Skinny, uncut white guys!

This post request came from “Kevin” who said: “how about: skinny, white, uncut guys with an untrimmed bush and just a splatter of chest hair…………….please X X”
Wow, dude… that’s the most specific request ever. Took a while to put it together… but it was fun! I’m not positive that every pic fits all five of your criteria, but I think they’re pretty close. Thanks for the suggestion!

7 comments to Skinny, uncut white guys!

  • Jingle

    Wow… You definitely nailed Kevin’s request!!

    So many of these guys are really cute!! Especially #2 & #23!!

    #16 should show us his face… He’s got nothin’ to be shy about!! ;^)

    Give #26 a few years, and he’ll be just my type!! haha

    Thanks Buff!! You’re the best!!

  • hnghry

    Wow Buff. So good stuff. Luv all that hairy junk 🙂

  • kevin

    Thank you! See you again in a day or two, though looking through this amazing selection it may be three or four!! X X X X

  • Anthony

    Awesome. Just look at the pits on the first guy. I bet he smells fucking amazing. I’ll take #1, #3, #5, #7, #10 Oh hell I take them all. Another 10/10 post Buff. You rock.

  • ray

    Buff, you really know what your “followers” appreciate! Thanks for all your work!

  • Peter (from Hamilton)

    #9 please take one step forward…….right into my open mouth. Great idea and what is even better is the fact that you put it together Buff. Thanks!!


  • Peter (from Hamilton)

    ….on second thought just stay right where you are on the couch. I’ll take you right there……


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