Slutty shorts, dude… slutty shorts… part two.

We recently had a comment from our friend, Thomas, saying: “I was hoping you could open up a new tag called ‘SLUTTY SHORTS’-perhaps against your policies but I just bloody love slutty shorts shots-in shorts, out of shorts, falling out etc etc. Best and thanks for all.”
So we did a “shorts” post and Thomas commented, saying: “#2 is the sort of shorts I had in mind – were a big thing in porn of late 70’s and early 80’s-cutoffs-but what you have come up with is absolutely amazing-I feel my horizons already widened. Thanks as always and best wishes to you. Thomas”
So Ben and I talked it over and decided to see if we could give Thomas the post he really wanted to see. It’s interesting that neither Ben nor I have ever seen a dude in cut-off jeans shorts – but if you look hard enough on the web you can find just about anything. Hope you guys – and of course, Thomas – enjoy this little blast from the past.

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  • Peter (from Hamilton)

    Well done. Great pics . Definitely a dose of nostalgia!! Thanks Thomas. And thanks guys!!

    Love you


  • Tim from MO

    I’m with Thomas on this look–brings back lots of memories from that era. The happy go lucky dude in the first picture on the motorcycle reminded me of the time I was pumping gas in my car when this guy at the pump next to me was getting back on his bike after he had fueled up. He had on a pair of very short cut off jeans that let his balls pop out to one side as he straddled his seat.. Damn!
    I wish shorter legged shorts would come back.
    Seems like when Men’s NBA ditched their snug fitting short legged shorts (which had been the norm for decades) years ago for today’s loose, long legged Basketball uniforms that Mens shorts in general followed suit with longer looser fitting shorts as the norm.
    Women still get to show off their lovely legs in their short shorts…it’s just sad that so much of guys legs are covered now with the longer shorts. Sigh…it’s not fair lol
    Anyways — thank you for this post, I very much enjoyed it.
    I’m wondering…would it be possible to do a post sometime of basketball guys wearing shorter legged shorts from the past? I miss seeing games with all those in-shape bare legs!

  • Bill S

    Damn! Some of these are really old! Even for ME! lol
    Love it!!!

  • bw

    I’m so old I know who a bunch of these are, or at least remember the faces (maybe the dicks too). A quiz – can anyone else identify No 6?
    Maybe a vintage post from time to time would be a good thing…..

  • Trav

    Hell, we ALL had our dicks hanging out of our shorts in the 70s & 80s! Great times. 🙂

  • ray

    I, too, remember those good old times when shorts really deserved this name. And I often wonder why guys have become so incredibly prudish while everyone is supposed to be so much freer nowadays. Maybe memory is playing tricks on me?
    Would love to see more retro stuff, thanks guys!

  • thomas

    well that is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I suggested SLUTTY SHORTS-every one of them an amazing pic and reminder of the times-I sometimes see more recent stuff with these-I am only wondering if at that time, we considered them SLUTTY SHORTS-you have truly gone above and beyond to find these
    Most pleased and thanks

  • The New Flops Boy

    And I believe #2 is Kip Noll? Yea, when we were teenagers, some of these were old, but the only porn we could get our hands on!

    XO FFB

  • bw

    Jingle, I should have known you would know that. He was a teen heart throb, and every porn studio tried to find a cute floppy haired twink to be their Robbie. He’s the same age as me and been married 31 years – but he was cute and all us gay boys lusted after him.

  • Jingle

    While I certainly find this great collection of “vintage” pics sexy, amusing and nostalgic, I’m afraid I don’t share in everyone’s desire to return to ridiculously short shorts on men… Thought it looked ridonculous, even when it was the norm!! I much prefer today’s big baggy basketball shorts and cargo shorts!! There’s mystery in the unknown, guys!! 🙂 Oh, and the hair!! haha

    Now #3 is a classic hunk for all time!! (No matter what he’s wearing!!) 😉
    It’s interesting to see how #5 progressed to #21!!
    Did you read #12’s t-shirt??
    LOVE #16’s BIG balls!!
    The “shaggin’ wagon” in #17 completely cracked me up!! hahahahaha

    BIG fun!!

  • thomas

    this is a great late 70’s slutty shorts pic of a few of the favourite boys of the time-I can only remember the name of one-the great Kip Noll-it seems there used to be an e-mail address on the site to which I could send these pix but can no longer find
    best to you as always and thanks

  • Tim from MO

    Just expressed our opinion and tastes, Jingle.
    If there’s something I don’t care for on someone else’s blog I keep it to myself out of respect to others.
    To each his own.

  • thomas

    I don’t know whether you encourage this sort of thing but I have included URL’s for a few other more recent SLUTTY SHORT shots-you will see a few are GIF’s-also not sure you want those-the GIF’s are of some semi-famous star-but here you are-is there an e-mail address to which I could send these rather than including them in comments?

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