…smoke ’em if you got ’em…

We know this post won’t appeal to everyone… and, of course none of the “Kansas City Dozen” are smokers… but, we have to admit some of these dudes are pretty darned HOT!

6 comments to …smoke ’em if you got ’em…

  • ray

    Who will look at the cigars?

  • Jingle

    While I’m not a cigar smoker, I do smoke cigarettes… So I have no objections whatsoever to these hot dudes!!

    Nor do I mind that we’ve got a pretty rough and raw crew here!! 😋

  • Bill S

    I must admit that I thought this might have been an early post for 420…….

    My bad! (-;


  • Tim from MO

    Some smokin hot Unrulydude’s here….mmmm!
    My Dad smoked cigars, when I was a young boy. I was always fascinated seeing him puff on them, watching the smoke swirling about when he blew it out of his mouth. He was a hard working farmer, very masculine, fit, and astonishingly strong, for his size. He didn’t smoke often, and finally gave them up around the age of 35. Every time I see someone smoking a cigar, it always takes me back in memory to my boyhood days on the farm, not far from Lockwood, MO.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Bill S

      E! Gad! TIM!! (You may actually blush, about what I say. That’s SO cool!)

      I don’t know how to say this in another way, and a lot of people will say EEEEwwwwwwwww.

      But, so what.
      Here goes….

      Your story about your Father


      SO MUCH

      I’m actually ASHAMED!!!

      YOU! You have been turning me on for YEARS!
      BUT your Father?!

      …… Yikes!

      Well, there you go. Take it as you will…………

      I LOVE YOU!


      • Tim from MO

        Hey Bill!!
        I’m not bothered by your comment at all, regarding my Father.
        He looked a great deal in the face like the actor, John Wayne. When I show people pictures of him when he was young…next to pictures of Jogn Wayne, they kinda freak out as to how much they favored each other.

        Good to hear from you Bill!

        Love you Bro!

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