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  • Roberto


    What else can I say? Sure, everybody is going to thoroughly enjoy this post, but to me it’s like a kaleidoscope of my fetishes!! Don’t know how you had the idea to gather these pics, but the outcome is beyond perfection!! I’m in total awe!!

    Furry asses to start and finish the post, the latter being bred!! 🙂 And all the hair in this collection… HOLY SHIT!!! You know what it’s doing to me!!

    MASTERPIECE!!! Thank you so much for another gift!!

  • bw

    Fur almost everywhere, and NO 30 – OMG. I would do a face plant into that inviting crack. And I’ve looked down and seen things like NO 12 – many times LOL.
    But for the rest of the day, I’m going to imagine that the indescribably hot No 48 is our co-leader Ben……

    • Denny

      hey bw – I think if ANY gay man said he hadn’t looked down THOUSANDS of times and seen that particular view like #12, well, liar liar pants on fire, right? 🙂

      If I had to guess which of any of these super sexy snippets was our cohost Ben, I would go with #5, maybe? Yes?

      My favorite snippet of all, however, is that beautiful hairy spread, #27. Let the fun begin!!!

      Very clever, very imaginative, very enjoyable and very labor intensive post, David!!

      Thank you!!



      • Denny


        I’m going to imagine, just for the outrageous fun of it – that #23 is Keon. Yeah, Baby!! 🙂



      • Roberto

        I wasn’t going to say anything ’cause to my knowledge Ben & David usually prefer not to indicate their own pics, but, since you guys started this fun guessing game, I’ll bet that #2 is Ben. 😉

        bw, I’m not sure #48 is the same oneiric ass we saw in June 2015, but it could be… Denny, #5 is another very good bet, and I must add I’ve never found such hairy feet, but would LOVE to!


  • Brad

    I am not sure where I have heard this saying, “Parts are parts.” But, it popped into my head when I saw this post, and I agree with Beto that these parts are very sexy… 😉

    Here are my favorites: 2, 5, 13, 16, 17, 26, 29, 35, 46, and 47. I agree with Denny on #5… 😉 Love my PA brothers and the uncut guys! With this mind, I picking PA bro and uncut, #16, has my Dude of the Day… 😉

    Even though I prefer to see the whole male body naked, some of these photos are really arousing! Thanks for posting these wonderful man parts, David and Ben!

  • Jingle

    I found this unfortunate post to be in very bad taste and very poor form.

    The occasional faceless pic may be marginally acceptable, if it proves some point; but to dedicate an entire collection to de-personalize and objectify others?

    Is that what we’re about?

    • Denny

      wow, Man. Is this really YOU? In a million years I never would have seen this coming. Not from you, Jingle, our favorite free livin’, free lovin’, happy-go-lucky shining star of URD and CCC.

      If you feel it’s THAT bad, you just skip a day, right?

      Right now, I’m feeling so bad for David and Ben.

      That’s all I’ve got to say.

      Peace to all.



    • Roberto

      I felt exactly like Denny — my instant thought was: “Is this our Jingle?”. I mean, of course you can dislike the post, but what’s all the rage about?

      There are posts exclusively dedicated to faces and this one focuses on all the other male parts. In my view, it’s less about pure beauty (facial features) and more about the inner desires and fantasies aroused by such parts. And, as Brad noted, it’s extremely effective in its purpose.

      Now, to say that this collection “de-personalizes” and “objectifies” others sounds unreal to me, especially because I’d never associate such radical conservatism with you. URD is about diversity and we all have always loved that.

      Maybe you just had a bad day — happens to all of us.

      Peace and all the best, dear bro!

    • Brad

      I am sorry that you didn’t appreciate this collection of photos, Jingle. This post is different from the “normal” ones, but I know David and Ben put as much or more work in selecting these photos as they do for other posts!

      I see your point of not wanting to objectify persons, but that was the furthermost thought David and Ben had when they put this collection together. What I took away from these pics is: We are the sum of our parts, and these parts are often very sexy and arousing. I am not innocent in the objectifying arena. I, often, signal out a man because of a signal feature or characteristic. In reality, we all have done it, my friend.

      I practice what Denny suggests above. When there’s a post that I find not to my liking or when I have nothing constructive to say, I don’t comment (I know it’s rare… 😉 ). I know that David and Ben have put much thought and effort into each post. I appreciate this, and I know you do too… 🙂


    • bw

      Jingle is always positive and good natured – so I’m thinking he’s been hacked and his identity stolen by Martians.
      It’s one thing for the occasional troll to pass thru, but for one of the gang this is really concerning.

    • unrulyadmin

      Babe. We’re sorry you didn’t like the post. Ben and I both worked on it, so we share either the credit or blame… depending on one’s point-of view.
      Putting UnrulyDude together is a constant challenge. We’re always looking for new ways to present the beauty of the male body to our viewers. We’ll continue to do that as long as we’re doing the blog, and (as Denny and Brad suggested above) we hope members of our URD family who don’t appreciate a given post will just “skip it” and return another day.
      You’re an important part of UnrulyDude. We respect your opinions and value your friendship. It probably won’t be a huge surprise if I tell you that Ben and I don’t always agree on posts – and any number of other facets of life. Even though we sometimes disagree, we always make sure to end the day with love, mutual respect and lots of hugs and kisses.
      So, respect, hugs and kisses are what we’re sending you right now. Please enjoy the posts you like – skip the ones you don’t – and remember that we love you!
      David and Ben

  • Tim from MO

    I fucking loved this post!!!!
    I have always believed variety is the spice of life; it’s one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed Unrulydude!
    This amazing post featuring specific areas of the body, is just another example of the variety that can be found on David and Ben’s Blog.
    I have posted hundreds of pics on my Tumblr that do not always show a face, so…yeah, that this post doesn’t show a single face doesn’t bother me in the least. IMHO, many of these photos are worthy of being in an Art Museum.

    Thank you, David and Ben, for continuing to bring us the broad variety you do!
    Love you guys ❌⭕️


    I thought this was very clever. While I always like to see faces, I am always looking at body parts. I like the hairy legs on # 9 and the foreskin on # 47.

    I truly appreciate all the work Ben and David do. I often wonder where you find the time. As you know, I am a Helix fan, so all these hairy, tatted guys are not my thing, so some days I don’t comment, but I often find beauty on trash day.

    I am not sure what set Jingle off, but hope he s back to his positive self again soon.

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