

    #35 & #45 are the same dude… Full frontal and side view!! Nice!!

    Wow… I need a cocktail and a cigarette!!

  • Ploy

    Can I just say? This is my favourite of what you do. I have searched the web far and wide and have come up frustrated because nowhere have I found a site that compiles just the best fucking black dudes like you do. You’ve ALWAYS done this so well, and this is what mainly caused me to fall in love with your blog from so long ago. This and Unruly Boy Saturdays :). Still my favourite for a great sense of humor with even amounts of sexy. I had a headache tonight, and masturbating to these scalding hot guys has pretty much fixed that right up for me. Thank you. Much love.

  • ray

    These are the best black guys I’ve seen in a while! You always show us the very best, thanks!

  • Peter ( from Hamilton )

    These guys are amazing! So are you! There isn’t a dude shown here who doesn’t need 2 hands to manhandle their hot meat. As I’ve admitted before I love seeing smaller, average sized cock on ordinary guys. Not that I’m disappointed. Don’t get me wrong! There isn’t one guy on this page who fits that bill. Another admission, I can’t take my eyes off them!

    I also love the fact that they fixed Ploy ‘ s headache. I have a bad cold today. Let’s see what they can do for that… hand will have to do!!

    love you


  • jordan

    There is nothing I love more than black dick, period.

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