Hi, everyone. It’s Rick. I was running short on time yesterday when I did the “Friends Friday” (skin) post, so I went ahead and posted the pics without any comments. The thing is there’s this guy – Alejandro- who works at the nursery with me. We call him “Alex” and he’s only been there about five months. He’s my age and a hard worker and really cool. I like him a lot and we talk all the time. He’s always asking questions about me being gay and married, and he’s met Keon and it doesn’t bother him that we’re into guys. He doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and he told me he’s “uncut” and some girls have acted like they think his dick is kind of ugly. I told him Keon is uncut and I sure don’t think his dick is ugly. I’ve wondered if Alex may be a little gay-curious, but I haven’t asked him. Anyway, I told Ben and David about him and they said Dub is going to Springfield for a weekend with the grandparents next week and we could invite him over for dinner and a dip in the hot tub. So, I asked Alex if he’d like to come over next Saturday and he said he would – and that’s all he’s been talking about the last few days. I don’t know if anything will happen, but I know David and Ben will be cool, and I’m sure Alex will like them. Heck, everyone likes David and Ben. Keon and I have talked… and we both think we’d like a look at Alex’ uncut dick. If we get to see it, I bet we won’t think it’s ugly!

6 comments to sk…sk…sk…skin!

  • ray

    Hey Rick, if anything happens, be sure to let us know…Thanks for the post!

    Wishing you delightful and interesting views

  • bw

    I guess maybe there is an ugly dick out there somewhere, but I haven’t seen one yet – who it’s hooked to is much more important than how it looks. And your friend must be hispanic, so he’ll probably have, as they say in the country, “a nice ole big one or a big ole nice one”.

  • Tim from MO

    Hey Rick!
    Thank you for the awesome pic selection of those uncut cocks!
    Hope your Hot Tub time together at David and Ben’s with your new coworker went well!
    Have a good day…

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Tim. Glad you like Rick’s selection of uncut dudes. Dub’s visit with his grandparents in Springfield is actually next weekend, so we’ll see how that goes next Saturday. Should be interesting?

      • Tim from MO

        Oh, ok! Thanks for the clarification on which weekend.
        Sighhh….I would love to be ‘a fly on the wall’ there, to get to see it 😈

  • FredinMotul

    Another fine post Rick. Thanks! And my every one have a great break next Weekend.

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